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  1. mytime53

    Need thoughts on Mexican Riviera Cruise

    Our first 2 cruises were Mexican Riviera and we loved them. But even so, we haven't taken another one since (20 years); we would rather fly to PV and spend a week. For one thing, the temperatures on your first and last sea days are more likely cooler than you are used to for the Caribbean. And we enjoy going out to dinner in Mexico (and breakfast and lunch LOL--we just enjoy being in Mexico). When we cruise the Caribbean, we usually snorkel in every port; the snorkeling in the Mexican Riviera cruise ports is not nearly as good. I guess it depends on what you are looking for from the cruise--if it is just to cruise somewhere different, I would recommend it. But if you love Mexico and want a full week of warm weather, I would recommend flying to Mexico and staying a week.
  2. mytime53

    Alaska Glacier Threatens Towns.

    Follow here for the most up to date info: https://www.facebook.com/MendenhallGlacierVC/?hc_ref=ARQtPPh1HXVybgogQnUYKxlIwZbdK1Ncu1tuKs4xDTaAyIUueahGvLjXuXCEvh9zRxI&fref=nf All should be well by the time you get there.
  3. And that is exactly why I chose to let Princess take care of it for us. After researching the issue, I didn't want to show up with the wrong visa or an invalid one.
  4. We also just purchased onboard. Much simpler.
  5. mytime53

    Sending luggage from port to airport in Vancouver

    We used CDS on May 26, 2018. They were slow to check the bags in, but we weren't in a hurry; certainly didn't take an hour, but maybe 15-20 minutes? Line was fairly short by the time we arrived. $40 for 4 bags; perfect for our group of 4 who wanted to walk to the park before heading to the airport for a 4:30 flight. They told us to pick the bag up at the international terminal, and even though I questioned them about that, they assured me it was. Of course when we got to the counter at the international terminal, staff laughed and said they had people all day showing up but it was the domestic terminal. So off we go to the other terminal. Only one person behind the counter and apparently the luggage isn't stored in any kind of order, as she would find one bag for a customer, but then go searching for a matching bag. That took far longer than checking the bag in, and there were only 2 people ahead of us. We had said we wanted our bags by 2; we actually got our bags about 2:30 but they were there by 2 or shortly after.
  6. mytime53

    Where is Captain Tuvo?

    Just got off the Star 2 weeks ago. I was one of those people who didn't care who the captain was, until this cruise. We loved his announcements. Our grandkids loved them too. After we were off the ship, we ran into some other cruisers from the ship, and they felt the same as we did. We still say "Bye-bye!" in that voice.
  7. Just on 2 weeks ago. Temps inside were comfortable for all members of our party. And we tend to get too hot (but I also get cold easily).
  8. I thought the Star had the swim against the current machine 2 years ago, but if they did, it was removed. My husband used that pool last week. In cold weather with rain and wind. He said it was quite warm in the pool.
  9. I've sailed the inside passage in an inside, an oceanview, and a balcony. I think the balcony is worth the price if it's reasonable to you. Last week was the oceanview...the weather was bad, and even if it wasn't, we can't be on an open deck all the hours of daylight. We would look out and see an awesome view (at 11 pm); if we were in a balcony I could have stepped out no matter how bad the weather. As it was, I just watched it pass by quickly through the window.
  10. No one can answer this for you. You could contact the vendors you are thinking of using and ask them. As an example, I am very familiar with the Alaska Railroad. I never thought they would fill up from Anchorage to Whittier in mid-May. But when I called for tickets for 4 people 2 weeks before we needed to ride it to get to our cruise, they only had 2 seats. I was shocked, and so was my daughter and her husband, who works for the railroad. We were fortunate that 3 days later, someone canceled a reservation, so it worked out.
  11. mytime53

    Draft Beer on Princess in Alaska?

    bottles of Alaska Amber, Alaska White, and one I don't like so didn't pay attention. https://alaskanbeer.com/our-beer/ I've always found Grolsch available on Princess.
  12. mytime53

    Dumb question for flight or helicopter tours

    Not sure I would even want to fly with an operator who didn't weigh everyone!
  13. mytime53

    princess@sea messenger questions

    And when you do call them or run into them on the ship, you ask them for the id # found at the top of their message screen. You input that once, and it will be in your contacts. Easier to ask at the internet desk where to enter that number than for me to explain it correctly, but I think you go to your account screen. It isn't an obvious place (to me anyway; we found it by accident). And then give them your number.
  14. If we're going to include songs not about Alaska, but by Alaskans, then include some tracks by Jewel and Portugal. The Man It's so exciting for me to see Portugal. The Man have such international success. John Gourley and Eric Howk were students of mine. John Gourley's dad built my parents' house. And if opera is more your style, perhaps you can find a recording by Vivica Genaux
  15. mytime53

    Taxi from port to YVR

    I don't know how large your family is, but if at least 3 people, put 2 in the cab with as much luggage as it will hold. The rest take the train with the rest of the luggage if the amount left is easily manageable.