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  1. I'll take the lobster mac and cheese!!!! Love it. But tonight it will be pollock with sauteed mushroom and spinach. Need to clear out the frig. We have a small forest fire near Silverton to add to Colorado's fire problems, but supposedly some moisture is on the way - 4 days out!!! It can not get here soon enough. Temps are due to drop sharply on Friday but it is the rain/snow that we need. Susan
  2. Yes on the ballot.... and I resorted to the blue guide when looking at all the issues to vote on although a few were pretty obvious. Glad the voting is behind me. Now if we can just get the fires under control..... we need moisture!!! Susan
  3. Dropped my ballot off the other day and this morning verified it was in and accepted. One thing taken care of.... now on to the rest of the list. Susan
  4. I love meatloaf..... and I may fix it for dinner this evening. A small one should carry me through part of next week..... and meatloaf sandwiches are a favorite. Weather here in Southwest Colorado continues warm and very dry..... extreme drought dry. Fortunately we are not having the awful fires that the Boulder and Fort Collins areas are having. We went through fires near Durango a few years ago, but not nearly as bad as the folks in the northeastern part of the state are having it. I still remember how frightening it was to watch the smoke and actually see flames on the hills above us. The dogs and I are were packed and ready to leave. Colorado is a state of extremes. I also remember sitting on the ship at Tahiti in February and emailing my neighbor to get someone to shovel my roof. Would prefer the snow to the fire. Susan
  5. I certainly miss the chilled soups. One of my favorite things about the HAL dinners. Susan
  6. Still cool and dry here in Durango. We were hoping to get some of the rain from the Northwest, but it looks like it will stay north of us. The whole state needs moisture.... fires north and east are still bad. Those turkeys look wonderful. I will probably roast one this year and freeze meals from it to last me much of the winter. Usually I join friends for dinner, but I suspect not this year unless things get a lot better. Our C-19 rates are rising.A couple of my favorite places for carry-out meals have had to close for deep cleaning after outbreaks among staff. My project to keep me occupied in sorting pictures. Have a lot of family pictures, most are labeled or I know who they are, but they need to be resorted and duplicates sent to other family members. That should keep me occupied for a few weeks. Susan
  7. Good morning all. Too bad I did not think of pork chops before I took the cod out of the freezer. Maybe tomorrow. I love both pork chops and garlic. A skunk?!!!!! - they are the hardest to deal with. We have one who lives on the hill adjacent to my condo..... she is huge and last year she presented us with 3 darling babies. I would be out walking the dogs and there she would be, walking purposely up the driveway with the little ones trailing behind. Dogs and I would do a fast retreat. Have seen her this summer a couple of times, but no babies. Susan
  8. Brisk here this morning and it is due to cool off more this weekend. I have had sprinklers blown out, so am not worried about a hard freeze. But we need rain. Dinner here will be stew, but beef, not chicken. I am trying to reduce the contents of the freezer. Need to restock for winter. Would much rather be having someone else fix my meals - not to mention wash the dishes. Susan
  9. Roy, I did a similar trip in 1984..... it went from Hong Kong to London .... so a portion was the Trans Siberian. Still the highlight of my travels. Had a number of 2 and 3 day stops. I would do it again at the drop of a hat (well, maybe not Hong Kong just now). Susan
  10. After nearly 50 years in Colorado and 7 years before that in Wisconsin..... I handle the cold with ease. It is heat and humidity I can not tolerate well, unlike my Sister who feels Baltimore is the ideal climate.
  11. In the 30's (light jacket required) in Durango when I do the early morning walk with the dogs. Hunting season is upon us and so more deer have moved into town. Walk this morning was difficult as there were deer in all directions. Saw a really cute little buck with spike antlers ... he kept crossing in front of me, from one side of the street to the other. Can't keep the doggie minds on their reason for the outing. Will have to walk them again shortly. Leaves in the High Country are at their peak this weekend. Another week or so and I will be raking the yard. Forecast for this winter is drier than usual and we are in a severe drought. Not a good outlook for next year's fire season. As for me, I am getting very restless .... need to start planning a trip somewhere. Looking more closely at cruises for the future. Susan
  12. Congratulations on the New House.... it is lovely. I would love a house rather than my condo.... but the thought of moving is just too much. Susan
  13. Cool here..... upper 30's this morning when the dogs and I took our first walk of the day. And dry!!!! We are in severe drought. The forecast for this winter is not hopeful. I think at this time we would take moisture in any form. I would love to be a tourist again. I do spend time looking at future cruises and dreaming, but am not committing to anything just now.The time will come. The pictures that you all are sending will have to do me for a little longer. Susan
  14. Cool morning here and our weather is headed for a much need cool down. Now if we could just get rain! We are listed as severe drought and it shows signs of continuing into the Fall. Our Fall colors will peak this week so I plan a drive up into the High Country tomorrow. I really envy those of you with flowers although I know they are a lot of work. Even if I wanted to try some more Iris, the ground is rock hard. I used to have some lovely roses, but the deer have finished those off. If it looks like I am going to be home next Spring/Summer, I may try some boxes on the balcony. It is my only hope. Susan
  15. Oh, do I remember that bakery!!!! Susan
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