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    Burano & Murano in Venice

    We enjoyed Burano. Murano was a big disappointment.
  2. 212cruiser

    My LAST NCL Cruise!

    I'm sorry you didn't feel you received a value for your vacation dollar. I am more relieved you will not be on our next NCL cruise from how you have described your interpersonal skills (or lack of same). A bad cruise is a miserable experience. We've had our own, none on NCL, so I appreciate a candid review. However, I become concerned about reviews when the reviewer is not in control of their own emotions, such as your beer story described. BTW, how much did you pay per person?
  3. 212cruiser

    Cigar room question

    Montecristo also produces a complete line of cigars made in Cuba. I agree that the cigars mentioned by Queen were most probably not Cuban, but how does that website help your conclusion?
  4. 212cruiser

    Barcelona Hotel For Under $200

    The Granados 83 is an excellent hotel: http://www.derbyhotels.com/page.php?id=470. Unlike the 2 Continental properties which are upgraded hostels, the 83 (and Derby hotels in general) represent the type of value widely available in Barcelona for hotel rooms. While many people claim to have enjoyed their stay at the continentals you would be wise not to ignore the many who did not. They are 2 star accommodations at best and over-priced as such, IMO. It will ruin your entire vacation if you are expecting anything better. http://www.derbyhotels.com/page.php?id=470
  5. 212cruiser

    Cigar room question

    Duff...maybe possibly when we were in the Med last summer :), and by accident elsewhere. But they don't stock them during the winter eastern seaboard cruising season. And, yes: a cuban Monte #2 is a fine smoke! Shall we go back next year?
  6. 212cruiser

    Modesty Question

    It's OK. The main bathroom is an extension of the master bedroom in the NCL AB line of suites. The master bedroom has no windows. There is no wall or door separating the bathroom and the bedroom, a design element I prefer to call a flaw. However, it does provide for light from those windows.
  7. What criteria is the OP using? The criticisms seem to concern her choice of the ports--over which she had complete control, and some of the food--which is totally subjective. I happen to agree with her conclusion about Le Bistro, and never felt that the specialty restaurants were comparable to their competitors on land. Again, it's all subjective. However, we thoroughly enjoyed the Jewel and thought the food was very good for what it was. Nor could we have asked for better service from its crew. We never expected the food to be 5 star quality. Why would we? Does NCL claim it is? Moreover, hundreds, if not thousands, of passengers are paying under $150/day. It's a fantastic value.
  8. 212cruiser

    Continental Palacete Barcelona

    CC readers are entitled to read criticism as well as praise. They can then make an informed decision. These 2 properties will be a huge disappointment to many travelers, possibly ruining their vacation. This board is FULL of similar criticisms. Attacking a CC reader by characterizing criticism as "bashing" is shamefully juvenile and off-message. Some people just don't know better I guess. Anybody who wishes more information about real hotels in BCN charging the same approximate rate only needs to search this board.
  9. 212cruiser

    Lawrence of Antigua and Long Bay Beach

    There are so many other tour operators you should have no problem. It is not like touring Paris or Rome. The island is small and the operators go to exactly the same "sites." We will not be using Lawrence either because of our experience with him, and I am not in the least bit concerned about it.
  10. 212cruiser

    St. Maarten Jeweler Recommendations

    Depends on what you are looking for. Try Love Jewelers on Front Street and also in Marigot. We have been buying there for over 20 years for a reason. My rule is "buy the seller." Love is a fine jeweler who sells competitively, not a discounter who sells jewelry as so many others are. The key is to know your prices and be firm, but not to the breaking point.
  11. 212cruiser

    Continental Palacete Barcelona

    To each his own. But you would be wise to stay elsewhere. The hotel and its sister-site are dives despite those who refuse to acknowledge it. There is no shortage of real hotels in BCN where you could stay for the same price.
  12. 212cruiser

    Carry on weight checked?

    Delta in BCN weighed all of our luggage and charged us over $100 extra.
  13. 212cruiser

    MURANO, BURANO, TORCELLO tour in Venice

    Never heard of viator. We did it thru NCL and it was exactly as you feared, especially in Murano. It wasn't the pressure, it was the fact they left you no time to shop anywhere else before the boat left. Not enough time for either island. However, it sounds like a steal for $30.00. Go, then take public transportation back.
  14. 212cruiser

    Barcelona Transfers

    I also recommend you call Juan Collado with Autosvillar in Barcelona. 011-34-657-958-797; info@autosvilar.com, www.autosvilar.com. He can arrange all of your transport/luggage needs.
  15. 212cruiser

    Gratutity for a private tour

    We use private guides when we are in the Med and in all cases simply round-up the cost of their service as something extra. In your case that would mean zero or perhaps an extra 20 Euro. They are all professionals and expect to be paid what they request. I never sensed that an extra "tip" was expected. The cost for these individuals can be very expensive, especially considering what they provide. Suffice it to say they are well compensated.