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  1. hi there, We're travelling on a Royal Cruise with 2 families: 2 + 4 year old in one family and 3 year old in other. Total passengers are 7. We arrive 18:00 on Friday before the Cruise on Saturday AM from PE and are staying at a hotel w/o a shuttle (Marriot North) I'm planning on booking a super shuttle for the trip. Anyone have experience with using them for small children? I wasn't planning on getting car seats for the journey.
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    Toddlers - Swimming Pools

    This. They had a separate wading pool for toddlers on anthem. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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    Cape Liberty parking garage question

    I had the same question, and it is answered on the Cape Liberty Parking website: The height restriction of the garage is 7’ 4”. There is an open lot adjacent to the parking garage to accommodate vehicles with height restrictions. http://www.cruiseliberty.com/passenger_info.html#parking