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  1. If your time in Rome is limited, and you want to “see everything”, I can recommend a two day private tour with RomeCabs (as per Jim’s advice several years ago). We had a nice Mercedes van for just the two of us. Mrs D sat in front and loved taking photos through the big windshield. The tour included private guides at the Vatican, the Coliseum, and Forum area. The driver was also very knowledgeable. They got us around all lines. Breezed into the Vatican despite the hours-long lines. Their Vatican guide was very interesting. On the second day we checked out of our hotel and our driver kept our luggage in the van while touring, and dropped us at the train station at the end of the day, as we were moving on to Florence. Very convenient.. Given the overall cost of a trip to Rome, the tour was very reasonable. And it was VERY enjoyable.
  2. That’s ok because we don’t know of a good one, local or elsewhere 😞 I’ve always rolled my own trips. Used a couple of on-line places but the savings really weren’t worth the hassle.
  3. Little Rascal, fellow San Clemente-ite here! Talega specifically. Best to wait until you make sure that that bad hombre Jim is not going to book that WC 😜
  4. UUNetBill has is about right. Polite engagement, with genuine interest, is great, but talking a busy crewperson’s ear off about banal subjects is not so great. And I’ve seen the latter happen all too often.
  5. The best way to help out the crew is to not be too demanding, nor annoying. And don’t engage them in conversations about your cat Fluffy. They have jobs to do, let them get on with it. They are not paid to be your best pal. But if you have a good cruise and the crew performs well, a donation to the crew fund is a nice thing to do. As someone mentioned before, who is more important to your well being, a random waiter or the ship’s plumber😉
  6. Indeed he is 😉 Your identity has been authenticated!
  7. Well Contessa, I have the area code figured out, but there are several 9xx cell phone “exchange codes” that cover your area, depending on provider. And 924 is shown as being for landlines. I’d have to ping 5 or 6 cell numbers to hit yours. And I’m not sure the burly dude down the road from you would appreciate being called Contessa... So I need another clue. Or you can just email me at ragnarcc at that Google email service. To make sure it is actually you, I’ll respond with an email containing a code phrase that you can then post here on this thread.
  8. Yes Contessa, we should “flock” when you are in OC. The corkscrew is always at the ready 🍷 We visited with ho-hum and his DW while last in London, it was a hoot! That man has a fine champagne collection. Jim Avery has threatened to pay us a visit also, so would be great to get a big flock together here at the palazzo in San Clemente!
  9. Well, Contessa, we are ready for you if you are ever in the OC...
  10. Would love to, but we have an elderly “pony” to take care of. Maybe when you guys do the full 2025 WC we will join you!
  11. Seeing as I’m a bit into my cups this eve, I will pontificate on what has made a cruise “bad”, when looking back: - A ship with no “soul”. - Smoking issues. - Out of control children. Though I’ve never been on VO, it seems they have the last two covered. Can’t vouch for the soul part. But knowing Jim, I can’t imagine him enjoying a ship with no soul. So, when possible, we will incorporate VO in our cruising plans.
  12. You have completely redeemed yourself 😄
  13. Haaruumph, I represent that remark!
  14. Jeez-louise snowflakes, all you need to stay in shape on a cruise is a half hour of pullups, pushups, and situps every other day, and a six mile run ashore a couple of times a week. Only wussies use machines.
  15. I was just suprised at the number and variety of cruises with the monste.... uhhh, kiddie discounts. I expected such on the Alaska runs. We are sensitive because on a Regent cruise once threre were three kids that were holy terrors, popped up everywhere with no supervision. The crew was pretty much helpless in controlling them. Their extended family sat around at a table by the pool bar drinking all day and well into the night, while the kids ran rampant (cartwheels in the aisles during shows, tantrums in the pool, etc.). This was an early spring cruise, not summer. Normally we avoid travel during the summer, so never really noticed the kids promotions. But we are doing some advanced planning for a “bespoke” world cruise, which will extend into the summer months. DW doesn’t care for sea days, so we plan to string together several cruises, interspersed with land segments and flights between cruises, etc. This avoids long ocean crossings. Looks like Viking might be the best bet for any cruise segments in the summer months. We have no brand loyalties, the 5% discounts aren’t enough incentive to not be flexible in cruise choice.
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