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  1. Fabulous! Arrived back one week ago and still catching up on work. When I have some time free I will write a review. In brief, I will give 5 stars. I wouldn't belittle the issues on the early dates, but the teething problems appear to have been sorted.
  2. Just back from Antarctica on Roald Amundsen, the sister ship. There are 3 restaurants. One is fine dining, free to suite guests but 25 euros for everyone else.
  3. We did a day’s private walking tour in Santiago on Tuesday plus a private tour to Valparaiso yesterday, both guided by Estaban. We highly recommend both him and the company.
  4. We are booked on private tours for next week in Santiago and Valparaiso with Chile Dream Tours. http://chiledreamtours.com/en/home/ They were very helpful in organising the trips for us.
  5. I also have a Sony RX 100 lll which I bought for my work as a property surveyor. When I go travelling it’s my backup in case of problems with my main camera (Fuji X-H1) and also take it out at times when I want something inconspicuous or don’t want to carry a big one.Looked at the 100 Vll but instead spent the money on a Fuji X-T3 to go alongside my X-H1 for a two camera setup on an upcoming Antarctic expedition.
  6. Maybe you got further north than us, we’ve now done two Norwegian fjord cruises and didn’t see Orcas. You do see ahead on a side balcony, but only what’s coming on that one side. Night view of the moon shimmering on the wake behind was awesome. I guess we all have different preferences. However, I presume the aft balcony is considered by the cruise line to be a better location as it is charged at a premium price over other similar balcony cabins.
  7. Definitely the aft for me, and DW says same for her. There wasn’t much wildlife to see other than for the birds, which followed the rear of the ship and I got some great photos of them. However, we had expansive open views, you almost couldn’t see the rest of the ship, and sailing through the fjords we could see the land on both sides.
  8. We are booked on Roald Amundsen 13th February 2020 with the Hurtigruten charter flight between Santiago and Punta Arenas and a few days pre departure in Santiago. Weight restrictions on our international flight won’t be a problem. However on a trial pack today we are already slightly over Hurtigruten’s limit of 23 kg for hold baggage and 8 kg for carry on - the latter is just essential camera gear. I have been told it’s not possible to purchase an extra hold case allowance. i have a hunter’s vest with multiple pockets into which I can cram a lot of stuff. However, how closely do they check the baggage weight? Any suggestions on the basis there’s nothing much already packed we can leave behind? We are in a suite and I understand we get free laundry. Can anyone advise whether this is unlimited or restricted, eg a bag a week? I gather this doesn’t include pressing. Are there irons available on the ship? Many thanks in advance, Paul
  9. We had a rear facing balcony on Jade and made a lot of use of it in the fjords late August/early September. Somehow the experience was different on the balcony compared with the communal areas, quieter and more private. However we also spent plenty of time out on the public decks. It’s down to the depth of your pocket. We would always prefer a balcony if we can afford it, whatever the itinerary.
  10. Spent a few days in Rio last March. Took advice from my son (a musician who lived in Rio for a few years) not to stand out, so no loud clothes, flashy watches or jewellery, clothing with ship logo, etc. We stayed in a hotel away from the beach area where fewer tourists stay, and walked around without any trouble, though don’t go on the beach late at night. Some of the time I took my pocket camera, though where my large camera and lens were needed I took them out with me but kept them in a day pack (not camera bag) when not shooting.
  11. This review suggests it is difficult to connect the camera to the app. https://www.techradar.com/uk/reviews/fujifilm-finepix-xp130 I shoot with Fuji cameras and also struggle at times to connect with the Camera Remote app, but find it can work better to connect via WiFi rather than Bluetooth. Have you tried turning off your mobile then turning it back on?
  12. We saw them twice on a one week February land tour to Reykjarvik. In Iceland there are websites giving you live updates on the chances of seeing the lights and where to go. To see them properly you need to get out of town into dark areas with no lights - we had our own car and were chasing them into the countryside at 3 am but saw brilliant green dancing displays. We did a land tour rather than a cruise to maximise chances of seeing the lights.
  13. Be aware a lot of attractions are closed Mondays. The Glyptotek Museum close to Tivoli Gardens is open Mondays and in any case is worth a visit in its own right. The Design Museum is very interesting and has displays of work by some of the leading Danish designers. We like the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is 20 miles north of Copenhagen but is accessible by train. The iconic Arne Jacobsen designed SAS hotel, again near Tivoli Gardens is also worth a visit, and a drink in the lobby to see the circular staircase. A lunch of a mixed plate of herrings at Nyhavn. Another day a lunch of smorrebrod open sandwiches.
  14. Thanks jakkojakko. I may have overbought!
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