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  1. The cruise fare includes two nights pre-cruise in Quito, so the pre-boarding tests will likely be done at the hotel. The fare also includes a day room after the cruise, so if tested on 2nd to the last last day aboard the results should be available for flights home. The world vaccination data table is showing Ecuador has only vaccinated ~1% of its population, so that gives additional concern about the June cruises actually going. I guess I’m going to call SS.
  2. Do you remember those coolers on the floor where they kept the enchiladas, etc.? They are actually in that photo of Maria 🙂
  3. Thanks! I hate to be a guinea pig, but we have a very narrow window in which to do a cruise. The June 5th cruise on Origin just fits that window. If it were to get canceled it will be several years before we’d get another opportunity to cruise. We have been to the Galapagos before and loved it, always said we’d be back 🙂 The Origin looks like a mighty fine ship for those islands.
  4. Are these really a go? Or is SS just angling for pocket money... Has anyone booked? Heard anything from SS about the likelihood of these cruises sailing? Are they, hopefully, requiring proof of vaccination? Is Ecuador even open??? Enquiring pirates want to know 🙂
  5. Sadly, “our” bar, Maria’s, in Old San Juan closed down many years ago. This article talks about it. Would love to find a similar “dive” near there, if anyone has suggestions. https://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/old-san-juan/on-site-old-san-juan-boozing-with-actress-amanda-redman-at-marias/
  6. I second Tijuana's Mexican Grill, great margs, perfect to while away a little time before boarding. Steps to the piers. Now, a little known secret. If walking about early in the morning and want a quick breakfast, the Subway sandwich shop by the docks makes good egg dishes, and has good cubano coffee! Whodathunk!
  7. Change your handle to Homarrrrrrrody and you will be given more leeway too.
  8. Straight line, with no inflection point, from early December.
  9. Looks like NCL will be requiring vaccination to cruise with them. I assume this includes Regent, etc.: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24706-norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-submits-plan-to-cdc-asks-for-july-4-restart.html
  10. Well, at least there won’t be people firing up nasty cigars by the pool bar constantly, day and night, like on our Windstar cruise....
  11. We are finding that all pool and landscaping contractors are very busy. And they say the costs of subcontractors and materials are going up daily. Most contractors haven’t even returned our calls.... Two have said if we give them the job they will buy all the needed materials immediately and store in our yard 😐 The whole idea of this project was to do something while waiting for travel to normalize.... A tidal wave of demand for everything is being released by the vaccines. While a pain at the moment, I guess it’s a good thing.
  12. Can’t wait to book this! https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24685-on-april-1-windstar-announces-500-million-submarine-initiative.html
  13. The types of people likely to fake a vaccination card are also often braggarts and narcissists. It won’t take long aboard a cruise ship, and after a drink or two, for them to start bragging about “beating the system”, etc. If you hear any if this, TURN THEM IN. After a few stories in the news of people being kicked off ships in the middle of their cruise for faking vaccination records, the incidence of fake records should drop way off.
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