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  1. Thanks for this!! It took less than 5 minutes for the actual invoice to come through. It worked very well. I hate automated menus. By the time I figure out if my inquiry fits into the menu choices, I forget and have to do it over.
  2. Did a transfer from BOA card for my May cruise refund. Rep said it would take 3-5 days to process. Took 4 days but this was back in June. Royal did short me $134 on the refund. It finally showed up as a credit this month. Not going to bother calling on this one. We will just use it up on charges. Keep after them. It should not take 11 days.
  3. I feel your pain. We would have sailed together on this cruise. By now, probably reminiscing about all we did during those 9 days.
  4. Took the City of Palma guided tour (4hrs) in May while on Oasis of the Seas. So so tour. We went to the bull fight ring which was nice. Also dropped us off at a jewelry place named Joyeria Antonio. DW picked up some pearls which she loves. Castle Belivere was closed on Mondays which we knew from the tour description. We roamed around the parking lot there looking at the castle. Nice views of the city from this area. Cathedral Le Seu was very good and probably the high point of the tour. We drove around some of the residential streets which was o
  5. You can get travel insurance up to 24 hours after your final payment under some policies. You might be limited to fewer policies that contain a pre-existing conditions waiver and then the coverages will usually be secondary. In my experience, the normal time frame to have pre-existing conditions covered is 10 to 20 days after the initial cruise deposit depending on the company. I just dummy booked the coverage under my existing policy, and the pre-existing coverage was not available after 20 days, but the policy price was the same.
  6. Cruise insurance is based on your individual needs. You need to examine each policy as to coverage and price. Items like age, pre-existing conditions, existing coverage either private or through Medicare play strongly in your choice. Also, medical and evacuation coverages can be primary or secondary as to payment. I personally never take cruise line insurance since the coverage levels don't fit my needs. Also, it's nice to have a 75% future cruise credit for cancel for any reason but you are still out 75% of the price until you go on another cruise to apply
  7. The time is fine. We were on Oasis in May with a United flight at 11:15 to Newark. Left the ship at 7am. Lots of cabs and took maybe 20 minutes to the airport. Little traffic on a Sunday morning at that time. United opens around 8:15 or so. Unless you have Priority Access, it's best to get to the check-in line as it gets pretty long. Security was fast. Passport control took maybe a half hour. Boarding begins around 10:50. You should have plenty of time to grab some breakfast at one of the cafeteria type places near your gate.
  8. Runnerbean is excellent. We used them in May for a 2 hour Bari Gotic tour. Met at Placa Reial just off Las Ramblas. Our tour guide was Raquel. Just fantastic. The tour is free but a gratuity is recommended and highly warranted for the tour you get.
  9. Used them in May on our Oasis cruise. Same company as RomeCabs. He owns both. Excellent service. We took the Countryside Splendor tour. Wonderful experience. Also used them 10 years ago for all transfers and a Rome tour pre cruise from our hotel. Highly rated company.
  10. FRANKM

    Rome Cabs

    We used RomeCabs on May 23 during an Oasis of the seas cruise. Took the Country Side Splendor tour with Savino as our driver. Wonderful experience. He picked us up on time at the port and drove through the country side to Bracciano to tour the castle. Spent some time walking around the town and lake front and had a great coffee at a small local café which was terrific. We then went to Ceri where Savino brought us to a nice mountain top restaurant named Sora Lella. Good food and great views. Not touristy and very quiet. Afterwards we went to Cerveteri to visit the Etruscan Necropolis.
  11. Personally, I would carry off luggage and self-disembark. That's what we did. It worked fine. Our flight was with United and the check- in counter didn't open until 8am. The lines were crazy. Got through security maybe 15 minutes. The passport control stop took us about 1/2 hour to get through.
  12. I was in Barcelona last week. From hotel to port was around 25 euros with luggage. This was from the Olivia Plaza on Placa Catalunya. From the port to the airport it was a flat 39 euros. Plenty of taxis at the port. I got off the Oasis on Sunday morning around 7am. Took maybe 20 minutes to the airport. Easy drop off but El Prat is like controlled chaos (somewhat) if you never went through there. Which I never have.
  13. Just finished two tours with Italy tours during our May 19th Oasis of the seas cruise. We did a semi-private Florence/Pisa tour and a private Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano , Amalfi Coast tour. Don't remember the driver's name for Florence/Pisa as he was not very engaging. The tour guide for Florence was Laura and she was great. She showed us so much and made good recommendations throughout the tour. Pisa was a drop off and tour on your own. Not the greatest place but we wanted to try it and see the tower up close. Very crowded and a bunch of cheesy gift places in th
  14. Excellent company. We used BDT for the first time for a semi-private tour on May 17 of Barcelona/Montserrat before our Oasis of the seas cruise. Booking was super easy and email response to questions was very quick. Our tour guide was Marta and she was the best. Our driver was Wilfredo and he knew how to navigate through and around traffic with no problem. The Mini bus we had was clean and comfortable. Highly recommend them. Will use them again next time we are in Barcelona.
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