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  1. I'm in a similar cabin on our Eurodam cruise next week and I'm not excited about the daily chair scraping.
  2. I didn't even think about seasickness - we did a Mexican Riviera cruise with her several years ago and she was fine. But lately she's been prone to carsickness on long rides. Was dramamine or anything else helpful to your son?
  3. Thank you - I've told her the same so hopefully she'll go the first night at least for a bit. I figure the counselors have experience with icebreaker games and such. I did offer to go with her but of course that made her more horrified. :eek:
  4. Cheeto - We're on the same exact cruise! I wonder if our daughters would be interested in meeting (FB or Snapchat?) before the trip...?
  5. Hi all - we are heading to Alaska soon with our 13-year-old in tow and she is very nervous about making friends on the ship. I would love to hear from anyone who traveled with teens, and if you have any pics of the teen areas or even their scheduled activities please share. I'm encouraging her to at least go to the teen meet 'n greet which I hear is the first day of the cruise? Also any other tips for cruising with a teen - such as how to keep in touch with her on the ship, "rules" for personal safety, etc. Thank you so much!
  6. I was just thinking the same thing! Been reading CC for years and never picked up this gem of info. I'm sure it's a problem on every ship - I wonder if other lines warn passengers who book on these decks that it might be noisier than other cabins?
  7. Trust me, I've learned my lesson about cabin selection! :) I had expected a little bit of noise, but not all night banging. Oh well, live and learn. I think Carnival should warn people about this when they book on Deck 8, by the way. It seems like the right thing to do - maybe offer a discount as they do when booking an "obstructed view", you know?
  8. At first I did think it was a laundry room (it sounded like carts rolling around and doors being slammed) but our cabin steward said there was no laundry on Deck 8. The Housekeeping Director came to visit one night to try to figure it out, and took my husband behind the cabin - there was a crew stairway but that was farther aft, then a locked door that said "Pool" so I figured the noise might be pool equipment? But it was so loud and it was a definite "banging" (no not "that" kind of banging as a friend of mine suggested!) - I tried to record it with our video camera but it wouldn't pick up the sound over the air conditioning in the cabin. (I did get some good video of the crew deck party though!) I honestly would have paid $100 just to have someone TELL me what the noise was. It drove me crazy! :eek:
  9. Thank you. It was a good cruise for the most part, I had just really been looking forward to getting some restful sleep. Instead I ended up taking many daytime naps and missing some of the fun activities I'd hoped to attend on board. Glad to have much of this week off to catch up on my sleep. I did expect a little noise but not all-night banging/scraping against the wall. It was more than just pool noise, as it was coming from inside the wall not just from above. Drove me crazy wondering what it was, honestly!
  10. Hello...just returned from our "dream vacation" 9-day cruise aboard the Spirit. I'm working on a full review, but I wanted to take just a minute to warn anyone who has already booked an inside cabin on Deck 8 Aft on this ship (or a similar ship) to call your travel agent immediately and get a different cabin. I'm not joking. I literally got no more than 3 hours of sleep at a time on this ship. I am exhausted. The noise started the moment we boarded and was worst at night. It was a banging/dragging/sloshing noise from behind our cabin wall (not from one of the neighboring cabins). We even had an officer in our room at one point but nobody could figure out what the noise was. Then, on Day 5, Carnival held an all-nighter dance party for the crew directly above our heads. Their response was "well, we only do it once a month." How "lucky" for those guests who happen to be on the ship during that once-a-month. Their response to this entire situation was a small credit and little sympathy. They did offer to move us to a lower deck, but this would have put us 7 floors below our children's cabin (which was right next door to ours). Carnival did not seem to think this would be a problem, but I certainly did. For the record, all I asked was for the noise to stop. Or at least be confined to the daytime hours. I did not ask for any credits or for a suite or a free cruise or anything. I just wanted what I saved up over a year for: a relaxing vacation with my family. What I got was exhaustion, excuses, and attitude. There were some great parts of this cruise, and I'll include these in my upcoming review. But I wanted to get this info out right away so anyone who has such a cabin booked can re-book ASAP. BTW, we were in 8252 and 8256.
  11. Here's the description from the Carnival website - does anybody know which hotel they use? Exclusive Resort Beach Getaway - $89.95 This is not your ordinary day at the beach – Enjoy breathtaking views, swimming pools, pristine sand, and a buffet lunch – all at Cabo’s newest, luxury beach club and resort in Medano Beach. On this excursion you will: Board a shuttle van at the pier for the transfer to the resort nearby. Arrive at the resort where your guide will greet you and show you the resort’s facilities available for you to enjoy as you choose. Relax in cushioned lounge chairs underneath the umbrellas at the private beach or jump in and play in the gentle waves in the designated swimming area. Enjoy a stroll down the sandy stretch of Medano Beach while taking in the beautiful views of your cruise ship, Cabo’s skyline and the famous Land’s End situated directly across the bay. Learn that a massive freshwater pool meanders through the lush grounds of the resort beckoning swimmers to take a refreshing dip. Lounge poolside, soak in one of the hot tubs, and then swim up to the bar for a cool drink; there’s a wading pool for the kids as well. Lunch at a buffet with delectable items including shrimp and cheese soft tacos, ceviche, steak fajitas, quesadillas, chicken fingers and much more all prepared by the resort’s chef. Participate in the resort’s other offerings like a variety of massages in the spa, hair braiding and temporary henna tattoos, at an additional cost. Remember to bring your camera to capture your exclusive getaway in Cabo! Note: Full restrooms, showers and changing facilities on site; towels are provided. Light buffet lunch and one drink included (choice of Margarita, Piña Colada, Tequila Sunrise, domestic beer, non-alcoholic juice, fruit punch, soft drink or bottled water). Additional drinks may be purchased at extra charge. Comfortable clothing, swimsuit, sunscreen and change of clothes are recommended. Minimum age to consume alcoholic drinks is 21 years.
  12. THANK YOU!!! What a fantastic and well-informed response. I really appreciate it. :)
  13. We're going to be in PV next month and are booked with Los Veranos (we've done their tour before and it was AWESOME!). We'd like to take the city bus to their offices, but not sure how to go about doing this. I know you can catch the bus right in front of the cruise ship dock - but which bus would we take to the Los Veranos office downtown, and where would we get off? If anyone knows, thanks!
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