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  1. No, he knew about it as we talked about which one to book. His family was well aware of it. We just didn't tell the grandkids about it. Just never thought he would change jobs I guess!
  2. Yes, we were and RCCL was very generous on that they offered. While we were NOT able to go on the one we booked coming this October, we will be rebooking again.
  3. Thru the advice of a person who commented on this thread wherein the same thing happened to him, I wrote Mr. Fain and Mr. Bayley explaining the situation with an attachment of comments from this thread and what has happened to others. I got a call from a team leader from Resolutions yesterday by the name of Jacquelyn. Jacquelyn did explain to me that while 90% of calls are recorded, mine was not. Just my luck. However, Jacquelyn was very concerned about what had happened and offered some nice options which we will be taking. Regarding this situation and WHY I never even asked about refundable and nonrefundable again, I got back on Cruise Critic after a couple of years being away. I wanted to let people know what had transpired with me. Again, having no clue that deposits now default to NRD was new to me. However, I have learned alot from this board. While this board is a wealth of information, it is also a very cruel board. I think that most of you, had you been in MY shoes would have been furious finding out that what you THOUGHT was a refundable booking was not! Some are quick to blame me in this situation, while other's were empathetic, and some had even gone thru the same thing. I thank those for your help!
  4. Thank you cruisingator2 for replying. You, like me, probably never thought in your wildest dreams that "things had changed". Even when I did the mock, I never say anything about a NRD. Never did I see ANYTHING when doing the mock, NRD price here or refundable price there. NOTHING. Everything looked the same to me! I'd love to hear more of your story if you care to share. You can email me at jksaltzman@msn.com. Evidently you did something to get your deposit back? Care to share? One thing I want everyone to know is that we loved RCL. We choose them again because of all they have to offer. My complaint on poor customer service is that I should have been TOLD immediately this was a nonrefundable deposit. When we sell our puppies, it is clearly stated this is a nonrefundable deposit....when I talk to a potential client, I make sure and state it again, this is a nonrefundable deposit! I want my clients to make SURE they understand and that they are certain they want to place the deposit
  5. The deposit was $500 each for adults, the kids did not have deposits on them - $500 each for 4 people. I was NOT on a cruise while I booked this. It was last October I booked the cruise for a cruise on Allure this October 20th. I got an email on Monday stating that it was time to pay the final deposit. I tried to cancel in January this year - 2 months after I booked it, when I was told it was nonrefundable. I had no clue. Never was anything nonrefundable deposits when I booked with RCL before, but it had been 2-3 years since I had booked anything, so I never even thought they were doing nonrefundable. To change the dates, it would have cost me another $600 total (6 people). Being in the business we are in, there could have been a huge chance that the NEW dates I picked we would not have been able to go, thus changing again and paying possibly another $600 in fees. I have never had a nonrefundable deposit EVER with RCCL. Again, with our business, which is unpredictible, is the reason why I would never do a nonrefundable. However, the rep still should have told me it was. I did a mock booking FIRST for price, then I like to call and speak to a rep. Never anywhere in the mock booking did I see nonrefundable. When speaking to the rep, never did he say nonrefundable. So, I when I paid the deposit of $2000 and got the cruise documents, it all looked normal to me. I wasn't concerned about anything nonrefundable because "mine was not". Again, I didn't even KNOW that RCL did nonrefundable deposits EVER. I know Carnival does with their Early Saver, but not RCL. Yes, evidently RCL has started this procedure up, but since it has been 3 years at least, I had no clue and saw no evidence of it being nonrefundable. I hope this clears up everyone's thoughts on this. I've asked that RCL pull the recording...they said no. And yes, I am aware that if you cancel BEFORE a certain date, your deposit is refundable, but AFTER a certain date, it is not. Thus when I found out my son and his family could not go back in January 2019, two months after I booked this cruise, I immediately called to cancel it.
