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    Celebrity prices are TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

    I always wait until after final payment time to see price drops. They don't on popular itineraries. On repositioning cruise they drop every time. You have to love lots of sea days and few port stops, which is fine with me personally. The April transpacific on the millennium in April is about the lowest I have seen.$399 for a inside. I love it. If you are a elite plus member, which I happen to be, free cocktails and coffee drinks. They are even selling the drink packages for half off at the moment. I have tons of air miles so I can get business class flight to Tokyo for free. But as I said lots of sea days and in April so the weather can be very iffy. Still tons of cabins available, balcony for $599. I think the ship will probably sail half empty. I know some who would not do it even in a sky suite for free. I am a sucker who would, but I am paying. LOL LOL
  2. movie buff

    Liquor package...

    I totally agree if you were to have 6 alcohol drinks plus a few soft drinks every day you would come out ahead of the game. The bigger issue is when the other adult person in the cabin is forced to also buy the same exact package. If they are a non drinker or even Drink one or two cocktails a day before dinner you are not going even break even if you buy the package. On Celebrity cruise line if only one person buys the package that is ok. Holland makes it impossible if you only have one person who is the drinker. Unless of course that one person drinks 12 or more cocktails a day on their own. I suppose there are a few people who will do exactly that. LOL
  3. movie buff

    Liquor package...

    Just my opinion. If you are on a longer cruise, like 14 days or more, the drink packages are a rip off. Unless of course you drinks lots of acohol from morning to late at night. On my upcoming 17 night Hawaii cruise the premium package is over $2000 for 2 people. You must purchase the package for both people in the cabin. I drink much more than my spouse. It would be a total waste of money in our case. I have never even been on a cruise where my bill for drinks was anywhere close to $2000. Keep in mind on a longer cruise the tendency is to drink more at the beginning of the cruise. By day 10 my body was more or less telling me "NO MORE! Also if you enjoy wine you have lots more options by not having the drink package because you have by the bottle options too. I understand some people just like the advantage of not running up a large bill at the end of the cruise. That is fine if you just do not want to think about it. I tested the waters last September on a 7 night Alaska cruise. We got two premium drink packages and both ordered anything and everything we wanted. I kept pretty good track of everything we drank from coffee drinks to bottle water, wines by the glass and cocktails. When I added up all what the cost would have been it was actually a few hundred dollars less then the actual drink package cost. So again the bottom line is the drink package might be a winner if you actually drink 10 or more cocktails a day plus a few morning coffee drinks plus bottled water. I just do not come anywhere close to that number. In my opinion the cruise line is the real winner in most cases.
  4. movie buff

    What are chances of upgrade?

    Last year we did a Alaska cruise/land package. We were booked in a guarantee inside cabin on a 7 night cruise portion of the trip. Holland contacted my travel agent with a upsell. Our agent sent me a email with the offer. This was a few days prior to the trip. They offered us to upgrade to either a ocean view for $125 per person or a balcony for $400 per person. Considering how much more they were selling the balcony's for compared to a inside the $400 per person was a bargain. We took the balcony upgrade. Saved quite a large sum compared to having booked a balcony when we first booked. I have no idea how Holland picks who they contact for the upgrade. Sure glad they did with me.
  5. movie buff

    Unfriendly gays on cruises

    I have been cruising over the last 40 years since I was 24 years old. Been on at least 80 cruises. When I was in my twenties and thirties it was so easy to meet other gay men on cruises. Guess they found me attractive and if was always fun to meet new people. I am 64 now and my husband is 60. We have found most other gay men we meet on cruises are just plain unfriendly. Perhaps it is because we are now gay seniors, but many of them are too. Ironically most of the nice people we meet are straight couples of all ages. Made quite a few nice straight friends who we are still in touch with and sometimes have even cruised together again. Not sure what the problem is with the gays we have encountered. I guess it is just part the gay culture to reject older gay men.
  6. movie buff

    NCL Bliss Sept 30 2018

    Hi, my husband and I will be on this cruise. We have been on many cruises over the years and love trying out different cruise lines and ships. Hope they have a LGBT meeting on board. If they have one we will be there. Hope to see you there. Gary
  7. movie buff

    Beverage Package Drink Limit

    We, too, purchased the Elite package in advance of the cruise, yet still had the issue of our drinks being charged to our account.
  8. movie buff

    Beverage Package Drink Limit

    On the Westerdam as I write this. We purchased the Elite drink package. Would never do it again. The first three days we were charged full price for drinks on our account even with the drink package. Went to guest services three times to get this fixed. Finally got it fixed by day 4 of a seven night cruise. They had no Idea what caused this in the system to happen. It was a pain to continue to stand in lines three times to finally get the issue resolved. I suggest to everyone to down load the app once your on board to continue to monitor your account for mistakes. If you do not do this then you could be in for quite a shock when you see your final statement on your last morning on board and have to stand in line to fix it, We have found we would have been better not having the package. My spouse really does not drink as much as I do but was forced to buy the package too because I wanted it. I did not even come close to having15 drinks a day even with coffee and bottle water. Would have saved several hundreds of dollars by just paying as you go along. Also you then have the option to buy a much larger selections of wine buy the bottle rather than a rather small selection by the glass. I guess if you like to drink on the heavy side you might save. Keep in mind that people tend to drink a bit more at the start of the cruise and then taper off toward the end. The cruise line makes a killing in profit on these plans. They know what they are doing. If you have the package check your account everyday!!!!!
  9. movie buff

    Does anyone do the FOD/LGBT gatherings?

