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  1. Welcome (maybe) to the family of HAL cruisers. Alaska was our first cruise many years ago and it is breathtaking. We have returned several times since. We have cruised many different lines, but prefer Holland. The crew is superb....absolutely the best! We have found the passengers to be interesting people who like to learn and explore and have made many friends. All the food is included except the 2 specialty restaurants on Noordam and a dinner at each is part of the current promotion. The Noordam is a lovely ship in our opinion. What ever you choose, have a great time!
  2. Re paying for luggage shipping......it depends on which level of stateroom one chooses. For some it is included and unlimited, for others it is included but imited to 2 bags per person and for some others it is available, but is extra. Many Florida people or others who drive to the port just bring their bags with them. They also drive home, so could bring whatever their vehicles allowed and were not planning to end up halfway around the globe. Thus they had to either pick up in FLL or perhaps pay to ship things home. It has been an adventure! Still waiting on ours......
  3. To Gadabout60.....re your world cruise planning. First of all....yes! You should definitely do it, but be aware that it may become addictive.😊 We have cruised on many other lines, but all our worlds have been on HAL. I agree with the comments others have made, but wanted you to also consider the "culture" of the experience onboard. Most all HAL world cruisers take the whole trip rather than than a segment, so there is more time for long term relationships to develop. As I understand it, this is not as true on some of the other Iines. Many passengers take the trip almost every year so
  4. I think their greatly reduced staff is focused on refunds and bookings. We have hundreds of days and do not hear from them except related to cruises we are trying to reschedule and about our world cruise luggage which has not made it's way home yet. It's all just overwhelming!
  5. Well, we did rely on our wonderful TA to get us home as we had not bought wifi onboard and there were no ports available in which to find some. Until HAL decided to open the wifi to everyone, our only option was to get the onboard hosts to contact our agent to please get us home. They handled it all beautifully and have our everlasting gratitude! Bravo! In regard to fitting in on the world cruise, I have seen some cliques, but personally have found 99% of passengers to be friendly and helpful. Even before we took #1 world in 2008, some CC posters responded to us and really "adopted," us a
  6. Totally agree. Very good suggestion, but right now I'd be thrilled to get on a ship and go ANYWHERE!
  7. It showed on My Account, but a booking from the (old) Rotterdam that was canceled by HAL when they announced the sale of the ships was still there, so think it is taking a while to get everything straight. We just emailed TA about a substitute trip in July as we were bringing our family on the Baltic trip and the change to late August would have had grandchildren missing 3 weeks of school (although they thought it was great!). It was the 3rd of 4 BTB cruises with 3 different lines, so it has all created quite a mess! I think we might be crazy to try to book again for summer 2021,
  8. We were on that cruise too and got the same email. However when I looked on My Account it only displays the first 12 days of the 24 which was what they changed it to in their original email. Yes it sounded like a great deal for a few minutes!
  9. Maybe I can shed a little light on this. We are booked on NS for a June 2021 Baltic and were moved by HAL to a late August slightly different version of the Baltic, which won't work for us as our grandchildren, who were joining us, will be back in school by then. When HAL notified us of the change due to the sale of the 4 ships, they asked that we wait 4-6 weeks before calling or asking to change anything to give them time to complete the summer schedule. I estimate that 6 weeks should be about mid-September, so hoping the new NS trips will be on the website around that time. Hope that helps.
  10. Cunard (according to a speech I heard the CEO make on FB) invites you use some of your FCC to book a second cabin for family/friends. Wish HAL would do this as we often treat our family to cruise with us on shorter trips. It would be a win-win for them.
  11. Arrived home Momday night after about 47 hours of travel. Our last leg to Charleston was canceled twice but the third option got us there by first going to Charlotte then Charleston. So good to be home. Our family had everything stocked that we needed and now that we have our Buddy dog back, we are set for our 14 day stay at home. Loved going to Australia on the ship, but we would never be tempted to go by air again!
  12. We did a private tour with a few other CC folks from Cherbourg. The ship was originally to port at St Malo and we had planned to finally get to Mt St. Michel....a long time dream. When HAL changed the port, we decided to go anyway, even though it was further. It is a long ride and there are many steps, as others have said, but it was an incredible, memorable day. It was like walking through a town from long ago......like nowhere else. So, yes....go, just go! I hope to get back for an omelette myself one day.
  13. We stayed in an OV midship cabin on NS for 14 days in June and loved it. No problems with noise. Have a great cruise!
  14. Our family enjoys eating there, especially the meatballs, salad and gelato. The new menu features a balsamic chicken dish that is delicious. We have eaten there many times on different ships and always had a positive experience. I hope you do too!
  15. Definitely Grand Turk is best. We have been several times with "Exclusive Escapes" on private tours. Just Google them. We just walked a few minutes down the beach from the pier to their place, got gear which they furnish if you like and got on the boat. We were a family of 8 and there were a couple of others but a small group. They do 2 snorkel spots, the wall and diving for conchs if you wish. My grandson loved it and we went home with the most gorgeous huge conchs which they clean out for you. Also took us to beach for homemade conch salad. Great company. Not $$$.
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