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  1. Just got off of the Joy. I had a 250 minute internet plan as a free perk. You could up grade to a unlimited plan. It was about $250 for the highest speed plan for a seven night cruise. They gave you $125 credit for the free 250 minutes so net cost to me was $125. Not too bad for Seven days but not sure I would pay $250 cash for it. The speed was ok to stream most of the time. Was able to watch YouTube and Amazon Prime videos with it.
  2. My husband and I are currently sailing on the Celebrity Millennium 14 night from Tokyo to Vancouver BC. Quite a few gay couples on board. Really only met one couple that wanted to be social and we had dinner with them one night. The others do not want to give you the time of day. On the other hand we have met and made good friends with several different straight couples. Even had invites to stay in their homes that are in a different locations in the world. I still do not understand why so many gay couples have a hair up their ass.
  3. If you are use to the PH or Vista suite cabin on O then you may want to consider booking a PH on Crystal also. The standard ocean view and balcony cabins are about 200 sq ft. About the size of a average size standard cabins on other lines. They are very nicely appointed and have a double sink and small tub in the bathroom. The suites have a very nice luxury spa type bathroom. Crystal is all inclusive including all drinks and internet and tips. I love Crystal and will be doing my 16th cruise with them this coming fall. The food it wonderful and well as the service. Also if you are in a suite
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