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  1. Finally they sent a text..I hate their unresponsiveness for such a long time...we may get to board at 8 PM....just as a previous poster said folks all around us are getting trashed
  2. Pulled up at our assigned time..ship hadn't even docked...no notification from Carnival until we literally pulled up to parking...we signed up for text alerts but so far nothing...so we wait..lol fun times
  3. I just started about 2 weeks ago..I'm planning on letting the huevos rancheros be my "treat" since I don't eat them anywhere else. And beyond that I plan to stick to burger bowls at Guys, Steak and Eggs, chicken breast...etc. that part is not to hard but I can't do my normal frosty beer so I'll have to find an alternative based on what's available on board.
  4. We are finally platnium on our next cruise..it's taken 13 years to get to this point because we have to take vacations when we can. I feel like we've earned it. I'm pretty much happy with whatever we get perk wise. I just love to cruise. But don't take away what I've earned so far like you did when we turned gold..no more party...not cool
  5. Hey Gang...just a quick question to make sure I've correctly understood what I've read..We turn Platnium FINALLY on our next cruise ...we realize we get the perks of FTTF free but according to what I've read luggage could arrive by 1 or 5 pm..just depending...but can I also access my room early? I've confused myself I've tried to do so much research tonight on it. As well if hubby and I are Plat and my 17 yo is not he still boards with us correct? Thanks in advance guys!
  6. I have my own personal summer. Seriously. Sweat city right here...so I'm taking my waterproof rain poncho and layering ..will bring my jacket but it says our 10 day forecast has a few days that are 57 but mostly high 60's. So I don't have a ton of long pants ..mostly capris...and normally am in minimal clothing in those temps...I'll bring the long pants but have a feeling I'm wasting luggage space
  7. Ok so I fly out in 2 days to Seattle and thank you guys for your help on this from my inquiries last year...I've decided to take sneakers as I won't need boots for my excursions...I typically have my own personal summer and would sweat to death and it 70 degrees so I'm taking some warm weather stuff..hat, jacket...no gloves though. So excited I can not stand it!
  8. I have about a large amount on GC's for this Alaskan Cruise....I'm paying for an excursion and the rest is gambling …...If I have anything left in the end it pays toward the next cruise!
  9. elainmir


    We usually do the Caribbean cruises since we live in Florida..but for our 20th anniversary we knew we wanted it to be special. So I researched. This has been 2 years in the making. Alaska has been something we wanted to do for awhile. So in 9 days we will be on the Legend. I've booked excursions in EVERY port except Victoria and Ketchikan. I still may wrangle up something for Ketchikan. I knew I had to book early and buy excursions early. I have saved up for my carnival gift cards to apply to my account. I prepaid gratuities and I feel like I'm good to go. Staying in Seattle for 3 days after the cruise to check it out... so I can NOT imagine NOT planning!!!
  10. So hubby and I who live in the hot as hell swamp known as Florida will be hitting Alaska on June 25 of 2019 for our early 20th anniversary cruise. We do NOT own winter clothing as well we don't recognize that season here ROFL..so in June what will we need to pack for Alaska? We do not own coats, gloves, boots,etc. I can't imagine we'll need anything heavy..am I wrong? Thanks in advance!
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