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  1. Hey Gang...just a quick question to make sure I've correctly understood what I've read..We turn Platnium FINALLY on our next cruise ...we realize we get the perks of FTTF free but according to what I've read luggage could arrive by 1 or 5 pm..just depending...but can I also access my room early? I've confused myself I've tried to do so much research tonight on it. As well if hubby and I are Plat and my 17 yo is not he still boards with us correct? Thanks in advance guys!
  2. I have my own personal summer. Seriously. Sweat city right here...so I'm taking my waterproof rain poncho and layering ..will bring my jacket but it says our 10 day forecast has a few days that are 57 but mostly high 60's. So I don't have a ton of long pants ..mostly capris...and normally am in minimal clothing in those temps...I'll bring the long pants but have a feeling I'm wasting luggage space
  3. Ok so I fly out in 2 days to Seattle and thank you guys for your help on this from my inquiries last year...I've decided to take sneakers as I won't need boots for my excursions...I typically have my own personal summer and would sweat to death and it 70 degrees so I'm taking some warm weather stuff..hat, jacket...no gloves though. So excited I can not stand it!
  4. I have about a large amount on GC's for this Alaskan Cruise....I'm paying for an excursion and the rest is gambling …...If I have anything left in the end it pays toward the next cruise!
  5. elainmir


    We usually do the Caribbean cruises since we live in Florida..but for our 20th anniversary we knew we wanted it to be special. So I researched. This has been 2 years in the making. Alaska has been something we wanted to do for awhile. So in 9 days we will be on the Legend. I've booked excursions in EVERY port except Victoria and Ketchikan. I still may wrangle up something for Ketchikan. I knew I had to book early and buy excursions early. I have saved up for my carnival gift cards to apply to my account. I prepaid gratuities and I feel like I'm good to go. Staying in Seattle for 3 days after the cruise to check it out... so I can NOT imagine NOT planning!!!
  6. We are cruising next June 2019 and have booked a whale excursion in Juneau...it ends at noon. Our ship departs at 3 pm, I'm wondering if we have time to get to see Mendenhall Glacier or not? I'd like to be back on board before 2:00. Any advice or suggestions? Also has anyone done the Tracy Arm Fjord & Glacier Expedition with Carnival? If so how did it work? We were asked on the excursion page to email to do this...sadly they aren't taking booking for our cruise until January 2019...but I'm curious how do you pay for this? Onboard? Still trying to figure out what to do in other ports...any suggestions are appreciated!
  7. We are 310 days out on our Alaska Cruise...we are buying bar cash, photo cash and cruise cash up until we sail. I just bought our 50$ cruise cash, anniversary cake and water today. Photo cash and bar cash next month. This is our 20th anniversary cruise so we are doing it up right!
  8. What is the colored bus and how much was it? Where could you catch it?
  9. the sad part is when an idiot like that invades THEIR space the animal is often shot / put down because it's protecting it's space/ environment...geesh....I say bust a cap in the idiot or better yet let the bears have him
  10. Went to purchase some bar cash and other items for my 20th Anniversary cruise next June and it still wanted me to add a credit card even though my gift card would've more than covered it. So I called. Apparently they are having issues and you can't purchase anything with gift cards until August 22nd when they do something to their system. Just FYI...
  11. We have used it when we could get it..I adore it. Hubby has back issues and when we can drop junk off in the cabin and chill for a bit before muster then it's worth it. I don't adore the hate glares when I get to bypass the regular long as hell line at GS but hey I paid for it so I'm gonna enjoy it.
  12. So hubby and I who live in the hot as hell swamp known as Florida will be hitting Alaska on June 25 of 2019 for our early 20th anniversary cruise. We do NOT own winter clothing as well we don't recognize that season here ROFL..so in June what will we need to pack for Alaska? We do not own coats, gloves, boots,etc. I can't imagine we'll need anything heavy..am I wrong? Thanks in advance!
  13. Ok I did call about casino cash I had P3L I think and I only get 200 dollars..hubby had ultra and his code was P4L and he had NO CASINO CASH. I'd love to sail the Horizon but not sure that I can do this seemingly overinflated price....we will see.. I may just pass and buy all those excursions I want for Alaska next June.
  14. Hubby and I both received this offer but wowzers the price seems super high....I'm going to call and see what our casino cash is ...because I'd love to cruise the Horizon but not sure the price is worth it..
  15. Deli seemed to be the same OLD deli...we did NOT eat there this cruise. Just passing by it looked like the one from days of old...( side note : I hate that they don't have CHIPS..at a deli..seriously) As for the 4K cabin questions..it was just Hubster and myself and I felt it was spacious, it had the sofa...and an extra chair...the chair wasn't needed and clogged up the walkway...the french doors made it nice because you could open them to enjoy the view and not have to try peering through a nasty OV window that you can NEVER see out. The light and fresh air from the french door sold me on this cabin and I did book this already for our Alaskan Cruise next year ...I'm happy with our choice. I'd choose it over OV anyday. I'd sail the Miracle again ..I did like her a lot.
  16. We have the same type cabin booked on our 2019 Alaskan Cruise! :) As for Chopsticks...it was just Ok...NOT the delish freshness of Mongolian Wok and I can't compare to Jiji's because I have not tried it yet. They had pretty much the same dishes daily except for 1 or 2 dishes.
