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  1. You are correct. Just like they did for SARS, MERS, Zika, TB, the flu, smallpox, and a variety of other diseases. What makes you think SARS-2 will be any different? I mean, besides a simple change in the testing metrics changing PCR testing from 40 cycles to 27 cycles to get rid of all the false positives. Meanwhile, again, good luck to everyone who is going to be getting a vaccination from a vaccine that was developed in a rush for cash with zero long term testing done. Normal discovery and research phase for vaccines is 2-5 years, and that is u
  2. Call a lawyer. I expect that NCL will do everything it can to keep your money and refuse you any form of refund while constantly increasing the cost of you rebooking.
  3. How am I missing the point? These restrictions will destroy the cruise industry. I already had to rebook a cruise that was cancelled earlier this year. I was given a 10% extra credit against the price of the cruise. The 10 day cruise is not being offered, and the 7 day cruise is 30% over the price I paid for the 10 day cruise. If I also have to pay extortionist prices by being forced to do ship's only excursions I can guarantee we won't cruise again. As for the virus? As I said, the majority of testing is done using PCR testing, which has
  4. Sadly there is a very good chance that there will be a cat owner on any given ship who will give a false positive for the test. Every single person my wife works with has tested positive with the PCR test and none have developed anti-bodies showing that all 30+ were false positives. Just like all 77 of the false positives from the NFL testing. Until they lower the cycle count down to where it should have been to begin with we will continue to have a huge number of false positives.
  5. PCR testing is currently set at 40 cycles. Normal testing for viruses is 27 cycles. We have a known issue with testing that results in a huge amount of false positives. Then we have the media running around saying that you should not rely on a negative test because you may still have it and still be asymptomatic, and still not develop anti-bodies. Still not sure how all that works or what scientist says that is possible. Then we have the common cold, the flu, and any other number of diseases that can be transmitted between people. I say instead of mandating
  6. The only real concern here is finding a good parking spot. Shore diving is extremely common here so you will see a lot of vehicles parked on the side of the road for divers. Look for the painted rocks and they will also tell you the name of the site.
  7. Masks are worn to prevent sick people from breathing, spitting (accidentally), or sneezing on other people. This is why it is common for sick people in Asian countries like Japan to wear surgical masks. If you are wearing a mask to prevent someone from sneezing on you and it getting in your mouth, you may wish to purchase full face masks to protect your eyes instead. These can be reused and come with a handy hard hat in many cases. Or just wear a motorcycle helmet which will also stop you from touching your face.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/15/uk-coronavirus-crisis-to-last-until-spring-2021-and-could-see-79m-hospitalised UK coronavirus crisis 'to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised' OK folks, guess this means everyone should stay home in isolation for the next 18 months and then we can go back to normal.
  9. That is direct transmission. Airborne is carried on the air and transmits across MILES, not 6 feet.
  10. Or remember to treat this like any other flu and wash your hands with soap and water instead of hiding in your homes and counting toilet paper. Yes, the .7% mortality rate is a concern, and for those people that are high risk they should avoid other people. FOr the majority of the population, there really isn't a lot you can do to avoid this. Do you go to work with other people? Do you ride the still operational NYC subway system? When this hysterical panic is over, Mom & Pop places, hotels, restaurants, other small venues, will have gone out of bus
  11. And yet it is most likely that people going to work sick are going to be the greatest spreaders of this virus, just like with the flu.
  12. WDW was actually built with that in mind as part of their tax incentives. And putting them in arenas and conference centers would be a terrible idea. While they may have decent ventilation, they have decent ventilation, without medical filters. Unless we know exactly how long the virus can survive outside a host the facility would have to be shut down until that was determined to be clear. Or replace the entire duct work system.
  13. WDW FL is already set up for conversion in to military use at any time. I think it is funny some of the reactions to this. CA bans any large gatherings that don't generate large tax amounts, but the parks can stay open and have people intermix just fine. Disney closes and the Governor's office says that they never meant to ruin people's vacations and for the parks to close. NY bans gatherings of people that don't generate any tax fees, but leaves open the entire NYC subway system intermixing 1 million + a day to spread any diseases. The fe
  14. Because people are going to travel no matter how much fear mongering that there is. And NYC doesn't want to lose billions of dollars in revenue and basically stop everyone from going to work by shutting down all transit stations. You have a choice, go on a cruise with 5000 people, 1 of whom MAY have the virus. And spend a lot of time around the same people. OR You can stay in NYC and travel the transit system with 1,000,000 PLUS different people every day, any one of whom may be infected. Statistically which do you think is more likely to expose you to the vi
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