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    Off Topic posts

    I just woke my half asleep hubby up...just to tell him your joke. ;):D

    Dear Santa... A Wish List for the NEW Celebrity Ships

    Being a [not so ;)] little old lady, I would love [COLOR="Red"]some[/COLOR] lounge chairs in the Solarium , and around the decks , on which you can sit or lie without being almost horizontal, as the present ones in use do not rise up high enough. I am sure passengers with back pains will agree.

    Live from Quest

    Hello Phil, I saw your name and had to pop in and say how glad I am your having such a good time. I haven't been on CC for about a year , but as Mike and I have just booked to sail our very last voyage next year on Silouette's TA from Rome on the 31st . Nov. , I am back on CC . The trip is our 50th wedding Anniversay present to ourselves. Continue to have a great cruise Phil. :)

    Petition to add "Qsine" to Equinox and the Solstice.

    Neither my husband or I like Qsine at all. [ I hate it.] The name is cool though. There is just so much food, and if you insist on ordering a small amount , they just keep bringing items you didn't order " for you to try " . I freely admit I am not a foodie, but I would not care if Qsine disappeared from all the Celebrity ships.
  5. I am glad I read this thread, as I had no idea they could change my cabin after I had booked it. ! Both my husband and I have walking difficulties so we always book a cabin very close to the lifts. Finding out they can change this without even letting you know is quite a surprise.

    Oh,oh.. Turkey warnings.

    [quote name='~Cruisenut~']Ok, one month to go before we fly to Istanbul... I realize we are only one country away from the war zone... [/quote] Ask yourself what it is you are afraid is going to happen, and how [COLOR=red]likely is it[/COLOR] to happen [COLOR=red]EXACTLY [COLOR=black]where you are.[/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=#000000]When you get in a car , do you worry if it's your day to crash, or when you eat something, is it your day to choke ? [/COLOR][/COLOR] [COLOR=red][COLOR=#000000]I could go on endlessly with examples, but you could ruin what will probably turn out to be a great cruise by sweating the unlikely stuff. [/COLOR] [/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000][/COLOR]

    No more Venice?

    I am really glad your trip there was incident free. I am sure others can also say the same. But ...:(.....We have used this Airport about 6 times, and every time something happened to upset us. It's a very small Airport and sometimes there are quite a few ships in . There are only a few toilets , a couple down stairs and a couple more upstairs. The ladies room always seems to have a long queue. Before you can board you have to sit in the two cafes, as there is very little seating , especially when there are lots of ships in. Consequentially the people trying to get a table are pushing around all the suitcases and bags of the folks trying to sit down somewhere before they can get into the main flight rooms. I was going to list all my reasons, but then I thought " Is it just me ? " ...... so I goggled " travellers to Venice Airport reports " . I will let a few others who share my experiences explain some of their reasons. ....................................................................... Was this Helpful? Freezing cold and desolate! by daisyhalfwit (December, 2008) Reason for Stay: Early flight departure Where: Landside This is a horrible airport to spend any time in! I had to arrive around midnight on the last bus out of Venice and couldn't check in until around 4:30 when my airline's counter opened. First of all, the airport closes so it's like a creepy ghost town in there. There are no restaurants open, so bring your own food if you think you'll be hungry. The lights are dim and there is little info or helpful directional signage. I saw a couple ask several airport authorities where a certain check in desk was and they dismissed them without a care. There is no carpet or cushiony chairs. There are only hard, cold metal chairs with arm rests. There are a few that don't have arm rests so you can stretch out if you're lucky. In the middle of the night, a team of security guards came and looked at my passport and flight info. Word to the wise: AVOID. .................................................................................................. by landing101 (September, 2012) Reason for Stay: Other Where: Landside and Airside Pros: Fairly decent pizza at the landside cafe Cons: No air conditioning / disgusting toilets landside My husband and I stayed landside for four hours before we could check in. Dingy was the impression I got with regard to color scheme. There were two very small cafes offering deli style food, pizza slices, sandwitches etc. And two gift / book shops. It was horrendously hot, smokey and generally unpleasant. The ovens used to cook at the cafes were making the heat even more unbearable and there was a lack of seating available, we found a seat after a wait at one of the cafes. Toilets. Dont know where to start. In the two cubicle toilet landside for ladies, there was a pile of used toilet papers next to the toilet going up to head height when you sit down. I was in such disbelief that I took a photo of it.!! Things were a bit better airside, but the toilet not that much cleaner. Was very glad when the plane actually took off and we knew THAT Airport was behind us . --------------------------------------------------------------- Seems it's not just me.

    No more Venice?

    There is maybe an upside to this. ;) I for one will be very happy to NOT have to use Venice airport to fly into or out of ever again. :rolleyes:

    No more Venice?

    I can quite see how some local environmentalists are concerned by the big ships, but it will be really sad when we have to miss one of the best sail in or sail out views on the planet.

    tendering into Santorini

    What a waste of a really lovely destination docking at such a late time !! The tender trip itself is not a problem, but as most of the 1000's of passengers will want to get ashore more or less at the same time , then later back aboard again , unloading and reloading is definitely going to be problematic and time consuming.

    Which new destinations would you like?

    Well , your not going to believe it coming from me , but guess where I think more ships should come ? WALES. :D A few ships have been , and it's a fantastic place to come. Forget all the rest of Europe , Wales has more castles per acre than anywhere else on Earth . Great culture, moderate climate, great landscapes, and really great people. ;)


    I wholeheartedly concur with all the expressions of appreciation, and add my thanks to our hard working moderators. Great job folks, and well done... .....
  13. [quote name='phoenix_dream']I agree it was inappropriate. At the same time, that is so very, very rare for Andy who has consistently been a wonderful host and very dedicated. I was taken aback myself, but I for one am going to chalk it up to one bad judgment call based on passionate feelings and let it go. For all the time and effort Andy has put in for us, I think we owe him that:)[/quote] I wholeheartedly endorse your sentiments , and will readily also do what you propose.
  14. [quote name='Host Andy']Hi Everyone, Sorry to throw a wet blanket on this. Maybe it's just me, but with everything going on right now, I do not care to think about a new class of Celebrity ship. It's the last Celebrity item on my mind at the moment. All I care about, is that everyone on Millennium arrives home safely, and that everyone affected, both onboard & those who had cancelled sailings, will be taken care of by Celebrity.[/quote] Hi Andy. It's taken me a while to respond, but I was rather hit for six by your comments, and quite shaken, to the point of girly tears . I tried to contact you privately and not on this open forum, but your link allowing me to email you for some reason does not work on my computer. I keep getting something about " default mail client not properly installed " over and over. Being a typical little old lady , this means absolutely nothing to me. ! I did indeed make a joking answer, but was that not allowed ? If discussing a new class of ship was not allowed either , why was this thread open for people to make comments on ? I do understand , and share , your worries and concerns about the Millennium and it's passengers, but CC and the Celebrity forums were open for comments, and jokes when I posted.
  15. Since so many cruisers are " Quite Senior " I would like to have an " Old Codgers " deck. ;):D All the cabins would have walking sticks, indigestion tablets, sleeping tablets, incontinence pads , etc supplied. All the music played on this deck would be from the sixties or seventies, and would not be loud. I bet these cabins would be so popular they would soon have to add 2 or 3 more decks. !! ;)