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  1. Now that I think about it, wasn’t he the one who wanted to ban Zaandam and Rotterdam from returning from Zaandam’s last voyage in March because he didn’t want COVID patients landing in Florida? Now he thinks cruises shouldn’t require vaccines?
  2. I’ve said it before - I do not think the State of Florida has jurisdiction here. You are boarding a foreign-flagged ship traveling to foreign ports of call. Never mind what the CDC might want - the ship’s flag state and/or the ports of call on the cruise might require vaccines. He can say it all he wants, but a cruise ship is NOT a “Florida” business. It is not a hotel, restaurant, bar, laundromat, theater, grocery store, etc. confined to land. By its very nature, it has to comply with a whole host of laws and regulations. This is more noise/nonsense than we need right now.
  3. According to the chat with Seth Wayne and Gus Antorcha today, that sailing will be at 50% capacity. Thinking they hit the limit. Hoping so - just booked Friday!!!
  4. Regardless of what one’s political views are (or views on vaccines, for that matter), I don’t see how Florida can prohibit cruise ships from enforcing a vaccine requirement. You may board the ship in Florida, but once on board and underway, you are under the laws of another sovereign nation (the flag the ship is registered in). Also, the various other countries the ship will visit may have some thing to say about the vaccination status of passengers and crew. Cruise ships are not landlocked movie theaters, restaurants, bars, shopping malls, stores, etc. I don’t think the State of Florida
  5. I’ll do you one better. Received the same email- except I have no Cunard cruise (or any, for that matter) booked at the moment! If I could only find that elusive Cunard booking number, I could collect my 125% FCC 😂
  6. That won’t work. To go from one US port and end in another, you have to stop in a “distant foreign port”. Ensenada does not qualify. The only legal trips, are round trip, stopping in at least one foreign port or a one way originating in a US port and ending in a non-US port or vice-versa. Waiver (if they would grant) is the only solution.
  7. It was 2009. I went to Alaska that year on her and it was all the talk earlier that year (before the season) about the “Signature of Excellence” renovations. She also got the Lanai cabins during that dry dock.
  8. Cruise ships sailing from Athens actually sail from Pireaus, the port city for Athens. Athens is inland from the sea. If you look at Google maps, you can get a good idea of that city’s layout, including the cruise terminal.
  9. The hoist shown is “RY” (“Romeo Yankee”) and it means that “vessels passing me should do so at slow speed”
  10. Yes - Nieuw Amsterdam getting new boilers (which, if memory serves, she got from a US Naval ship)
  11. Definitely Maasdam. I zoomed in in your photos (very ethereal - beautiful pics!) and the funnel is definitely an S-class ship. Since there were only two S-class ships left in the fleet in 2019, and Veendam was in Europe and Maasdam in Alaska, it could only be Maasdam.
  12. We did - great trip. Fourth time on Veendam (and didn’t realize at the time it would be our last). Here’s our view of you...
  13. Was this February 5? If so, I was on board!
  14. They just announced- Ryndam will be named Rotterdam instead - and be the flagship. See here: https://www.hollandamerica.com/blog/ships/ms-rotterdam/holland-america-line-changes-name-of-newbuild-to-iconic-rotterdam/
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