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  1. Check this page for the most accurate updates. https://akfireinfo.com/ The names of the fires you want to check are McKinley and Deshka, although the Deshka fire should have not impact on your plans
  2. The Princess bus must have had perfect timing because typically the delays on Tuesday were hours long. The railroad is transporting passengers as of yesterday and barring any major changes to the fire, will continue. I do not know what the buses are doing at this point. Since the wait to go through the fire zone has decreased, I assume they are running as scheduled.
  3. As of 8:00 a.m. on 8/22/19, pilot cars are leading traffic between Mileposts 76 to 99; one way traffic. Winds are expected to pick up over the weekend. Who knows what will be happening by Saturday. I certainly don't, and I live less than 35 miles away. I would definitely have an alternate plan, and hope that you don't have to use it. Since you aren't scheduled for your bus trip until Tuesday, you might consider driving the long way around: Anchorage-Glennallen-Paxson-Fairbanks-Denali And as far as the 511 app goes, I find updates on conditions few and far behind. So don't assume what you see on it is accurate. At least https://akfireinfo.com/ updates at least once/day and sometimes twice. I hope that your trip goes well and enough smoke clears for you to see the scenery. I thought it was clearing last night but today our views are obscured again.
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