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  1. I do not recommend the Vista Suite for your NY/Bermuda cruise. In my prior experience with sailing from NY to Bermuda the weather was bad and the seas were extremely rough. You would not be able to use the veranda. Also, the motion at the very front of the ship is greater than farther back. Even in fairly good weather there may still be too much wind to enjoy the veranda, as HawaiiDan pointed out.
  2. I was in Vista suite 12001 on the Riviera last November-December in the Caribbean. We had only one windy afternoon during our 10 day cruise. We used the veranda every day. On windy days the lounge chairs are tied down. I would imagine that your cruise will have more windy days. The pool is less than a one minute walk from the suite, so on windy days you could use the pool area. The Terrace Cafe is just another one minute walk from the pool. The distances from the Vista Suite to any dining venue are very short, same as for the OC suites. I loved the Vista Suite! You will have a lot of room for work. You didn't say when your cruise is, but the chances are good that you will be able to get an OC as people will likely cancel before final payment is due.
  3. I have now received a full refund from Azamara. I was booked on the March 28th Dubai to Athens cruise on the Quest. The Cruise was cancelled on March 13th [a Friday]. My TA requested a refund on March 16th. I received all but $3,067 several weeks ago. My travel agent told me that the $3,067 [commission] would be refunded by May 31st. It was refunded on May 28th. I had the same problem with BA as Belfastman. I would be on hold forever [over an hour] then get disconnected. I was also redirected to other phone numbers. The same thing happened with the referral numbers. "Thank you for calling. Good bye." I had paid for a cancelled flight and for seat reservations that were not refunded. I have disputed those charges with my credit card company. I have not heard anything from BA.
  4. On April 30th I posted that I received my refund for the cancelled March 28th Quest sailing. The refund was credited to my credit card on April 26th, (but didn't show up until April 28th). The cruise was cancelled on March 13th. My TA requested a refund on March 16th. The refund was for the full amount, except for my TA's commission. She said that refund will take two more weeks. I haven't received it. Today I received the following Azamara letter from my travel agent; Dear Travel Partner, We hope that amidst this global pandemic, you and your clients continue to remain healthy and safe. We can't wait to be back on the high seas and we're optimistic that each day that passes, is another day closer to getting back to our regular day-to-day. We have recently been made aware that your clients received their refund, but it wasn't for the full amount. We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused - all hands are on deck working as quickly as possible to correct this. Please advise your clients that they can expect to see the remaining funds by May 31st, 2020. Thank you for your continued support and partnership during these challenging times. We hope to welcome your clients onboard very soon. Sincerely, Nils Lindstad Associate Vice President, Sales & Trade Support Azamara
  5. Yesterday I received my refund for the cancelled March 28th Quest sailing (it was actually refunded to my credit card on April 26th, but didn't show up until April 28th). The cruise was cancelled on March 13th. My TA requested a refund on March 16th. That is 41 days or 29 business days from request to refund. The refund was for the full amount, except for my TA's commission. She said that refund will take two more weeks.
  6. PaulChili, we were flying British Air business from LAX to London, then immediately on to Dubai, also business. Seat selection from LAX to LHR was $155 each and $129 and $119 to Dubai. The $600 also includes another $30 each for exit row seats on British Air from Athens to LHR. We didn't have to pay for seat selection from LHR to LAX as we were flying on AA. I would have flown AA the whole way if I could have, but AA doesn't fly to Dubai.
  7. I agree with PaulChili, call again and again. My first two AA agents said only FFC within one year of booking. The third one said I could get a refund. Wow! Was I excited! I had been very nice to him and empathized with his situation, so I figured he hit the "Refund Button" for me. (Just kidding.) But, for whatever reason, I am told that I will get a refund within 7 business days. I will believe it when I see it, but I am optimistic! Now I need to figure out how to get refunds for the $600 I paid British Airways for seat reservations on two flights for my husband and me from LAX to Dubai.
  8. YoHoHo----keep trying for the AA refund. I cancelled Sunday afternoon, shortly before my AA flight. The first time I tried to request a refund it said I didn't qualify. I tried again a little later and it worked, saying I will get a refund. On Sunday the AA agent still said the FFC was only good for one year from booking, which would have meant that I would have to use three international flights by mid-June 2020. I am happy to hear that has been changed to a year from cancellation. That may help others who booked very early, like me, who cannot get a refund for whatever reason.
  9. I know that this post is old, but it might help Amypintx. We took a boat ride from Marseilles Old Port to the Calanques and back. It was very convenient. We saw a boat at the town end of the port and bought tickets. It was very nice. No need to figure out trains, just go and relax. It was a large boat, lots of space and covered places to vet out of the sun. We felt very safe.
