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  1. Hoping to visit next year when we stop at Warnemunde on a Baltic cruise. My ancestor left Schwerin for Amsterdam in the late 1600s.
  2. That’s what I would expect from tour companies targeting ship’s passengers. However, if it is aimed at travellers staying in the area I would expect a non refundable deposit.
  3. Don’t re-use your camera cards during the cruise. Also, don’t pack your camera cards and backup equipment together, keep them separate when travelling.
  4. I know that there are upcoming restrictions on which ships can cruise the Norwegian fjords, but I can’t find any affecting Antarctic cruises other than that landings are only allowed from ships with 500 or less passengers. Can you give any further information on this?
  5. This came up for my South American cruise earlier this year. It’s optional for over 60s due to risk of complications, and somebody in the U.K. died this year after a yellow fever vaccination. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/yellow-fever/vaccination/ We opted out of the vaccination.
  6. Mary1508, We’ve travelled independently to India twice, and the visa application was a real pain. You fill in the form online, but unless it has changed I kept finding the application had aborted and needed to start again. It was a detailed lengthy form needing a lot of information. Once the application was submitted online we had to take our passports to and leave them at the Indian Visa Office. We are in London, but maybe you can post them. We then had to go back a few days later to collect the passports with visas. They can be posted to you. The visa duration starts immediately on being issued and there are different lengths you can apply for, though it is up to the visa office how long you get, so it’s a real juggling act to apply far enough in advance to get the visa back but not too far in case you receive a shorter one than requested which might run out before the trip.
  7. Midnatsol carries 500 pax on Antarctic expeditions. How are landings on the ice organised on Midnatsol? I would have expected that some form of shuttle rota would operate, meaning that, for example, over 10 hours everybody would have 2 hours ashore
  8. I have a couple of Fuji mirrorless plus a Nikon DSLR for my hobby. However I use my RX100lll for my work as a property Surveyor, and stick it in my pocket or bag to have a camera with me when I don’t want to take something bigger. What’s not to like? It shoots RAW, has a large sensor for the camera size, can be used in manual or shutter/aperture priority, can be used with manual focus if required, and has a pop-up EVF. I hate shooting with my phone. Holding the phone feels wrong, it doesn’t do wide angle and the zoom is digital.
  9. I’ve spoken with Hurtigruten and been told that they use charter flights between Santiago and Punta Arenas.
  10. Just taken delivery of my new pc, built to my specification. I have one question - there has been reference to using an SSD drive as a scratchpad for Lightroom. I'm a bit confused by this - does that mean putting the catalogue on a separate SSD drive?
  11. Thanks for the info. Can’t risk turning up at the airport and finding there is no spare space in the hold.
  12. Thanks for the response. My booking also says Latam economy, but there will be around 500 pax on Roald Amundsen, so wondered whether it might be a charter flight rather than a scheduled one. Also, if it’s a group ticket I may not be able to pay Latam for an extra case.
  13. This gives a fairly full history of Marco Polo: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/MS_Marco_Polo
  14. We are booked on Ronald Amundsen Antarctic expedition departing from Punta Arenas February 2020, and have questions on the included flights. Does Hurtigruten use schedules flights or does it charter its own plane? If the former which airline does it use? Is it a group ticket or does everybody get their own ticket? Can I purchase an extra hold case? This is offered on the LATAM website. I need to take a CPAP machine in a laptop case sized carry on. Will I be able to take his in addition to my main carry on? I am debating booking my own flights between Santiago and Punta Arenas but staying the night before in Santiago in the Hurtigruten included hotel. Would that be a problem? Thanks in advance. Paul
  15. I booked the Feb 12th 2020 departure as soon as it was released, but did so via my UK TA. This is a bucket list trip for a special birthday, and we are hoping the departure is far enough ahead that the ship will be opertaing by then. Felt a bit odd choosing a cabin as pot luck with no information from previous travellers! Normally I do a huge amount of research first. The overall Hurtigrutren package includes the night of the 12th February at a hotel in Santiago then a non-upgradeable LATAM flight on the 13th down to Punta Arenas for embarkation later that day. According to the LATAM website the direct flights are scheduled for 3 hrs 21 , but some go via Puerto Mott with either a stopever or even a change of plane depending on which flight departure. I'm a bit concerned by the modest weight limit for the carry on luggage as I will have to be selective in choosing my camera gear, though I may wear my multi-pocket "poachers jacket" to take some extra gear. We are flying in to Santiago to arrive on the morning of the 11th and have booked an extra night at the hotel chosen by Hurtigruten, the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Centre. I believe my TA mentioned a second cheaper choice (I think it was a HIlton). On the way back Hurtigruten recommend that you do not book an international flight leaving before the evening, though we will be staying on in Santiago for an extra couple of days. This is our first time with Hurtigruten. On our previous trips with other lines there has always been an active role call but I've not yet been able to find one time time around. Is that usual for Hurtigruten? I see it is in any case lumped in with other roll calls.
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