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  1. Quick question. Did I misunderstand in the beginning. It listed C&A benefits but said no breakfast in Main Dining Room. Is this for the whole cruise or did I not read it right
  2. So what are the chances of me cruising on Symphony August 14th?
  3. I am enjoying this thread so much. I sure hope Symphony sails Aug 14th. I am eating everything lol
  4. I called RC out of curiosity about my Aug 14, 2021 cruise on Symphony. I asked his opinion on booking Air. He said I should wait. As the smaller ships are going first. I don't know what to do. I asked about moving to Dec and he said the price is much higher. I am so disappointed 😞 please no smart comments. I was diagnosed with cancer and I really don't need anymore negativity just venting.
  5. This has inspired me to try so many things. I always said maybe next time but the time is now. I am trying it all😀
  6. August 14th, 2021 Symphony of the Seas Miami
  7. I can't wait. I need my cruise time. It was canceled in April
  8. I have a cruise planned on August 29, 2020 on Symphony. I sure hope we get to go.
  9. I was wondering that too. I have 150 from my Visa and 200 obc. Do I get to keep both.
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