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  1. When you get on, go straight to Guest Services and ask what meet & greets or events they have during the cruise. They will give you tickets for them, if you don't go, pass them on. Look at joining a Fish Extender group (PM for details), not on this board, but you will find one for your cruise, a sort of secret santa. Take some Disney magnet stickers for your door, it helps find it when you are walking down the corridor! Take a highlighter so you can highlight the kids timetable for what you want to do, as above there are so many activities, from making gloop, pyjama parties etc., Don't be tempted to miss the shows - the variety ones may not be so great, but the Disney ones are amazing. Don't bother taking any movies or DVDs, there is constant free Disney movies in the cabins. Oh and if you order Mickey bars at dinner, get the sprinkles!!!
  2. Hi We've cruised DCL 10 x now and this year went to Royal Carribbean and I feel your pain! Just not knowing how things work, or what's included and the hints and tips is daunting. You have some great answers, but do ask again if you think of anything else. One thing to bear in mind is that some of room service is free, you can get Mickey ice creams, cookies, hot milk, a cheese platter and a few other things delivered without charge, or maybe a $ tip. Its in the hard back book in your cabin. The dining room thing of moving around, sounds weird, but it isn't, your servers get to know your quirks and as each dining room is themed differently and some have a few surprises too, it works brilliantly. We came off our last cruise and booked DCL straight away again!
  3. I am so glad it wasn't just us! We have cruised a lot and were quite taken aback by the whole experience to be honest and I agree with Applebee's analogy, we don't have them in the UK, but spent five nights in NYC before the cruise and ate there one night near Times Square, excellent service and ambiance!! My daughter only wanted to eat there as there is a line about it in School of Rock, but we weren't disappointed. I'm presuming by your comment, it is a cheap chain? We ate at Chops one night, the service was shocking, the food nothing special, my sea bass was burnt and dry, so I sent it back, the second was fine and in Wonderland, we had to wait ages for drinks several times - only wine, but they seemed to have to go to a different bar each time - surely better to bring the bottle and we had to ask for water to be refilled more than once. I'm afraid service was so bad in Wonderland, we didn't tip, despite me feeling embarrassed, my OH refused and he is normally really easy going about such things! It was our last night, so didn't bother following it up. We actually ate at Windjammer, six of our nine nights, at least it was calmer, but not the dining experience I expected on a cruise ship. I don't expect haute cuisine, it is mass catering after all, but I expect good service, calm and pleasant surroundings in which to relax and take time to eat.
  4. I wish I’d looked at the other dining rooms, last week. We were on My Time dining and in Silk. We we found it to be dark, cramped and nothing special. The furnishings were cheap and tables so close we were almost sharing! A leisurely dinner with family is one of our highlights on a cruise, but the ambiance To sit back, chat and enjoy just wasn’t there. We also, despite having a time to eat, had to stand in a queue for sometimes half an hour beforehand, it was bedlam. We we were also surprised at how little the menu changed, just one or two changes, unless that was only the nights we went. Always Onion Soup, always apple crumble etc. We ended up eating in Windjammers, found a quiet table at the back, but it wasn’t the same. The food was I think better up there, but no service of course. We had a teen with us so couldn’t go to the Solarium one. Weve done one a few cruises and never, ever have we eaten at the self serve for dinner!! If if we went RCI again - which I don’t think we will - I would definitely go for timed dining, it has to be a better experience surely?
  5. We saw you, passed right by - then this! stunning views as we can up the river. Would have loved to have seen it from the shore.
  6. Thank you, I have read these and they answer all the questions I had, but I was thinking more about the 'hints and tips' , so maybe good places to sit, something on room service that's particularly good, things not to miss etc..
