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  1. I was on Gemini Last week, and the age group was from approx 12 to 80. but the majority of them were from 20 to 40... there was a group of mid 20's onboard and they were always in teh happening paces onboard the ship! such as Fortuna make a fool of your self bar(karaoke) and star lounge, which made for good fun!!! you will make what you want from it! thats how i looked at it and had a great time!
  2. Hi You may find that if you contact NCL-Norwegian Cruise Line, (Main office is in Miami) they also act as Star Cruises in USA as they are the owned by the same company! the reason that Star dont get a massive mention is because NCL are the big ones in the states! whereas here in Aust, you will find its easier to come across Star as apposed to NCL!!! Hope that helps!
  3. WOW WHAT A CRUISE! I have had a look through all of your emails asking current questions but cant remember them so feel free to ask them again and then i will answer! as for the internet question, 33c a minue(singapore dollar) and the computers have been updated! there is no 24 hour dining there any more! and the extra charge bit was not there when i was on board!!! it sucks this time last week i was boarding Gemini for Penang!!!! now i am back at work!!! thank you to everyone that help me with questions i had!!! P.S HIGH RECOMMENDATIONS FOR INS Spa on board! the best massages i have had in a long time!
  4. I am going on Gemini in only 4 days!!! anyone jealous??? hehe!!!
  5. Is anyone going on the Gemini next week??? Hoping to meet new people!!! i am getting on on 13th november
  6. is there a Casino on board? if so what is it called?
  7. You guys are making me feel heaps better about this!!! I CANT WAIT NOW!!! hehehe!!! only 15 days till i go!!!! what kind of activities does the ship have? food food glorius food!!! where are you guys from??? like country wise???
  8. Can you help me? this is my first cruise and i am nervous!!! is she bumpy? what is there to do on Gemini? whats the main lobby like? whats the food like?? are the rooms big??? tell me all tell me all!!!!
  9. Can you please give me any info that you have!!! I am doing a cruise up the straits of mallaca... IS GEMINI BUMPY or smooth??? what is there to do on the ship are the rooms bigish? whats the main lobby like?? this is my first cruise!!! OMG IM NERVOUS
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