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  1. Still morning here, but just barely. I left early to get my 2nd Covid jab...... yes!!!!! Feel much relieved and am now going to schedule my long overdue haircut and pedicure!!! Will be nice to feel human again. As someone at my appointment commented.... we still can't do a lot of the things we did but it is a real psychological boost. You feel like good times are coming. Will drag a couple of boxes of stuff out to our thrift store and I found a couple items I may put on ebay. Have been avoiding the post office but now ......... Susan
  2. I'm late, I'm late...... actually got bogged down in "stuff" that needed doing so have just caught up on yesterday and today. Roy, wishing you the best as you go through all the evaluations, options, etc..... and hope that things turn out easier than expected. Congratulations to those getting vaccines... I do think things are speeding up. Spent yesterday and this morning working out some small financial issues. First for my condo association and then for the dog shelter. It is amazing how many people do not pay attention to detail. In one case it was transpo
  3. Good morning everyone. I just finished reading all yesterday's entries..... just never got back on the boards after my morning coffee. I have to say I found the snake stories entertaining. I was married to a herpetologist so I am fairly used to proximity to reptiles .... not too fond of snakes, but generally live and let live. One of my neighbors used to have cats that brought live snakes home and I used to go over and fish them out from under her stove or wherever kitties left them. I always made sure they were harmless little guys. I have had had run ins with rattlers over the years but we m
  4. Good morning everyone. It is warming a bit here. Still plenty cold when dog walking in the early morning but we are edging past freezing during the day. The ice has gone from the driveway so I can now walk out to the mailboxes and dumpsters (and give the pups a bit of a change of scene and new places to claim).There is snow next week predicted for Thursday when I am due to get the 2nd Covid shot..... hopefully not much will fall. I lucked out last time and it completely missed us. Otherwise it will be (I hope) a normal, unexciting day. I need to get myself in gear and so more short
  5. Good. Driving with ice is my worst nightmare..... some of the other drivers are idiots. Here we have of drivers with 4 wheel drive that think that means they can stop fast.
  6. The sun was out today when I started my early morning walk..... and the sky was a bright blue. Still cold.... 9F, but the dogs and I were happy. The air felt crisp and clean. Am watching some of your summer plans....looks like the Southwest may see a bit of tourism this summer. I am thinking about revisits to some place I have not been for a few years. I love Durango, but maybe a change of scene would do me some good. Best wishes to all who have medical appointments (vax and otherwise). We need to stay healthy so that when cruising opens up.... we can be on board.
  7. Well you are all talking about my neck of the woods and I have not done any traveling around the area in the last couple of years. Cameron Trading Post is interesting. And if you head toward Mesa Verde from Flagstaff you are probably going past Monument Valley.... and that is well worth a look. And don't forget Canyon de Chelley. Think I am going to be heading out this year.
  8. When I went for my vax no one asked for anything....no identification, no insurance, nothing. Interesting how states and sites within states vary. When I signed up they took my name and birthdate and that was it. Susan
  9. Evidently the bananas are growing north of us... we are having light snow to top off the 8 inches we got on Sunday. Still, not bad over all and I am very glad I am not in Texas. I can handle snow, but only if fully prepared. And here the skiers are really happy. Susan
  10. Good morning all. It is cold but clear today. I am glad to see the sun even with the prospect of another snow tonight and tomorrow. We only got 8 inches off this last one but that is enough for me. It was the wet, heavy type. At least the roads are clear at present. Our weather guru says we have two more snows to go and then a clearing and warming trend. We will be glad to see it. Roy, again I am so very sorry to hear about Roger. And I really appreciate your sunrise pictures. I don't see the sunrise except on cruises. I am an early riser.... but the hill behind my house blocks the
  11. Oh Roy, I am so terribly sorry to hear this. What a shock for you. Take care of yourself. Susan
  12. Happy Valentines Day all..... will be a quiet one here. Our first storm is on its way out. We had about 6 inches of new, very wet snow. It is not as cold as expected as that Arctic Blast is still bring held east of the mountains. Got my car shoveled out by one of neighbors who was headed to Purgatory to get in a days skiing. The slopes should be wonderful but the roads are rotten (see picture taken from my balcony).... I will be staying home. I send you 3 pictures.... 2 outside and one inside - the dogs have the right idea. Susan
  13. Starting light snow here.... a bit earlier than forecast which may mean a fast moving storm and less accumulation. We will see. I did turn my car around so it will be easier to clear off. This is Colorado.... wish I had a garage!!! Will look up the book Being Mortal. Sound like an interesting read. Thanks for the info. Susan
  14. Good to see you back, Roy.... but sorry you are facing a surgery. However, it is good to have things settled. Take it easy and set a good example by following doctor's orders. Susan
  15. Light snow here this morning, but this storm is supposed to be a really light one and it is warmer than the original forecast. That Arctic blast has not managed to push over the mountains to our east yet.... but it is coming. We expect much colder and more snow on Saturday afternoon.... we shall see. We are still not as cold as Texas!!! I feel for people there. I have friends in north Texas who have sheep lambing and cattle calving right now. Not the ideal thing. Mother nature seems a bit annoyed. Meal sound good, but I will be having scallops and salad. Have been feeling like lig
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