  7. We are experienced cruisers, for the last 9 years we have cruised with DCL, we know how it all works and how to get the best holiday as to value for money. Our dd is now a teen, so we've booked Anthem departing 29th Aug. out of New York. I have searched the boards and found the answers to most of my questions, I wasn't so happy to find the drinks package increased in price within a few days - wasn't expecting that! I see there are also extras such as watching a movie in your cabin and those extras are making me a bit anxious to be honest. 😳 I also see no DIY laundry, were travelling from the UK, spending time in New York, before a 9 day cruise, so guess we need to pay for laundry to be done, our weight limit is so small from the UK, I don't think we will get away without. So, what do we need to bear in mind to get the best value? What are those little unknown things that aren't advertised, but seasoned RCIers know about? What extras do we need to be aware of? Ii really want to like Royal Caribbean, it's been a long time since we cruised with them and things were very different then! Thank you.
  8. Hi from the UK here and was quite surprised to see the price of the drinks package has gone up by £3 a day since yesterday, so £9 a day for us both. The cruise is 9 days, do I presume you gave to have the package for 9 days? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Bearing in in mind we are only boarding in the afternoon the first day, so won't be drinking as much as if on all day, I'm now wondering if it's worth it with the extra cost. Firstly, do the prices ever go down again and is there a link to the prices for drinks, wines and cocktails please? Fankly we have not cruised with RCI for 19 years, but cruise every year, sometimes twice and I'm a bit disappointed to see this. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about all the "extras" and the way the change things.
  9. Hi Last time we sailed RCI, was back in 2000 and things have changed a lot since then. We are booked on Anthem out of New York in August and have found most of my queries by doing a search, but some just seem to be illusive and I hope you can help. Many thanks. Firstly, I see you can take two bottles of wine on board (corkage fee may be charged), but can you bring any beer on? Also can you bring anything on at other stops, or does this have to be handed in and you get it back at disembarkation? How much are the speciality coffees? We are probably getting the drinks package on which includes premium coffees, what is the difference between 'premium' and 'speciality'? Our 14 year old doesn't drink coke, or fizzy drinks, but will have smoothies and milkshakes, does the refreshment package include these? Or can we get them on our package, we will have one each, for her? If not how much are the milkshakes and smoothies, or can you direct me to a list of costs. Is ice cream free on board? We are used to Disney, where everything (apart from alcohol) is included! Do you have to book for anytime dining, or can you wing it? We have no idea what times we will want to eat yet, so don't want to choose a time in advance. Do other slots open for the skydive experience during the cruise? We have only been able to book for one. Is it better to buy the drinks package before we go - I see it's priced in pounds, for us, which is probably an advantage, or do they do discounts once on board? Many many thanks and sorry if I am asking the obvious, I have looked - honestly 😊
  10. Thank you for this thread. First tim e on the Anthem and I've been doing lots of searches to find info. Apologies if I'm asking things that have been asked before. Firstly, are the kids clubs free and does anyone have experience of a 14 yr olds activities. What extras do you pay for, apart from the special restaurants and roughly how much are they? If we all download the app, is there the facility to message each other? We're from the UK, so will get charged for texts. is the solarium free to go in, or do you need a pass? Sorry, so many things going through my head! thanks
  11. Yes I will of course. I just wondered if anyone had experience, it would be good to know so I can prepare my daughter for disappointment! Nothing worse than you get on board full of excitement to find you can’t freely have something! Sadly she’s used to not being able to have stuff like chocolate and cakes etc., without some detective work first! Kate
  12. Well I bit the bullet and booked it, waiting to get access to the cruise planner. The food in the specialty restaurants looks great, how is it in the MDR? Also, is the Ice cream GF in Windjammers and the fries in a separate fryer? Is Windjammers safe, or do they get stuff out the back? Sorry, so many questions, I'm a bit paranoid as my daughter is so ill if glutened, so I like to plan! Thanks K8
  13. Thank you! im about to book Anthem tomorrow and my 14 year old is Coeliac, we've been doing Disney for years because it's 'safe'! last time we cruised RC she was not even thought of! how much is the unlimited dining? thanks
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