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  1. I think JJ is still on leave. She usually posts on social media when she gets another contract and hasn't done so. Fingers crossed she does go back to Serenade as we're on later in the year and she is fantastic.
  2. Kirk, I just had a look at your profile to see who you are cruising with as I will be in Santorini in a couple of weeks on a RC ship. However, I see that you are probably sailing with HAL. It may well be that different cruiselines have different rules but it could be worth asking your question either on the HAL board on on a couple of the roll calls which are calling into Santorini to see if they can find out an answer for you
  3. Well good for you But I have had enough items spoiled in ship's laundries that I would prefer to be in control of how they are washed
  4. Since different cruise lines have different laundry offers I can't remember what is included in the wash and fold bag on RC. Can anyone direct me to a list of what's included please?
  5. Yes Kirk. You are right about the 2 different docks and, as I said, i don't think there is provision for someone not on a ship's tour to disembark there. However since the tenders go there it may be worth asking if you can hitch a ride on one, particularly if you can prove you have a hire car booking Knowing the way the cruise lines operate though I highly doubt it
  6. I think the only way you can get off at that dock from a cruise ship is if you are on an excursion. I'm not aware that they will allow other passengers off there. If I'm wrong hopefully someone will chime in.
  7. Ooops sorry, I read your post too quickly and missed the word 'tendered' and thought you'd said the ship stopped (i.e. docked) first at the place tours go from. However, my experience has usually been that the ship anchors and tenders go off to two different places from that point - tours to one dock and the remainder to the dock below Thira. Perhaps it depends on the number of ships in port and the timings as to whether they switch positions having dropped of the tender boats for tours.
  8. Is this something new? In all the times we have been to Santorini (including earlier this year) we have never known a ship stop at the port where tours go from, they have always tendered ship excursions to that port and everyone else to the port below Thira.
  9. Thanks for the infor. We did that route on Constellation earlier this year. It was one of our favourite ever cruises. I would have been gutted if they'd cancelled it. Somehow don't think sailing from Tampa would compare
  10. I agree with others - do Boston first. Another factor to take into account is the time difference. You will still be in UK time for a couple of days, so getting up early. You can really make the most of exploring Boston with some nice early starts and will then be in the time zone and ready to relax for your cruise.
  11. If it's any consolation to those affected by this and other itineraries, we recently sailed on a Seabourn cruise in the Med and found out that two of our ports had been changed only when we picked up the planner on the first day after boarding - one in Italy and one in Albania. Both replacement ports were inferior to the original ports and no reasons other than 'operational' were given. At least if we had some notice - any notice - we could have made alternative plans but my two planned days were worthless and the replacement ports offered nothing of interest.
  12. Wow, that's interesting to know. What a cautionary tale!
  13. Just unsubscribe. There will be a link in the email to do so.
  14. Thanks for your response. I find it incredible that you managed to make it back to Athens but they would not let you continue with your cruise and instead you had to fly on to Rome. What reason did they give for this? I was under the misapprehension that if you catch up with a cruise after missing a port you could then continue on the cruise. Also did they actually leave 2 whole buses worth behind (which would be around 100 people) or did you hop off at a stop and then couldn't get a bus back to the ship in time? If they left 100 people behind I am surprised we didn't hear more about this. As you said, it's a cautionary tale so worth knowing exactly what happened as a warning to others
  15. Are you saying that they didn't even let you rejoin the cruise in Athens? And this happened to 2 bus loads of people?
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