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  1. Hi Jim, Thanks for taking everyone along with you... Next year, I will be doing a very similar schedule on the Allure of the Seas at the same week as you. I am one that is very sensitive to motion sickness, so I'm curious overall how you would describe the seas during the crossing (I understand you cannot predict weather). I would just like to be prepared with proper medication for our journey. FYI, I am a seasoned cruiser, so I get it...a little insight would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks!
  2. Chris, Everything I have read this is a non revenue sailing with only crew aboard. When you search Oasis sailings, there is no transatlantic on Royal's website or various cruise websites that list sailings. Anyhow, I look forward to the videos and reports of sea conditions in the open Atlantic. Many thanks
  3. Chris, I'm really interested on reports/video on the crossing (especially sea conditions). I am doing the Allure crossing next Nov 2020. Is the crossing going to be a "crew only" sailing? Thanks in advance, I'm really enjoying the videos.
  4. I can typically get them onboard to give me a 30% off discount. Once, when in the concierge lounge, a waiter was walking around and offered us 50% off to fill tables. Again, that happened once in over 20 cruises.
  5. This is perfect for my husband and I... many thanks for the insight!
  6. Can you tell me about the boat ride, smooth, rough (I get extremely motion sick, I'm sure the car ride is out for me)... thanks!
  7. same ship, January, same question... input would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I just looked at a video, the roads look to be in good condition, I suffer from pretty extreme motion sickness (my patch helps). Can you give me an idea of twist and turns... also, how many hours was the tour?
  9. Does anyone have links to this tour?
  10. Thanks for the Wednesday update... i'm hoping for improvements in 3 days! Having the local info is great! again many thanks
  11. This is very helpful, we love Alaska so much and are bringing our best friends to share the beauty of your state... fingers crossed for all the locals and hopefully a smooth 2 weeks of visiting.
  12. Thanks! This I was aware of and have been following, we are scheduled for a bus trip on Tuesday the 27th...fingers crossed that one, we can travel to the towns we plan to visit and two, make to at least some distance in the park.
  13. Thank you so much, I'm so sorry for what is happening there. I know the station you are referring to... stay safe...
  14. Hi All, We are scheduled to be in Anchorage on Friday and head north towards Talkeetna and Denali on Saturday. Any locals can tell us if we should be looking at alternate plans with the wildfire impacts? Thanks
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