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  1. Agree 100%. Some of the funnest, most entertaining nights we’ve had at sea were the formal nights. Just a different vibe and feeling when everyone is dressed up.
  2. I post this as a question. We've gone a year with many of us sitting at home in our sweats or pajamas doing endless Zoom meetings in T-shirts. I feel that there could be complete 180 on the desire to do away with (or scale down) formal nights. Now, I personally cannot wait to put on a tux, socialize with other people, and "class it up." Formal nights seem more special and timely now. Do you think passengers will be more receptive to formal nights now after the sea change we all just endured?
  3. We worked for the same company for many many years. Great guy. His daughter was my next door neighbor. RIP, Regis.
  4. You do realize that this isn't like refunding your cruise fare because a single cruise was canceled. This isn't "a mess." Crystal, and every other cruise line, is fighting for their existence right now. This is the biggest catastrophe to hit the cruise industry *ever*. They're trying to figure out how to keep their business alive and maybe save a fraction of their workforce from layoffs. If it takes 30, 60 or 90 days to get your full refund, be happy and stop complaining. It will be better than the 10%-20% you might get in a bankruptcy court a
  5. I come at this with a different perspective. We did our first Crystal cruise in 2005, at an age that was probably less than half that of the average Crystal cruiser. And I can say honestly, we loved the sociability of the cruise. We didn't meet anyone at dinner who we really wanted to socialize with. The people we ended up socializing with were those who we met at the pool, on excursions, on formal nights, in the casino, during karaoke, at Avenue Saloon, at Pulse, at the Captain's party, in the buffet, walking the deck, at the shows, at the lectures, at the trivia games, at Triden
  6. Another report: https://abc7.com/2-injured-on-cruise-ship-at-port-of-la/5975177/
  7. Are these new? Sounds like they could be fun.
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