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  1. Hi, Thank You to everyone who participated in my June 2020 Cruise Insurance Q & A. I am very thankful to Cruise Critic for allowing me to do another month long Q & A. This forum is still active, so if anyone has any new or followup questions, please ask me. You may also email me at steve@tripinsurancestore.com Sincerely, Steve Dasseos
  2. Hi Petoonya & klfrodo, Thank you for your kind words. Steve Dasseos
  3. Hi SusieQft, If you cancel your trip for a covered reason, you can tell the insurance company that you are giving up your right to use the future airline credit and take the cash payment instead. Some companies have a form called the "Air Authorization Form" that covers this subject. Steve
  4. Hi Bill, Coincidentally, I have been emailing my companies about this very subject because, as you correctly stated "of the trip insurers, is that they will NOT insure any "bonus dollars" that I receive". I don't have this answer yet because I think the companies don't have it figured out yet. When I get the answer, I'll put it here. If this thread isn't active I'll create a new thread for it. Steve
  5. Hi Bill, Yes, you are right in everything. I want to add this about the airfare. Many times people will tell us "I got a Southwest ticket so I'm not including it because I can change it without penalty" or something similar with another airline. For the companies that require 100% of the per person prepaid, non-refundable trip cost be insured, the cost of the Southwest tickets must be included because they are not refundable. Steve
  6. Hi sansterre, > American Express Platinum tells us pre-existing conditions is not a concern unless we were treated for that within 60 days of our trip This doesn't sound right. Will you check to see if American Express means the 60 days before you booked your trip? > America Express Platinum say they will transport us to a hospital of their choice where they think we will get the right care. Can we trust that? Ys, but ask them where you can see it in writing. > I will probably see him within 60 days of leaving on the cruise. I would also probably get a cortisone shot in my right knee to help with pain and walking. Does that negate coverage for a twisted knee or injury due to weak knee? What insurance is best for pre-existing conditions such as heart disease and arthritis? You will want more clarification from American Express about their pre-existing conditions coverage. Lots of plans you buy on your own will give you good pre-existing conditions coverage. I need to get more specific personal info from you before I can tell you what plan to get. Will you email me this info to steve@tripinsurancestore.com ? - Your phone number - Yout name - The per person prepaid cost of your trip Thanks, Steve Dasseos
  7. Hi klfrodo, Thanks for your kind words. I'm happy we were able to help you understand how travel insurance works. I enjoy teaching people. Unfortunately, I do not have any contacts (nor any websites) for anyone I trust to give the travel insurance right infomation to Canadians or any other non-USA based travelers. I've tried to find people like this for years, but I've had no success. If I was 20 years younger, I'd do it myself. Steve Dasseos
  8. Hi Steve, > do they look back for a pre-existing condition? Or is it that If you purchase within X days of deposit they don't look at your health? If there's a medical claim and the documentation shows someone was past the pre-ex waiver deadline, the insurance company likely will ask for medical records to see if the condition is pre-existing. > The problem isn't paying the premium, it's not having the claim denied when it's submitted because it didn't qualify. Yes, getting the claim paid is what's important. Steve Dasseos
  9. Hi CTLee, You will have to ask her doctor if she is medically able to travel today? If the doctor says yes, then ask her / him to remove that indefinitly wording from her recors or update her records with new info that negates it. Steve Dasseos
  10. Hi Steve, The Lookback period is always there. It serves as protection for the insurance company in case anyone is lying about / misrepresenting their initial trip deposit date. A few weeks ago someone called me to insure a September 2020 rental property in Gulf Shores, AL. They are driving to Alabama. I asked when they paid the deposit. He said "We paid the property in full on June 13, 2020". Most people would think that June 13, 2020 was their first and last payment, but I suspected they paid the deposit earlier, so I asked "When did you reserve the property with a small deposit?". He said "I did that on Feb. 15, 2020 but it was fully refundable so I don't want to count that date". He was less than happy when I told him he was past the deadline for the pre-existing condition and the Cancel for Any Reason. He said the other website he called didn't press him on the deposit date that and he thought I was being too strict on the interpretation. He didn't buy from us and I hope he didn't trick anyone else into selling a policy to him. Steve Dasseos
  11. Travel Guard didn't challenge my request when I asked for the refunds, but they also won't give me any explanation for it.
  12. Hi SusieQft, Thanks for asking. The only companies I know that define the initial trip deposit date this way are TravelSafe and Travel Insured. They only do this for a new policy. I changed the wording on that page to this: If you are buying a new policy (ie – not changing the dates on a current policy) and making any of your first payment with a travel credit from a previously cancelled trip ..." Steve
  13. Hi Steve, I'm sorry I didn't grasp that the $3400 in airfare was your prime concern. Unfortunately, what you can do with the $3400 in Airfare that you no longer can use is not something I can advise you about. > Can I claim the airfare on the insurance as my cruise is now gone? It doesn't appear that your policy covers this. I don't see any wording in your World Nomads Plan # N300S's certificate that refers to Itinerary Change. I am looking at this cert: WN_STD_N300S-SRTC2000-CW-FL-FL-05-17-A. Steve Dasseos Steve
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