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  1. Yes....I always thought you had to have 6 months before expiration
  2. Disagree..... that’s way too early for San Juan..... I wouldn’t consider trying to get off.....through customs..... get a cab..... and try to get the luggage scanned and then checked in that early at San Juan..... noon is the earliest ...without stressing
  3. You need to be playing..... but if you tip the servers.....they are making sure you have drinks.....
  4. 4 night cruises do not always have the special parties....
  5. Does anyone know which floor the studio lounge is on.....on Epic.... Also do they still have a bar in the Lounge? thanks
  6. I am booked on Epic from San Juan and need to know which pier NCL uses for cruises departing from San Juan... want to book hotel convenient to pier... thanks
  7. Very helpful.....thanks to all
  8. On non formal nights, are young men allowed to wear nice jeans with a polo type shirt into the dining room on Seaside? thanks
  9. My son is top tier on Marriott and was only matched to Gold...
  10. Hi.....has anyone stayed in the Havana cabana balcony cabins on Deck 5? What did you think? worth the extra money? Are they noisy....can you hear the band in the bar? thanks
  11. Bought mine back in the 90s when it was $20 share....with 41 CCL cruises.....it has paid for itself almost twice!
  12. Congrats....I just finished my 80th....with 6 more booked..... only did 40 on CCL and now like other lines better....BUT I did book Mardi Gras....as that was my first cruise ever in mid 80s
  13. I can’t remember how to book air reservations through Royal.... can we do it online or do we have to call? Thanks
  14. Booked an 8B this am.... called Crucon and was able to get their free gratuities promotion by letting her book it....
  15. Does anyone know why there are no Caribbean cruises listed for September, 2020? and only ONE is listed for Oct, 2020 and that is western..... we we were interested in eastern for next fall..... we already have cruises booked this year thanks....
  16. Does anyone know if there is a Diamond Lounge on Explorer? If so, what hours do they offer drinks? also.....does Royal also put 3 drinks per day on card? Or is that only when there is no Lounge? thanks
  17. I’m curious....do all cabins in the Haven have a Butler? What does the Butler actually do? and how much are the extra gratuities for the Butler? thanks
  18. I really enjoy your reviews! So glad you are back...I’m on Seaside in 2 weeks.... can’t wait to follow your trip
  19. When did the DSC go up to $20 per person per day?
  20. I have also used a cruisenext certificate on a cruise I just had a deposit on.. it was no problem
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