    I have been taking cruises for over 35 years, starting when I was in my mid twenties. Things have changed so much since then. Now that there are several choices of all Gay cruises. the younger of the gay population seem to gravitate to those type venues. And why not? It is a party 24/7. The problem with that type of cruise for me is that they tend to be shorter length and not where I always want to cruise. So it turns out the cruises I pick are 99% straight passengers. That is not a problem for my husband and I since we mix well with the people we meet and most of us have one big thing in common, we are seniors, LOL.
  10. I think it all depends on how many people have bought packages and how heavy the reservations are. I am on the Solstice 12 night cruise from Honolulu to Vancouver. They were in port for two nights sailing at midnight on the second night. They were pushing hard selling dining packages. They offered 30% off all speciality restaurants on the first two evenings. I had purchased a 7 night dining package prior to leaving home. It brings the price down to about $23 a night per person. With 30% off it will still cost you more being at least $32 a person. If you book at least 5 nights you save the most. So well worth buying a package in my opinion if you enjoy the speciality dining which I personally love. You get the best service and the food is a step or two above the main dining room. I just enjoy the smaller space with less people. It's all good no matter what you decide. Something for everyone.
  11. Celebrity offers discount packages on the extra charge restaurants. Never really a problem getting reservations since probably less than 25% of passengers want to pay extra. That is just a personal choice. I am booked on a 12 night cruise and have pre booked a dining package for 7 of the 12 nights. The price averaged a extra $20 a night per person or $280 for 7 nights for the two of us. I love the speciality restaurants. They have their own kitchen and tend to be a much nicer smaller venu and quite compared to the main dining room. On a longer cruise it is just nice to have different dining experiences. Also because I end up with so much shipboard credits it covers the extra cost. Like I said it is a personal choice and I am so glad they have so many different dining venues on board, even at a extra price.
  12. movie buff

    Celebrity vs Princess dining

    In my opinion Celebrity is so much better in the food department then Princess. I have sailed on both lines and the Celebrity ships offer so many more options at their buffet then Princess. I do also feel the main dining room is also better on Celebrity. Princess seems to have had many cut backs in the dining room over the last few years. I am sure there are some people who will disagree with me but in my opinion Celebrity is the winner in the food department.
  13. movie buff

    Does anyone do the FOD/LGBT gatherings?

    This is a interesting thread which I posted on a couple of years ago. Nice to get other gay cruisers take on meeting others on a cruise. My partner and I have been on over 50 cruises over the 24 years we have been together. Out of a few hundred different gay men (a few woman too) we met only a very few we connected with. One male couple we became real friends with long term. Nice guys that live across the country from us yet we have done other cruises with them as well as visited and stayed in their home. The interesting thing is we seem to connect much more with straight couples. Many have become close friends of ours and we cruise together and visit each other in our homes. I can never understsnd exactly why more gay people on cruises we have been on are not interested in becoming friends even on the cruise. Seems like when I was younger in my twenties and thirties I was a magnet for other gay men to have a interest. Of course that mostly was a sexual attraction interest I am assuming. No matter what my partner and I always make a attempt to meet and socialize with other gay couples and you can always hope to meet others that want to also. I never expect it to happen.
  14. I use to book way ahead of time. If my plans changed it was never a problem with the deposit refundable. Now any cruise line that is non refundable I only book close in after final payment period. I know sometimes you are risking the cruise might be sold out or the cabin location might not be available. With so many cruise lines and ships I always find something that is usually at fire sale prices. You save lots of money if you can be flexible. Since I am now retired it makes a big difference. I think the lines that are using the non refundable deposit policy are hurting themselves since it makes many cruisers shop around and book lines that are not doing that.
  15. movie buff

    Drink Package Worth it?

    I have sailed on upscale cruise lines that are really all inclusive with drinks, wine and just about any other beverage you can think of. You never present a card and just order anything and as much as you want. You pay a pretty hefty price for the cruise to get this. What I love about Celebrity and their drink package is you can be in the least expensive cabin and just buy the premium, or even just the classic package and then have the benifit of getting the same perk as you do on a luxury cruise line at thousands of dollars less. Or just pay as you go. I do like not having to keep track on how much I am spending on drinks and just the overall ease of it.