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  1. Wondering if it has one bed and what size is it?
  2. I would also think you cannot but you could always go to "insuremytrip" and look at the different coverages. The people on the phone are very helpful if you have any questions. Hope your son is feeling better!
  3. Yes I "just" booked it. Phew, didn't think I was going to be able to bid! I bid last time and it was fun waiting to see what happened. I did end up winning from a regular balcony to an SJ suite. Thank you Jamie!
  4. I just booked for a May cruise. How do I get to bid? The last time I had a banner on my home page, this time nothing. I booked direct.
  5. Just another FYI.... On the Oasis I accessed the DL (by myself) but was never asked to see my card. I also asked for two drinks because I wanted to go back to my cabin and sit on the balcony. The server said he wasn't supposed to do that, but this one time it was okay. There is a sign on the door leaving the DL that says "drinks are not to leave this room". Although when I walked by the concierge, she never said anything. From then on I just used the 3 free drinks on my card, which I prefer. I always tip the server and always wondered if everyone does.
  6. Recently on Freedom and was never checked to be sure we were D. It also was never crowded. You did have to use you card to unlock the door which maybe wouldn’t unlock unless you were D. I’d prefer unlimited drinks on my sea pass each evening as opposed to going to the lounge. 😜
  7. Someone mentioned on another thread that they were given the wrong card color for their status. What color should the diamond card be?
  8. Not many cabins left but it's always fun bidding! I haven't received an email for our 1/20/19 cruise. I'm not worried about that one because we have a great balcony next to my sister and BIL.
  9. I'm on Oasis 2/24/19 and haven't received an email, although it's just one cabin. Can we call RC and ask for the email? Seriously, I want to bid!!
  10. If we have an accessible cabin, would we be put in an accessible cabin if our upgrade bid was accepted? It is something we do need. I will also call NCL. Thanks!
  11. We have an accessible balcony and just received the email. I will call RC but I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with this? Does the computer program know we need an accessible cabin. We're afraid we won't be put in one if we win and definitely need it. Thank you
  12. I hope you get it! What do you have now and what are you bidding on? Just curious.
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