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  1. I wonder if Seadream allows a third person in a cabin, sleeping on the couch? We found the couch rather uncomfortable for sitting, I wonder if it is a fold out bed, at least in some cabins?
  2. Does the WC include free unlimited laundry? If so, use the laundry for clothes storage by always having a couple of bags out for cleaning. We had free unlimited laundry on some caribbean cruise and it allowed us to pack very lightly, and everything was always fresh and neatly pressed. We had four days pre-cruise in Barbados so loaded up laundry bags while unpacking first day on the ship and sent them out first night. Now that was a real luxury 🙂 Since then we opt for laundry packages if fare does not include free laundery. No more fisticuffs over the free launderettes 😉
  3. Maybe the Star is getting a facelift during the shutdown? Work those contacts!
  4. Perhaps with the pandemic they are reducing the number of pax for the WC? I think most of the lines are, to make isolation rooms available, ease social distancing, etc. Perhaps someone with contacts could inquire?
  5. I noticed Ponant has single cabins on their expedition ships. I wondered what was the purpose of some narrow cabins. They have one single bed! I think they do Antarctica.
  6. You and me both, brother. Just finished an “Aurora Hoppyalis” IPA by Karl Strauss Brewing. Out of this world 🙂
  7. Thanks! And will do (but it will likely be next spring, takes forever to get anything like this done, at least in SoCal.... permits, permits, permits!). At least the geologist blessed a pool, as long as we adhere to substantial slope set-backs. No pilings, curtain walls, etc. required 😀 Those would have been a show-stopper.... Sorry about the off-topic stuff folks! Hmmm, maybe someone will start a thread about what everyone is doing with the money saved on travel, etc. this year 🙂 We were thinking of a world cruise (Jim’s bad influence...) but are doing the pool instead. The only problem with a pool is we’ll never get Jim to go home 😱 Well, before we run out of tequila anyway. PS - also, a pool may draw ho-hums....
  8. We are putting this year’s travel, dining out, and entertainment budget towards a swimming pool! The geologist is in the back yard drilling core samples as I type (we have a long, somewhat steep slope behind our yard....). That’s making up for missing a dinner for two at the French Laundry 🤪
  9. Well, the Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine group has indicated they may have something available as early as the fall. So there is some (small) chance a Jan 2021 cruise may happen. Hope springs eternal 🙂 Keep a close eye on vaccine news if you have a cruise scheduled first half of 2021. But in my opinion, I doubt very many 2020 cruises will happen. But I only play an expert (in anything) on Cruise Critic....
  10. No international cruises will happen until a vaccine is widely distributed. And cruisers will have to show proof of vaccination. There is just no other way a standard cruise can operate. Some niche, single country cruises may operate, like in Norway (until they generate an outbreak...). Just my learned opinion.... On the bright side, several vaccines are showing promise and may begin being distributed at the end of 2020. Don’t plan on any multi-country type cruises until at least March 2021.
  11. You always win the first two, and define “endless” for the third...
  12. The tequila had you seeing things backwards. The “pony” is a food to poo converter. And quite efficient at it. Mrs D is a gold to clothes/shoes/purses conveter, but not a very efficient one 😞
  13. I thought all Carnival ships were scrap?
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