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  1. We do know what she was thinking..... she wanted a Darwin award.
  2. If you read the ADA rules .... they do cover instances when a dog which is presented as a service dog may be removed..... those include aggressive behavior and other infractions. The dog also has to be clean (brushed, bathed, etc) I work in dog training and have helped with the initial training of several service dogs who then went on to perform very specific tasks like detection of seizures before they occur. Many of the dogs I trained did not attain the service dog designation even though they were great on the down, sit, stay, eliminate routines. Cruise lines can not ask you what your disability is.... but they can ask what the dog has been trained to do. I think most are just afraid to ask. I have seen plenty of fake service dogs.... including one on a plane flight that insisted on seating in my window seat (I got the stewardess to move me.... and I love dogs but....!!!
  3. Very sad to hear. Our deepest sympathy to the family. Susan
  4. Those on the HAL tour should be taken care of.... it is the independent travelers who will have to scramble.
  5. Interesting article on those sites and the Chimu child sacrifices in this month's National Geographic. Susan
  6. I can certainly understand why the Venezuela stop was cancelled. Don't think things are going to improve there. Am enjoying your blog and looking back at some of my photos of some of the ports from my cruise 2 years ago. Susan
  7. I think you have made a wise decision...... and for the record.... it is not impossible to get back into the US without a passport, but it is one "H" of an ordeal .... I would never, ever, leave the US without it. Susan
  8. I have given up on the HAL website .... it is a mess. Does not give correct info most of the time. I search out cruises on another site and then book through .......???? Susan
  9. I will be following along too..... did this one a couple years ago and was scheduled to repeat it... but alas, it is not to be. I know it is the trip of a lifetime. Susan
  10. When I did it several years ago... the wi-fi was not good. Susan
  11. And I keep having to log in again, and again, and again.
  12. I keep having to log in.... but once I do that I am ok for that round. Susan
  13. Sorry you had to miss Inverewe Gardens, but since your Mother was not feeling well, that was a smart move. It is a long drive and then when there, there is little place to rest if you wish to. The Gardens are lovely, but even nicer in the early Summer. Susan
  14. Great review!!!! Am looking forward to more... my favorite ship and also you are in one of my favorite cities to start. And you are going to one of my favorite places.... Ullapool. Susan
  15. I like all of Horwitz's books ,,, but for South Pacific and/or Cook, try Captain James Cook by Richard Hough.
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