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  1. We sailed on the Serenade of the Seas on January 2 to the 11th out of Ft Lauderdale. Upon arrival and check in we were told our cabins would not be ready until after 4:30 pm. Apparently there was an outbreak on the previous cruise and they were disinfecting the ship. We all boarded and ate lunch. The crew was wearing gloves and hand spooned each passengers portioned to their plates in the windjammer. You could not serve yourself. According to CDC protocol this was to go on for 72 hours and it did! A letter on RCCL letter head was delivered in our cruise compass that night stating about the previous illness aboard the Serenade. It seems to me Royal handled it very well. The crew was working 14 hour shifts during the protocol 72 hours. Kudos to them!
  2. Nangelina

    Formal nights

    What nights are formal on Serenade of the Seas, 9 night Southern cruise? 😊
  3. Nangelina

    suite perks

    One small perk with the junior suite is double crown and anchor points. It maybe important to some people.
  4. I would suggest to Royal to stop with all the new fancy ships and construction changes on the private islands and concentrate on bringing back their prime gourmet dining experience. The main dining room food experience has gone down hill on the ships and the nickel and diming for all the little extras are just getting out of hand. We were very disappointed on our last 2 cruises. We've loved Royal since 1993 but their sending us away, looking for other alternatives. Sad :(
  5. Just came back from Conquest cruise. I took my open wine bottle to the dining room. The waiter said he had to charge me a cork fee. He said we may bring a glass of wine to the dining room with no problem. As far as the information about the adult pool on this website, the signs were still up and it was adult only.
  6. Nangelina

    No more adult only aft pools?

    Looks like the we (adults, which I am most of the time) just need to show up at the pool, take up the loungers and fill the pool and maybe the rug rats will run! No fun in a pool filled with Grandmom's :cool:.
  7. We always tip the porter in the garage $20 and our bags are there when we get to our cabin at 1:00. We are not diamond level or anyone special, but we appreciate good service and like to unpack right away.
  8. What a sweet thought to take your Grandmom! I've been on the Allure. Fabulous ship! But if I had to push someone in a wheel chair, NO WAY! Also watch your time of year traveling with her. A ship full of kids on spring break will be difficult to get around. I've done with my Mom in a wheelchair. Big mistake. Sounds by the previous posts, Princess is the way to go.
  9. Ugh! Slamming doors? May 20th will be my first CCL cruise. After 12 RCCL cruises I'm going to test the waters with a group of friends. I cruised RCCL FOS in October and there is also a drop in the level of food on RCCL also. But never heard any doors slamming. Never even hear voices in the halls. It seems they are all nickel and diming us now. I have never paid for yoga in the morning before and this time it was $12! Are they all doing this now? Ugh again!
  10. Thank you USATEG for your opinion. My family will no longer sail any cruise line that goes to Cuba. People think they are helping the Cuban economy but the they are only helping fund the governments pockets. The people get nothing from your visit. Only your smiling faces. So sad to say goodbye to RCCL. We've sailed you since 1993.
  11. Nangelina

    Just a Tid Bit of Info

    I thought it was interesting that my favorite port, St. Thomas has outlawed plastic shopping bags as of January 1, 2017. Recycle bags or paper bags must be used on the island by all venders and shops. The plastics bags are a detriment to the waters and their food supply it reported. Wish the US would do the same, but we know THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!
  12. Nangelina

    Where to park in Port Canaveral

    We stayed at the LaQuinta on N. Atlantic Ave, down the road from the port. They give you a 40% coupon for parking at the port. So nice to park under cover just in case of bad weather before or after.
  13. If you loved RCCL long ago, you will see lots of changes. We sailed the Allure 4 years ago and she is amazing. Lots to do or just sit around and watch! Having said that, having not sailed for RCCL for 4 years ourselves, we saw a lot of changes last week when we sailed the Freedom. Service is still good but the "excellent" is missing. MDR food is ok but not like it once was. We ate at 3 specialty restaurants and They food was not memorable. The bars at the pools and interior on sea days were under staffed. Waiters from the specialty restaurants were standing in the entrance to the windjammer to sell you a reservation. I purchased to photos at $44 but with a 50% discount for the second photo. When I went to purchase more photos two days later, I was told I used my 50% discount already. Just seems to be nickel and diming you. I must say, the windjammer runs well and food was plentiful and servers are very helpful and happy. We still had a wonderful time but I only mentioning this as you haven't cruised RCCL in some time.
  14. Nangelina

    Freedom- Oct 2nd (tomorrow)

    You are so right! The lights on the government building changing colors are worth the wait. Hope the weather is clear. How blessed we all are to even be here talking about all this. No complaints here!
  15. Nangelina

    I'm nervous about the storm

    I understand your concerns, we leave Port Canaveral on Sunday October 2. I know RCCL will not put anyone in danger and the Captains are great. I am mostly concerned about our family flying in from Colorado and Kansas and flight delays due to the weather in Florida. Also we hope the Freedom can get back to port safely on Sunday morning. Have a wonderful, safe cruise. Don't forget the Dramamine! Lol