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  1. Thanks to everyone for your replies and suggestions. My Samsung Tab A is an Android tablet. I wanted to try using it as the screen is much larger than the phone. I thought I'd see if it worked before downloading the app to my phone. The +1 for the area code was on a drop down list. The +1 never appeared on my screen after it was selected, but I'd see glimpses of +27 when I tried to verify that the correct code was entered. I don't know why +27 appeared. As Tedferg said, it seemed the help when I made changes to items already entered and using the drop down options. My cruise is in a few
  2. I finally got my profile to Save by redoing much of the information. I am aware of need to input the phone country code, but I discovered that when I clicked +1, then typed my phone number, and went back to the country code, the code was different than the +1 I had clicked. After many tries, it finally worked and remained +1. Same glitches for my husband's profile. Now it won't let me add an emergency contact. All of the information is gray and I can't type it in. This is frustrating.
  3. I just downloaded the MedallionApp to my Samsung Tab A. I have had success entering several items so far. I am now editing my profile to correct a telephone number. I then scrolled down to the "Save" button, but it is gray and won't let me save my changes. Does anyone know how to obtain an active "Save" button? I haven't been able to find any solutions in this thread. Thank you.
  4. There was a lot of discussion on this board about how to pronounce Sirena at the time its name was announced. The Oceania website introducing Sirena pronounces it "See-renn-uh." https://www.oceaniacruises.com/ships/sirena/ At the christening, Claudine Pepin pronounced it as "Suh-rain-uh," FDR said Serena (like the tennis player), and the then-President of Oceania pronounced it "Suh-renn-uh." Onboard the Sirena the staff usually pronounced it "Suh-renn-uh." So, bottom line, you are correct no matter how you pronounce it!
  5. Twiga means "giraffe" in Swahili. I lived in Nairobi during college and after graduation. My friends at the University of Nairobi called me Twiga because I am tall. Plus, I love giraffes!
  6. Thank you, Jeno! I appreciate your advice and research. I will be traveling around England before the cruise, so won't need the extra suitcase until I get onboard the ship. I agree that shipping luggage is the way to go!
  7. Shipping my luggage sounds like a great idea for a cruise next year boarding in Venice. It would be great to ship one piece of luggage directly to the ship and use only a carry-on for my pre-cruise travels. I have one big concern, though. What if the luggage doesn't make it to the ship in Venice? Have any of you had experience with shipping to Venice? Or with lost luggage? If the suitcase does not make it to the ship, the refund plus $500 offered by Luggage Forward won't be of any help. How far in advance do you ship your luggage? Thank you for any further insight and suggestions as to
  8. Twiga

    OLife Air

    PhD-iva, you may already know this, but you can include O air when you make your deposit, then cancel it later (before final payment) if you decide to book air on your own. You don't need to make the decision whether to use O air or not by tomorrow when you make your deposit.
  9. Most of the discussion has been about OBC and shore excursions. I usually take the beverage package. It costs $40 per day person, or $80 per stateroom. It usually has a higher value than shore excursions. We are next booked on a 25 day cruise. That equals $2,000 for the beverage package ($40 per day times 2 people, times 25 days). The OBC is only $800 and the excursion option is for 8 excursions, both per stateroom. The excursions amount to a maximum of $1600. Therefore, we come out at least $400 ahead with the beverage package. Of course, if you don't drink then choose the shore excursi
  10. Bluebell_hen, I'm glad that I could help. Another place to look is on your cruise invoice. It has the ports by date. I always download it onto my computer. I keep journals, so I print the itinerary and paste it in the first page of the journal. Also, I take a picture of the Currents each morning, showing the date and port. That way I know that all of the photos I have taken until the next Currents photo is on the same day in that port.
  11. I did an internet search and it looks like you might have been in Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic. The port before that was Tortola and the one after was Nassau. Depending on your sea days, March 28th is probably one of these ports. This is from the itinerary for a March 22, 2015, 10 day Riviera cruise, round-trip from Miami. Does that sound right?
  12. Thanks, Cruise Wonderland! I have not yet received the revised email. It came through my TA, so I expect I will receive it today. 1985rz1, thank you for your comment. I stated in my first post that my TA would ask Oceania today about my questions. Posters to this board often have quick responses, so I thought I would see if anyone here had an answer already, as Cruise Wonderland did.
  13. That is correct, basor, that is what the Oceania email says. But the cancellation penalties are tied to the departure date, not the final payment date. If the intention is that there will be no penalties incurred until 60 days prior to departure, what are those penalties at that point? 100%? I wonder why some emails have the correct date of October 31, 2021, like above, but some say 2020, like mine. I am concerned that the cancellation portion of the email is similarly inaccurate or simply vague. I would not attempt to cancel my cruise without knowing exactly what the penalties would be.
  14. My travel agent sent me the same email from Oceania, except the date says "October 31, 2020" not 2021. I'm sure Oceania will correct that typo. My big concern is: How does this new final payment date affect the cancellation dates and penalties, which are based upon dates "prior to departure," not final payment. If I cancel the day before the new final payment date, am I liable for $250 or 75% of full fare? Has anyone obtained an answer from Oceania? My TA will try to get an answer tomorrow.
  15. We loved the Vista suite on deck 12, 12001, in the Caribbean. Being above the bridge was great. It was so convenient to get to the pool, Waves and the Terrace Cafe. I loved it! It was huge! The wind was not a problem in the Caribbean.
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