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  1. In Bonaire rent a golf cart (Bonaire Cruisers) and tour the island on your own.
  2. DW and I like to dress up for formal nights. I’ll have my tux on! Happy cruising everyone!
  3. We did this tour in 2018 and it was fantastic! Booked with Cleve again for our return in a little over 3 weeks!
  4. We should remember to “pack our manners”, not stress and remember that everyone else on the cruise is on vacation too, have fun! Happy cruising!
  5. 49 and doing the “docs dance “ (cruise docs arrived today)!
  6. Just got off the phone with a C&A rep and was told our OBC will show up 2 weeks before the cruise. Different from past cruises but no worries. I always print the confirmation emails when I redeem points. Happy cruising everyone!
  7. I’m certain it’s disappointing. Roatan is a beautiful island! Great reason to go to Next Cruise and book another cruise with Roatan on the itinerary!
  8. As long as our cards “work” on our upcoming cruise in September, we’re good 😀!
  9. I use it for every cruise, works well!
  10. We’ve had several GS cabins and once an OS. We enjoy the perks that come with them. If we travel with friends/family we get a JS. If it’s just the 2 of us we want a suite. Happy cruising everyone!
  11. I’m contemplating using them during our stop in October. I’m interested in hearing about past experiences.
  12. You’ll be happy you upgraded to the GS!
  13. We cruise Harmony in September. We were able to book all shows last week.
  14. I’m cruising in September! As long as I’m on a ship all is well!
  15. Glad to hear that things turned out well for you! I never cruise without insurance!
  16. Prepare to be severely spoiled! Enjoy that cruise!
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