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  1. TexCruise371

    Cuba questions for those that have been

    We used Blexie Tours a couple of weeks ago. They are fantastic and I hope you are lucky enough to get Lauren as your guide, She is fantastic!
  2. TexCruise371

    Rhapsody Disembarkation

    We left around 7:30 (if I remember right )which ended up too early as we had to wait for American Airlines to open their counters at 9 AM after we arrived at the airport . Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. TexCruise371

    Majesty of the Seas

    We leave on September 12. No notifications here either Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. TexCruise371

    Rhapsody Disembarkation

    We sailed on Rhapsody in May/ June. They served a suite breakfast in Chops on disembarkment. That is also where suite guests were asked to meet for priority disembarkment. We met our diver as soon as we gathered our luggage and were in the airport in no time at all. It was one of the easiest disembarkment ever. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. TexCruise371

    Who is Bob?

    We met Bob years ago in Majesty ( If I remember right) although I’m sure he doesn’t remember. Very nice guy Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. We were on Rhapsody last month and took a private airport transfer through Suntransfers.com back to the airport, Driver met us as we got off the ship and away we went. Very easy. Wasn't cheap but, worth it to us. 60.00 EUR
  7. Great review! We did a B2B on Rhapsody last month and had a fabulous cruise both weeks. :D
  8. TexCruise371

    Chops grille on Rhapsody

    No problems getting reservations at all. Giovanni’s has also been very good. We have not eaten in the MDR but plan on it some this week. The Windjammer has actually been pretty good too.[emoji6] The cruise has been fantastic. Weather has been perfect and we are looking forward to another great week. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. TexCruise371

    Chops grille on Rhapsody

    We are currently on Rhapsody. We have used our BOGO and also had a 30% off last night which was $22.40 each offered onboard. Food and service was excellent. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. TexCruise371

    Who really wants to go to Cuba?

    We’re going in September and looking forward to it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. I agree with most. We’ve never seen it enforced. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. San Juan can be a zoo if you get there too early. There is not much room in the waiting area and they stack people in. There is no designated area for suites or an C&A area. They open the gates and it’s everyone onboard at once. Hopefully, they will change that with Freedom. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. TexCruise371

    Die Hard RCCL Cruisers...AKA Loyal Royals.

    We’ve sailed on the NCL Getaway and had a great cruise. Also, have sailed on Celebrity and have Celebrity Edge in March Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. TexCruise371

    Chops Red Velvet Cake

    On Adventure now. DW had it last night in Chops and again today in the dining room at lunch. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. TexCruise371

    To Russia with Love

    Planning on booking the Brilliance and Baltic while on Adventure tomorrow. Looking forward to your adventure [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Forums