  17. I'm horribly lazy about posting pics..I know ..I know...but I confessed lol...I do like to post what a cruise was like so if anyone has questions they can ask and I'll try to help :cool::cool::cool::cool: Embarkation: We did have FTTF so we literally parked at port parking ( 105.00) and were on board in minutes. Our cabin was ready and we dropped off our junk ( we were in 4132 which is an inside 4k room with french doors that open. It was nice to have the light...and the air when we wanted it. Our view was between 2 lifeboats so we had a bit of OV. Excursions: Grand Cayman: Hubby wanted to do something other than the Deluxe Stingray excursion again so we did the Trolley Roger..while cheap it was ho hum at best. Next time I'm doing the Deluxe Stingray again. Belize: We stayed on board and soaked up rays in Serenity Roatan : The Dolphin Encounter at Anthony's Key...there was a family of 4 and us...so it was a small group but it was the BEST excursion we have been on. I was impressed with how healthy the dolphin looked and how nice the resort was. As well when searching for Dolphin excursions I settled on this one for 2 reasons; A. you can take pics with your camera with the exception of the dolphin cradle photo and the dolphin kiss photo..their photog takes those and honestly its 15 bucks per photo with the minimum of 2 or ALL of the photos sent digitally for 55 bucks. No brainer..55 bucks and the photos did come to my email via Dropbox. I had 19 photos of myself and hubby. B. The dolphin are in a natural lagoon area NOT a man made concrete enclosure. Cozumel: We did the Community Tour : Give back with a Purpose tour where part of your excursion cost goes toward the church and The Ciudad de Angeles orphanage there. This was amazing ...LOVE LOVE LOVE the orphanage and as a teacher I will be donating books to their library. Then we had lunch at " Grandma's House" ..it was very good. These were all Carnival Excursions. The Miracle: It was the first time I had sailed her and she is older but NOT disgustingly decorated. Yes there are little rotund cherubs everywhere but it doesn't invoke the " OH GOSH SOMEONE WAS DRUNK/HIGH" when they decorated thoughts. Staff was amazing. Our room steward Edy was ok , not very personable but he got the job done. As premier cruisers we frequent the casino alot..I love Miracle's casino because A. There is a separate sitting area in front of the bar for "smokers" and " talkers" and I do NOT smoke so it was nice to keep them in one area ( kinda) B. The layout made it seem HUGE. C. Maria the casino host had a funny dry wit and finally D. we had TWO of the BEST drink servers we have ever had ...shout out to Adora and to Sanferd. Sanferd makes the meanest, best Patron Margarita this girl ever had touch her taste buds. And he and Adora were constantly checking us to see what we needed. They were indeed tipped accordingly. Sadly the casino kept most of our cash but figured that going in and were there to have fun! And fun we had! The food was pretty good...I had two sea days so the huevos rancheros and the mac and cheese were on my list both days and did NOT disappoint. YUM and double YUM. The Quattro Fromaggio pizza was the best ever. Other notable dishes include the Banana Pie and the omelettes as usual. Fresh is always best. In the MDR I can say it was so very slow. VERY SLOW. They don't get in a hurry..don't get me wrong I don't want a " here eat quick and get out experience" but 2 1/2 hours is SLOW. Others stated their waiting times just to get their entree was over an hour. We had the best time and met some very nice people! Our weather was fantastic and I can say this was probably the BEST debarkation EVER. Debarkation: We had FTTF and sometimes ports are NOT organized and you wait forever... We were told to be in the Bacchus dining room at 7:45 so we arrived about 7:25 and literally as we arrived the lady checked to see that we were D/ P or FTTF and said we could go. I was in my car driving home by 7:45 am. Smooth , Smooth, Smooth! If I can answer any questions please ask.....I will try my best
  18. I stopped getting any milk onboard...very rarely is it cold enough for me in the buffet lines. Hubby and I both agree it's lukewarm at best. And the yogurt is the same way... I have NOT tried it via room service...maybe this next cruise I'll give it a shot.
  19. I hear the horror stories so I typically use the Paypal option or the GC option to pay for the cruise. Then I use cash on the ole sail and sign account. I know it's a hassle! Glad you got it worked out!
  20. I always hate remembering how much cash I have on my Sail and Sign card...so I prepay ..then it's done!
  21. Not tacky at all...Hubby and I bring our 24oz Tervis because instead of 74 tiny cups of coffee you can have ONE decent mug and be good.
  22. I appreciate all of you help and tips..thank you. Carnival says it's a no go.
  23. I may be calling Customs in Mexico...I just want to be sure...don't want to leave it at home if I'm able to help others there...
  24. I so so not want a heart attack...I just pay cash..I'm glad it worked out for you OP
  25. Ok I need help from folks who have taken this tour- Everything I read said donations could be taken to the orphanage. I work with kids every day so I was stoked to be able to help and have a full suitcase of donations ( toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, deodorant ) for the children. But when I went back to look at info for hubby I see this on Carnival's page : Please be advised donations are not allowed as per customs regulations. Should I even attempt to bring these donations now? Or should I donate locally...I really am bummed ..I so wanted to help...ugh.. thanks in advance
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