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  1. I suggest you read reviews on Trip Advisor to form an opinion of Hotel Traghetto (and other hotels in Civitavecchia). The person above seems to have an axe to grind with Traghetto. We've stayed there 3 or 4 times and have booked to stay again. It's a very basic hotel, serving a basic breakfast. But it's VERY convenient for the port and it's very reasonably priced. It's a family run business and the people are extremely friendly and helpful. After our first stay they remembered our name and subsequently haven't charged us the town tax as they say we're part of the family. Don't expect bells and whistles and luxury, you get what you pay for. We have also stayed at the Hotel de La Ville - dreadful hotel - and at the Traiano which is a little way out of the town (about 20 minutes walk up a hill from the station - and taxis are not easy to come by in Civitavecchia). However, if you were planning to travel from the airport directly to the hotel this would not be an issue and The Traiano has a complementary shuttle bus to the port. Nice hotel and they recommended a very good restaurant just 10 minutes walk away
  2. And presumably one could order, say, a vodka and tomato juice with spices i.e. a Bloody Mary!
  3. Just asking again,since no-one answered my question a few days ago. Am I right in thinking that you cannot upgrade the drinks package part way through the cruise, as you can on other cruise lines. We'll be doing the TA from Barbados to UK and will be off the ship a lot at the start of the cruise and $27 pp per day is a LOT of money on a 22 night cruise. If the answer to that question is yes, do they ever offer specials or offers on upgrading part way through, or on eg cocktail packages to supplement the rather meagre choice on the Easy package
  4. Thanks for the link to the drinks menu but I'm confused by this. You say you can see what's included in the Easy (up to $6) package but there are no alcoholic drinks which are $6 or less. I have the Easy package with Aurea on an upcoming cruise, having had whatever the Aurea package was last year before the change. The picture in post 10 on here seems to indicate that I can now only get 4 or 5 specific cocktails or spirit and mixer or wine. Is this correct?
  5. Am I right in thinking that, unlike other lines, you cannot upgrade part way through a cruise but have to do it for the whole cruise?
  6. We have the UDP booked for a forthcoming cruise on Oasis. Since there are people posting on this thread who have used it in the past, does anyone have experience of getting a takeout lunch from Izumi?
  7. Yup, a bit like the mini bar 'mistakes' which only ever seemed to occur on the last night 🙄
  8. She will be able to drink alcohol on a cruise out of Europe since she's over 18. Haven't had experience with this specific question but we did have an issue trying to pre-purchase a drinks package for our son when he was over 18 but under 21. The IT systems weren't sophisticated enough to recognise that he was on a European cruise where the age is different to those from the US. It was easy enough to purchase once onboard so if you find they don't allocate the right package they will easily change it once you board.
  9. Central Park, the ability to get a lounger at any time of day, the entertainment options, the dining options outside Windjammer - hate Windjammer and with all the other options never have any need to go there for breakfast or lunch, the range of stuff to do if weather isn't great, the Diamond lounge (for the time being)
  10. Phil, I believe it's something which isn't offered by Celebrity to people in the UK anyway, only those in the US. And as far as the RC offers are concerned it seems to be very random whoever gets the email offers, with many frequent (and top level) cruisers not receiving offers and people within families whereby one gets an offer and another doesn't The AZ system seems fairer in the sense that everyone who has a booking has a chance to bid, and doesn't have to hope for an invitation email. However, I am very sceptical that the algorithm will be sophisticated enough to discriminate between those at different loyalty levels and suspect that in the end the upgrades will simply go to the highest bidder, which is what seems to be happening with RC and Celebrity.
  11. They may be aware of the feedback and may well be reviewing the issues but let's be honest this scheme is here to stay. It's already been introduced on the other two brands in the RCCL family. This is not like the Asian restaurant issue. And, like you Phil, I was flummoxed by the answer to your question. 'The multiplier increases as the tier level of loyalty increases' sounds like jargon designed to avert giving specifics
  12. And too many complaints from MSC cruisers who earned Black by sailing with MSC! It did change at the end of last year, we got in before the change and as D+ were matched to Black.
  13. I did get the email - and before I opened it, when I read the title, I knew straight away what this would be about, having seen the same thing happen with RC and Celebrity. The only advantage I can see over their programmes is that everyone gets a chance to bid with Azamara if a booking has been made. With Celebrity and RC opportunities to bid come via an invitation email and, from what I've seen, these emails are only sent to customers of the US (and Australia in the case of RC) and it seems to be a lottery who actually gets them - haven't heard of a single UK person receiving one. We loved our 6 or 7 cruises with Azamara but haven't sailed with them for a couple of years and have no plans to do so due to the pricing - we can sail on 2 cruises with other lines for the price of an Azamara cruise and whilst the product is good I don't think it's twice as good. The old upgrade programme was one thing which may have tempted us to book again (we were fortunate enough to get upgraded twice from balcony to suite). This makes it even more likely that, sadly, we won't be sailing with Azamara again.
  14. We found the sea days on Oasis to be less crowded than any other class of ship. Unless you are set on a lounger by the beach pool there are always plenty of loungers to be found. There are so many places to go and things to do on the ship that people really seem to spread out, and so many activities to do or watch if you don't want to be out in the sun. The only time we really noticed the sheer volume of people was in Labadee. Having said that the Windjammer is a bit of a nightmare. At peak times there will be lines outside, which I've never seen on other classes of ship. The good thing is there are so many other places to eat that you don't need to eat at the Windjammer, and if you're set on the Windjammer I would avoid at peak times.
  15. Does one tour include lunch? Incidentally you can very easily do a tour by boat from the dockside at La Spezia, catch a train back and see more than these tours offer for about a quarter of the price.
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