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  1. Wow, thanks, that's great. give regards back! I'll sure remember him as well if I saw his face. Since we were about 950 crew members on the Norway, and we were in totally different departments, it's hard to know all the names, but I'm sure I can recognize quite a few faces from that time :):) I'll ask my wife if she remember his name.
  2. As 1st officer 5 years ago I made USD 3500 a month, way too low considering the exchange rate. So I transferred to a shipping company home in Norway and earned about the double.
  3. Are you sure you pressed your head against the right window?:D :D
  4. The cabins on deck 7 fwd are really good. Remember you stay on the same deck as the captain and deck officers, so it must be good :)
  5. Of course, with you curtains closed, noone can see into the cabin. :D I was thinking that you'd be aware of that if you want to look outside, someone can also look inside. But most people are civilized and do not do so. And if you're up to some private business, of course all you need to do is to close the curtain ;) I'm not sure about the noise of the doors. When I was onboard they were of aluminum, but they were changed and are now of teak.
  6. Technically, the fwd cabins on deck 6 are not bow cabins. The bo on the majesty is from deck 5 and downwards and contains no pax cabins. The bow area of deck 5 is the forecastle, outside the Royal fireworks, on deck 4 it's the fwd mooring station, deck 3 has a store room and some crew cabins while deck 2 has the crew gym and crew laundry in the bow area.
  7. I lived about a year and a half on the Majesty's Deck 7, in cabin P9 fwd starboard side, so I guess I can give you a valid answer :) Cabin 711 does not have an obstructed view other than some occasional deck chairs stored on the deck outside. But if that's the case, you can just go outside and move them :) No sound can be heared from outside, but keep in mind that cabin 711 is adjacent to the fwd stairtower on deck 7 which means some traffic in and out the doors to open deck. There's also a pantry for room service nearby but I never experienced anyone complaining about that. Keep in mind that with the cabins on deck 7, people can actually see throug the window from outside (especially at nighttime). The disco frame 52 is all the way aft on deck 7 and won't affect that cabin at all.
  8. I think Charlene Shagwell is onboard now.
  9. "Dining with officers"?? I wouldn't call a F&B manager an officer, even though he's in a management position. An officer has years of education and experience which has been leading to a certificate of different levels. The only real officers onboard a ship is the deck officers, engineers, radio officers and electricians.
  10. It's been many years since she sailed, but do anyone know Cruise Staff Lourdes (lovely Lourdes) from the SS Norway in 2000/2001 and from the Norwegian Majesty in 2001? I think she was fabulous and the nicest fellow crewmember I ever met during my time with NCL. Luckily she's now my wife and the mother of our son. Yesterday we had our 8th year anniversary for our first meet on Viking Deck aft on the SS Norway :)
  11. It doesn't happen often, but like with every other mechanical things it can happen. I doesnt sound that dramatic since the blackout was for only 15 minutes or so. I'm not an engineer but a deck officer, but the reason for the black out can be many things such as overload, too feww generators running etc. It should not have anything to say wether the ship is running on 1,2,3 or 4 engines. However, if the power availability is too low when starting an engine, blackout may occur, althoug the system should prevent this.
  12. Exactly! Have you seen the pictures? If not I suggest you do.... Click on the link below. Have you seen uglier ships than that? http://captainsvoyage.7.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=1994
  13. You're right. The Gem, Jade and Perl are slightly larger than the Jewel. The Star/Dawn are more than 10000 GT smaller than the Jewel.
  14. When In operation, the Norways was indeed the loudest ship with her 5 air driven whistles. Today, NCL largest ships are the Star class (Star Dawn, Jewel, Pearl; Jade, Gem)
  15. First of all - having seen some pics of the F3 "ships" - anyone who suggest naming one of then "Norway" have no clue when it comes to ships and shipping traditions. Doing so would be a disgrace to our nation (Norway) and to the original "Norway" My suggestion is: Norwegian Innovation Norwegian Bliss btw I'm norwegian and I find that translation page quite funny :)
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