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  1. Ah now, you appear to be picking and choosing and making judgements based on your own agenda. I notice you omitted to quote the other part of my post where I said I had been complying with social distancing. You know nothing about my circumstances or the pretty restrictive measures I have taken over the last few months since lockdown started in the UK. I could set them out but I really don't feel the need to justify my actions to an anonymous person on a message board with their own agenda. I choose to be part of my country's solution - I have complied with all the rules and wearing masks is not one of those rules. If you choose not to like that well tough, you just have to accept that just because you state something and quote things doesn't make it fact, just provides a way to back up your own thoughts. I could easily find something to contradict your view but there are enough keyboard warriors and newly qualified experts on here without adding to the hoohaw.
  2. I honestly do not have a clue what you mean by this sentence. However, as I stated, I live in the UK and take my scientific advice and follow the guidelines of my own country. Thank you - and that is exactly what I have been doing.
  3. As one of the 58% I'll feel exactly the same. I won't cruise. There are plenty of other places to see and things to do. I enjoy cruising but only as one of many vacation options. I've had 2 cruises cancelled this year but the holiday I was most looking forward to - a villa in Portugal with family - looks like it will go ahead and that's the sort of holiday I'll take in future if masks are required on cruises So your logic appears to say that since you've been wearing a homemade mask you haven't caught Covid. Here in the UK there is no requirement to wear masks and when out and about very few people do wear them. I have never worn one and neither has my husband. He was chosen to be randomly tested for Covid and his test came back negative. To use your logic I could say we've not been wearing masks for over a month and are negative so not wearing them is ok!
  4. Do you know for how long? A link would be useful. Thanks
  5. Excellent. Thanks very much for that. My cruise is not until October so obviously things may be very different then. Hopefully the CWC offer will continue to be available.
  6. Can't see whether this has been addressed on here but if wearing a mask is mandatory, even only in some parts of the ship, I wonder if the option will be given to cancel a cruise and receive a refund/credit for those who don't want to sail under such conditions. There is absolutely no way I am setting foot on a ship where any wearing of masks in obligatory and would prefer not to cruise than to do so
  7. Very happy to report that 74 days after Seabourn cancelled our 5 May cruise (on 11th March) the full refund has appeared on our credit card this morning. We emailed then on 21st May to chase and were advised that the refund had been put through the day before but I didn't post that on here as didn't want to tempt fate. It does appear that the cancellations made during that week in March are starting to filter through, which seems to confirm what was said in post #186. And thank you to the OP for starting this thread. It gave me a little hope when refunds started to come through so hopefully will do the same for others as more people get refunded
  8. Posted on the other refund thread that someone else received their refund 75 days after receiving the notification of cancellation. There seems to be an early pattern emerging - 75 days after cancellation
  9. So you would never eat? Great way to lose weight on a cruise 😁
  10. May I respectfully draw your attention to the OP's very first statement when he started this very useful thread: "There have been a couple of threads with discussions about cancelled cruises and refunds and ideas to challenge Seabourn to get your money back That is not what I am suggesting here. i would like a simple thread: please post the date of your cruise, the date you cancelled your cruise ( or excursions or both). And then, when (and if) you get your refund, please post the date you received the credit. " Please don't let it get bogged down in discussions about other cruiselines and general complaints - there are other avenues for those discussions on this board and I'm sure most people - as I do - come here to find out the latest on refunds Thanks
  11. You've just described there the exact scenario for all those put into isolation on the Diamond Princess - except they were lucky to get half an hour on deck a day - and yet hundreds of them still caught the virus many many days after they were isolated. Just saying.....
  12. Likewise. I've never done any of those things you quoted, never been sick on a ship once I'm glad to say. I assume that person also walks around in a perspex bubble too and never eats in the buffet, sits within yards of anyone else or uses any of the public restrooms - that is if they have the time to walk around with all the sanitising and cleaning they're doing - oh and the smelling of drinks 😄. I would have thought this may well be a hoax but apparently not.
  13. It was reported that the RNA of the virus, i.e. the genetic code, was found up to (not upwards) of 17 days. This is not the same as the active virus. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/apr/04/how-long-does-coronavirus-live-on-different-surfaces Edited to say it looks like two of us posted the same info at the same time.
  14. It's widely reported today that France is now NOT excluded and will be subject to the same restrictions, thank goodness. They really hadn't thought that one through (much like most of the stuff they've done so far 🙄)
  15. No, shops are still closed, maybe smaller ones will be allowed to open after June 1st. Rubbish tips open though, ours has a website which shows the wait time and it's been over 1.5 hours a lot of the time. Golfers are very happy - my OH played yesterday and is booked again on Tuesday and the following Monday. It must be excruciating for golfers north of the border
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