  10. Azamara cancelled the March 28th cruise a few minutes ago. Here's the email I received; You might receive this email more than once because we are reaching out to all of your contact methods on file. Dear Azamara Guest, We have some urgent information to provide regarding your upcoming 17-Night Ancient Civilizations Voyage on March 28th, 2020 aboard Azamara Quest® Along with the US Administration's COVID-19 Taskforce, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The World Health Organization, we've been vigilantly monitoring the developments of the coronavirus and travel restrictions around the world. As a result of the United Arab Emirates closing its ports to all cruise ships, we have made the necessary decision to cancel your upcoming voyage, which was scheduled to depart out of Dubai, UAE. Up until today we did not intend to cancel this voyage; however, must do so due to the regional restrictions recently implemented. In order to compensate you for this cancellation, all booked guests will have the option to receive a full refund to their original method of payment or receive a 125% Future Cruise Credit (FCC). If you pre-booked any shore excursions through Azamara, you'll receive a full refund to the original form of payment. Guests with independent arrangements should contact their travel advisors as soon as possible. If you pre-purchased any beverage, internet or specialty dining, you will also receive a full refund to your original form of payment. Guests with air travel and hotel booked through ChoiceAir will be refunded automatically. Guests with independent air arrangements need to contact their air carriers directly to make all required cancellations. For any airline flight change fees incurred, you may receive up to $500 per person reimbursement. In order to receive reimbursement, you must send us a copy of the air change fees assessed. Please email to, AzamaraCustomerService@azamara.com. We know how much time and effort goes into planning your vacation and we sincerely regret for the inconvenience of this cancellation. We hope to welcome you in the near future for an AzAmazing vacation. In the meantime, should you have any questions about this voyage, please contact us at 1-855-AZAMARA (292-6272), option 3. Sincerely, AZAMARA®
  11. NCLH has announced the cancellation of all cruises for its 28 ships, including Oceania and Regent, through April 11th. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/03/12/princess-viking-cruise-lines-halt-all-sailings-temporarily-response-coronavirus/ So why hasn't Azamara done the same? The Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. cancellation of only ships from U.S. ports is ridiculous. They say that international cruises will operate as scheduled. Wow, RCCL sure has it wrong! Come on guys, cancel the March 28th Quest sailing as it will now miss Dubai, Oman, Israel, and I saw on the news that Alexandria is closing its port to cruise ships. (I haven't found a link for that yet.) Luxor is detaining and testing visitors, so it is too risky to get off the ship there even if it does dock. That leaves only Jordan, which is sure to close the port in Aqaba very soon. I cannot believe that RCCL cancelled the Celebrtiy Constellation cruise for April 1st with virtually the same itinerary, but has not cancelled the Azamara March 28th cruise. I am getting madder every minute they delay.
  12. We did not receive any reply from Azamara to these questions on Monday. We still need answers. I have OBC from Azamara for this cruise. It should be transferred to any new cruise, along with the FCC. Bonnie, can you confirm that it will be transferred? Thank you!
  13. Thank you so much, Bonnie! I really appreciate all that you have been doing to help us! One more thought------if Azamara does not make a decision on the March 28th cruise until March 16th, that will be AFTER the B2B people on the March 17th cruise would have left home for their flights to Dubai. How can they change their flights now if they don't know if the March 28th cruise will be cancelled or if it will depart from a different port? As others have said, it is unlikely that Jordan or Egypt will let us in now that Israel says it will not. That means no stops, except perhaps Salalah. Please just cancel the cruise now. We will be very disappointed as this was a fabulous itinerary, but that is the best course of action at this time.
  14. I am on the March 28th Quest cruise from Dubai to Athens. Last week my TA was told by Azamara that we would have a decision on the fate of our cruise on March 9th. That didn't happen. Azamara just cancelled the March 17th cruise that was Dubai round-trip. Last week Celebrity cancelled its April 1st Dubai to Athens cruise. Now Azamara says that we won't have a decision on our March 28th cruise until March 16th. I really wish we would find out now so we can begin making new travel arrangements. It is very hard on the B2B people booked on the March 17th cruise if we don't hear anything until March 16th. It sounds like there are a lot of B2B cruisers that are in a very difficult position.
  15. My travel agent just spoke with Azamara and was told that there will be a decision about the March 28th Quest cruise out of Dubai later today (Monday). I assume it will also include the March 17th cruise.
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