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  1. Thank you for this thread. First tim e on the Anthem and I've been doing lots of searches to find info. Apologies if I'm asking things that have been asked before. Firstly, are the kids clubs free and does anyone have experience of a 14 yr olds activities. What extras do you pay for, apart from the special restaurants and roughly how much are they? If we all download the app, is there the facility to message each other? We're from the UK, so will get charged for texts. is the solarium free to go in, or do you need a pass? Sorry, so many things going through my head! thanks
  2. Yes I will of course. I just wondered if anyone had experience, it would be good to know so I can prepare my daughter for disappointment! Nothing worse than you get on board full of excitement to find you can’t freely have something! Sadly she’s used to not being able to have stuff like chocolate and cakes etc., without some detective work first! Kate
  3. We cruise every year, sometimes twice a year. Just my partner and I with our 14 year old. In fact she's already been on 16 cruises! We have mainly done Disney, as the PO ships can be a bit like Butlins, ideally we incorporate it with the a city stay. Just booked today. Anthem of the Seas, out of New York, so we will spend four nights there, before going up the coast north and back to NY to fly home. h We may not be what you want, but happy to chat to you. PM me. Kate
  4. Well I bit the bullet and booked it, waiting to get access to the cruise planner. The food in the specialty restaurants looks great, how is it in the MDR? Also, is the Ice cream GF in Windjammers and the fries in a separate fryer? Is Windjammers safe, or do they get stuff out the back? Sorry, so many questions, I'm a bit paranoid as my daughter is so ill if glutened, so I like to plan! Thanks K8
  5. Thank you! im about to book Anthem tomorrow and my 14 year old is Coeliac, we've been doing Disney for years because it's 'safe'! last time we cruised RC she was not even thought of! how much is the unlimited dining? thanks
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