  6. In all my years of cruising, only Carnival had the easy saver option, a nonrefundable deposit. In all the times I have booked with RCL, a nonrefundable deposit was not even an option at the time! I haven't booked a cruise in about 4 years, so things have changed I guess. I never thought for one minute that the deposit was nonrefundable as it had never been in the past. I booked the cruise over the phone after looking it up on line. I prefer to speak with an agent really, so that's the way I booked it. Again, with no clue that things had changed, I never thought RCL was doing the nonrefundable. The agent never spoke of it...not once, I gave him the credit card and made the deposit. It was after that that I received my documents via email. Again, everything looked normal. I never suspected this was nonrefundable. No, I didn't read the cruise documentation...again thinking all was the same as it was years ago. No mention from the rep. I had no idea. Yes, this was a lesson learned. However, with RCL refusing to pull the tape to prove the rep never mentioned it to me, I thought this is no way to treat your customers. With our business, and I will reiterate this again, we have booked many cruises but had to cancel. Our business is unpredictable as to when we can get away, so yes, I have booked and cancelled....always with a full refund. I just didn't know anything had changed I didn't see anything different, the rep never mentioned it, and the cruise documentation that I got looked the same. Never did I suspect this was nonrefundable. I can't say that enough. You all who mock me for cancelling and losing the deposit, I was not going to pay another $600. My son and his family could not go. This was a lesson, an expensive lesson learned.
  7. Look before then. I haven't been active really for a while. I probably posted in November 2018 regarding this cruise.
  8. FYI, we have been on Oasis and another on Liberty since. I have not updated my signature, etc. 3x we have been in Jr. Suites and one balcony.
  9. I just did a mock booking....your eyes go to the we select your room or you select your room. However, down at the bottom, in fine print, it does say nonrefundable. My eyes never went down there. My eyes are on the top on picking a room. However, since it has been about 3 years since we have taken a cruise, I will say this, I never saw this before on booking with RCL. This is something new to me and very deceiving.
  10. I haven't posted on cruise critic for years. We have taken more than the one my signature is showing. No, I haven't updated it.
  11. It was going to cost me $600 more to change dates - Penalty of $100 each. Due to their lack of concern or responsibility about all this, I elected to cancel. Being in business for MYSELF, this is no way to act or to become "loyal to Royal" as you all say. I am not going to give them any more money. I am done with them. BTW, we are Diamond on RCL. Is this the way you would treat YOUR clients or customers? It's not in my book. And I am certainly not going to give them another $600 for their mistake.
  12. Please keep in mind that I haven't booked with RCL for about 3 years due to our business. I am sure things have changed, but I will reiterate again, I am very savvy about nonrefundable deposits, I stay away from them due to our business. i saw NOTHING, nor did the rep say anything. I had NO CLUE this was a nonrefundable deposit.
  13. You all ask why I am posting now. As I said, I booked this in October 2018. In January, when my son changed his job and could not get off this October 2019 for the cruise, I immediately called RCL and asked for a refund. It was THEN that I discovered this was a NRD. I was shocked. Again, we have cruised with RCL before on a couple occasions. Nothing on the website said NRD nor did the rep say anything. Never before have I booked with RCL was there a nonrefundable deposit that I booked! I disputed with my credit card, RCL denied it. My credit card company said they could not make RCL pull a recording (if there was one). NOW, why I am posting NOW is because I got an email regarding final payment. I immediately called RCL and stated my case again, what had transpired, etc. I even asked the CSR with RCL about pulling the recording. She said she would ask her supervisor - supervisor denied the request. I was then told that I could cancel cruise and lose my $2000 or keep it and move it to another date for a penalty of $600. May, who I was talking to, was very empathetic to the situation - her supervisor was not. I elected to cancel the cruise. This is why I am just posting this now. It was final payment due - the email came yesterday about final payment.
  14. Yes, my credit card couldn't demand they get the recording, nor when I talked to them in January when I went to cancel, I specifically asked the rep for a recording, and she said they are not obligated to do that.
  15. If a deposit is NONREFUNDABLE, it should CLEARLY state so on the website - this did not state this....and when I called the rep to book, he never mentioned it. It's very clear with Carnival if nonrefundable or not!
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