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  1. Thought about you when I saw the news about Glenwood Springs and people trapped in the tunnel and at the rest area. Fortunately on our side of the mountain pass we have only had a few problems with county roads. Problems like that on the Interstate can be a terrible danger and certainly will be an inconvenience. Get some rest. We did not have rain today but expect some tomorrow. Susan
  2. @cat shepardReally loving your Iceland trip. But even with no rain, I would have been in the mini bus with you. Now I want to go back to Iceland. Good morning everyone. We had some rain again last night. Not too much but I certainly will not need to turn on the sprinklers for awhile. As to today's Daily, I of course love all Mutts and I eat a good deal of avocado. Have not had cotton candy for years. It was always a tradition at the State Fair. Both meal suggestions sound good to me. I have not been to today's port... it looks nice. Am still waiting for the triple charge issue on my credit card to be resolved. A friend of mine recently posted that she was under stress and had been " climbing the wall, but could not find anything to hang on to so had to come back down". That is about the way I am feeling but I know this will pass. I am going to try to take a couple of days and Bandit and I will try to head up into the mountains for break. Take care all. Susan
  3. Thank you, Lisa. Your reporting has eased some of my concerns about a future cruise. Think Alaska, again, is in my future. I truly appreciate you taking the time to keep us posted. Susan
  4. Evidently the reaction to cilantro is genetic. I am fine with it myself, but have a friend who can't stand it. I really can not even taste it.
  5. Quick note as I dash (as fast as an elderly grannie lady can dash) out the door to go to the shelter for a meeting with staff. I love Cheesecake but really should not eat it. Have lots of International friends after years of traveling, and of course here on the Boards. Hope to meet many of you in person in the not too distant future. Have not been to Skagway, would like to go (and you know I say that regularly). We had rain and hail yesterday. More possible for today. We are beginning to catch up on moisture. A few roads have washed out in the county. So far burn scars are holding. Home Depot strikes again!!!!!!! - they charged me 3 times for the patio door. As you might think, our conversation this morning was not very pleasant from my end. I also called the bank and disputed 2 of the 3 charges. Grrrrrrrrr!!! Susan
  6. Good Afternoon everyone. I am having a mild celebration ..... My Patio Door Is finally installed. It only took them 3 months to send a complete door rather than the single part they sent before. I have to do a little touch up around it.... but it will be fine. One thing off my list. Our Shelter Director is still in hospital.... not a promising sign for a return to full health. On the plus side, we have had 2 days with a good, heavy rains. So far no mud slides here. Am enjoying following along to Alaska... and am terribly jealous. Hopefully the time will come fairly soon for all us. Take Care. Susan
  7. Sounds like my patio door installer. It was supposed to be early May... then two weeks ago.... and now, hopefully tomorrow. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm. To make it more annoying.... they call every now and then for their money. I tell them when they install a door I will pay. Seems fair to me. We have had nice rains the past couple of days. Finally!!!!! Susan
  8. Love your solution to the bed problem. I had the same thing happen to me at my Sister's home. They are all taller than I am and the bed was very high. I sort of got a running start and threw myself at it... I was younger then. I am so envious of you on the way to Alaska. My day will come. Susan
  9. Posted earlier today, but I think it has disappeared off into the wilds of the Cyber World. So again, and excuse me if this is a repeat. First of all - Storoway and the Isle of Lewis.... one of my favorite places. I spent about 6 months over a 2 year period there doing archaeology work many years ago. Love the place, the prehistory and history and the people. Have not been there on cruise. Have been back a number of times, but not recently. On the good news side of things.... our shelter Director is out of ICU and may be able to go home in a few days. It looks like he will not need to continue Dialysis. The problem is not blood sugar but they are not sure what it is. He has future appointments to be arranged with a urologist and also a dermatologist. There seems to have some of sort of blockage.... which resulted in all sorts of nasties backing up. Anyway, things are looking up. I hear thunder so maybe we will get some rain!!!! Susan
  10. I had the same rule when I made the trips with college students. And it was amazing the things they learned to eat and enjoy on those trips.
  11. Morning everyone. Sunny and dry (what else is new?). Got up early to clear the way for the installation of the new patio door that is long overdue. Contractor called at 8 and said it will be the end of next week since some of his people are out sick. I don't dare plan a cruise.... it would never happen. Bummer, Bummer and quadruple Bummer. So, will head out to shelter later this morning to deal with problems there. Susan
  12. I want all of you to know that I have gained weight just reading today's Daily. I don't cook much and have a number of food restrictions but the pictures today had me drooling. Have not heard anything from the Shelter Director today except that he is still in ICU and they have called in a number of specialists. Someone who talked with him briefly said he is pretty doped up (I would think so) and evidently they are not totally sure what the issue or issues are. His blood sugar is fine. I really miss the Princendam and the Amsterdam..... Don't think I could really handle those mega ships.... am going to have to broaden my HAL experience. All of the ships that was used to are gone now. Susan
  13. Yes, we can manage for the time being. Talked to his family this afternoon and he is a bit improved I will be at the shelter with the Assistant Director tomorrow. His staff is very good which is fortunate. Then we will have to see what the long term prognosis is. And I thought retirement would be boring.
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