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  1. Regarding the GR concierges: "GR Grandeur-(Concierge)-Ruth Romo Ortiz (Efren Aquirre 09/29/13-10/20/13)

    (Diamond)Francis Calimag as of 05/03/13"


    On the current cruise Efren is serving as concierge in the Diamond Lounge. (I don't know if Efren will still move to CL when Ruth goes on vacation).


    just back from Oasis. Israel told me that Francis is home on vacation & a friend who just got off confirmed that Efren is in Diamond lounge.

  2. Sorry to inform you of this, Staff Captain Malcolm Fane passed away 05/06/13 of a fatal heart attack. He will be missed by many. Best wishes go out to all of his family, friends and his crew


    Oh my goodness. He was so young. I had not heard that. Did it happen while he was on a ship?

  3. We were on board when Mario injured his knee and a couple of weeks later when we returned it was the day he left for home (to have the knee taken care of). Meme (Mahmoud) was still getting acclimated and still did a wonderful job. We would happily sail with either of these fine gentlemen. We did sort of miss Mario's telephone greeting each morning.


    Ray in NH

    What did Mario do to his knee? He is one of our favorites.Sorry to hear he had an injury.

  4. I asked this on the main board, but realize I should haved posted here. For those just off any RCI ship this week or last week: were the cocktail hours 5 PM - 8:30 PM or were they changed to 5-8 PM, please? On Jewel May 2-6 cruise, it was only until 8 PM.

    just got off Grandeur & the CL/DL hours were 5:30-8:30 !!!

  5. What the heck......I think they should announce along with your newly acquired Pin...status your standing # in the line.


    Hmmmmm that could go one way or the other for some of the P folks......


    I got mine at 11:32am............Oh no way mine was at 11:31am so I am number xxx


    Just saying! Not even in the mix at this point!


    :D:D:D:D:D that's FUNNY!!!

  6. I was simply told my number when we hit Pinnacle by someone senior in the Loyalty Dept. It is amazing how many people are now achieving Pinnacle status, it is not life changing, but it is nice. :D And they did send us a really nice welcome pack, with our New Personalised Pins, Passport Cover & Luggage Tags. :)


    I thought maybe I had missed something somewhere :D my deal was such a fuster cluck that it would not surprise me if I had not been told or not given something i was supposed to have been given. BUT, that is ok.



    On the December 2nd sailing of the Explorer I'll become a PINEAPPLE too. I wonder what number it will be. Anyone wanna take a guess? I should think of some kind of prize to give the winner. :)


  7. As of end of January, there were 329 Pinnacle members, well that is my Pinnacle number, Mrs was number 328. They expect approx. 80 people to achieve Pinnacle this year. :D


    Hi, how did you find out what number you were ?

    Have you got your magic pins yet.? :)


    How dd you find out the #? I just looked at all my stuff & nothing says a number, not that it matters, justs curious.


    LOVE the Pinn head reference, that's what we call it. ;)

  8. Hey girl what's up, sitting on my balcony on the Navigator as we leave Nola and head to the Western Caribbean, keep in touch - later.




    hey you, didn't realize y'all started cruising again!! So how is the Navigator? I heard she was old & tired. We have her booked in Dec & then again next Feb AFTER dry dock. Tell Angie hello from me. Happy sailing


  9. Capt Yngvar Knutsen is on the Mariner currently. He took over on the Jan 13th sailing. I will be on the boat Sunday and can confirm he is on the boat but I asked in our cruise's meet and mingle thread and got a response from someone what had dinner with Capt. Knutsen on the Jan 13th sailing.


    We were on the Mariner and had dinner with Captain Flemming Nielsen on January 25. There must be some confussion.



    I was on Mariner Jan 13 sailing and had dinner with Captain Nielson as well. He was the Captain on our sailing.

  10. Obviously you self debark if you are off & home in 30 minutes. One of the main bottlenecks in Galveston is that 1/3 of the ship rushes to the gangway because they are parked across the street. Those that are trying to catch flights get caught way back in the backlog.


    I'm glad you were off & home in 30 minutes. We were 2 1/2 hours to debark & clear the terminal with #1 departure tags.


    I'll stand by my statement that the port facility is inadequate to handle the ship it has let along anything bigger.


    I'll not cruise in or out of there again.



    I just got off Mariner Sunday and did not self debark and we were off & through customs in under 45 minutes. I noticed in your signature that you listed Mariner TA. I have to admit that the TA disembarks are usually much longer because all of the crew has to go through customs as well and there are only so many customs folks.


    I have had a much longer wait at Port Liberty in Newark than Galveston.

  11. This has nothing to do with RCCL but I had to vent. We had booked a 7 day Hawaiian cruise on ANOTHER cruiseline. Have had the reservations for about 4 mos. Now we find out that they will be adding 24 suites to the ship from April until October. I don't want to spend all the $$$ we are spending and have to listen/see construction going on. Cancelling this cruise! I'll just book with another line!


    wow don't blame you. at least you found out in time to cancel.

  12. Oh? Really? ;) You know they go in the garbage after you leave, right? :D Bless your heart, but stewards have no use for our leftover items.

    we actually ask them if they want stuff before we leave it. We have had very few say no and we don't leave it. Patti is right, I would say 99% f the time, they are thrilled at what we offer them.

  13. anyone know Diego Tripaldi (Jewel)??

    I sailed with Diego on some ship, sorry can't remember which and he was fine. He is young!!!


    Thank you Rick; Champagne Bar here we come!!! I really did not care, for the 'concierge' in Sept!!!


    Gustavo will be so good as a concierge. I do not think Betsy is a very good concierge. Don't expect her to do anything for you or follow through. We were on BR 4 cruises in 5 months & she was the concierge for 4 of them. She is personable, but does not follow through on things. Gustavo will be so good, he is so much fun. If you are on BR, go meet him at Guest Relations, you can't miss him, he is bigger than life, with a laugh and smile to match.


    CRUISEMAMI--IF they have an overflow lounge, go up there. That is where we spent all of our time at night. If Michael is the bartender, tell him his country mates from Texas say hello.

  14. Are vinyl window clings the same as gel decorations ?:confused:


    No Liz they are not the same. the gel pones are thick and feel like stiff jello.


    We buy the window decorations--gel and vinyl--when we cruise during holidays and have stuck some on the door without any problems. Have not put the gel ones on the door, only on the sliding glass balcony door. We then give them to our cabin steward qwhen we leave and they love it.

  15. You will absolutely love Gustavo Butcher. He spent time in the CL on our recent b2b and he is so funny. I think he will do a great job when Betsy goes on vacation.


    After sailing 4times on Brillance, I love love love Gustavo. He is so personable and will follow through and actually help people as a concierge just like he does as Sr Guest Relations Officer. He is so excited to do this and I think he will be a good concierge.

  16. Any idea who will be on the Explorer at the end of November thru Dec....Surely the person listed will be going home before then:rolleyes:. Anyone, recently on Explorer that can shed some light on the subject?? Thanks in advance.


    I just got off explorer. Mario is going on vacation at the end of the Nov .4 member cruise. Denzil from guest relations will take his place. He was very personable, but certainly has big shoes to fill.

  17. We are on the Brillance and Captain Henrik has been back on for a couple of weeks now, early. He wasn't supposed to come back from vacation until 9/8/12, but the other Captain's wife is having a baby and he went home 4 weeks ago, according to crew. Staff Captain handled it for 2 weeks and then Captain Henrik came back on.

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