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  1. We are still booked on that sailing. However having just cancelled our separately booked BA flights from the UK to Miami, it’s only a matter of time before we cancel the cruise, especially now Mardi Gras is not going ahead. We have FFC for our Reflection ABC’s sailing from last Easter. We also lifted and shifted our August Fjords sailing to next summer. Was looking to February/ March 2022 on The Edge that had our missed ABC’s intinerary, just as they go an cancel that. Don’t think we’re destined to ever get there !!
  2. Thanks for the photos, we sailed on the Summit in 2108 on the Independence days sailing with an overnight in Halifax on Canada Day and overnight in Boston on 4th July. It was one amazing cruise
  3. Have you done a price check recently. Having had 2 cruises cancelled and one moved to next August I noticed that the closer to final payment you got, prices had shot through the roof, almost as though they are pricing people out of booking the cruise. Its the same for our 7th February sailing on the Equinox, which is the Mardi Gras sailing to New Orleans. We are going to pull that one ourselves prior to final payment. There are so many cabins available, this sailing is normally sold out as we have tried twice before to book it, but it was full. Our next cruise is to
  4. If that is the Mardi Gras sailing you are referring to, we are on board that sailing and I'm even more certain after today that its not going to go ahead. We have the balance of First Class flights from Heathrow to Miami due at the end of this month with final balance for the cruise due 3 weeks later. No way am I shelling out another wedge of money with nothing to show for it.
  5. LLutoff-Perlo@celebritycruises.com Last week I was given her direct email address by a US cruise mate. I messaged her about our FFC from our April sailing on the Reflection which we still hadn’t received. Within 90 minutes I received a call from Miami to the UK informing me I would receive confirmation of our credit and the refund of port charges and taxes shortly. Sure enough 2 hours later email received and monies credited to our account.
  6. This has been on the cards for number of years. I firmly believe all cruise lines will follow this lead
  7. Very easy told my TA what I wanted and she dealt with Celebrity on our behalf, she rang me back twenty minutes later all done and dusted. New documents received from Celebrity the same day
  8. We lifted and shifted from this sailing to next years almost identical sailing on 26th August. Same price, same perks and even get a cabin upgrade. A lot of the roll call on here have done likewise.
  9. My wife received the email but I didn't and we are both on the same points..............Well we are not now😂
  10. Three weeks before your sailing it will appear on your cruise planner with the upgrade price
  11. If its an Alaska itinerary then this is a cancellation notice of your cruise
  12. I edited in the post as not sure how to in the title. edit...done
  13. https://www.princess.com/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/?cid=pr_social_socialorganic_TWITTER_engagement_brand_na_na_na&linkId=88077913 Dont shoot the messenger but I can see other cruise lines going the same way. Edit...Not all, but most
  14. We already have a FFC from the cancelled cruise that the OP was posting about. Our Fjords sailing on the Silhouette is now approaching final payment, which we were never going to pay. As we had booked the cruise while on board a previous sailing we were able to transfer the booking to the same itinerary in 2021, albeit with an extra sea day, same ship, and almost identical dates, as well. In addition we were able to keep the same perks, Celebrity even gave us a cabin upgrade. Even with all that the price we are paying is only within a few pounds of the original booking. So they have
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