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  1. Apologies for asking a question that has probably been asked and answered many times, but how on earth is the Rotterdam supposed to accommodate the people from the Zaandam?
  2. I see from a news announcement that they are suspending ops for 30 days. I guess that was just crew on the outer decks. I have little doubt that our TA on 4/25 isn't happening.
  3. Watching the webcam from Port Everglades and the Equinox looks 90% empty. Many officers on the pool deck waving goodbye. Sad times.
  4. Update: Just received confirmation from them that it will be applied.
  5. I was under the impression that they had relaxed their rules as far as combining. I guess not. I was refused once years ago because I had an "opaque fare". I had to look it up. Stock is down 8% today!
  6. Thanks. Oooh, and look, there's a phone number!!
  7. Didn't know there was an online form. Can someone reply with the link please?
  8. Hi all. Submitted my umpteenth Shareholder Benefit request on Monday and apart from the automated response, have not received a reply. Normally I get one by the next day at the latest. Anyone know how long I should wait before re submitting? (Cruise is April 25)
  9. HH is in "The Club" although you can go anywhere for drinks, you won't get appys. Only at the "Club" Breakfast was in the Tuscan dining room. Very few window seats unlike Solstice Class.
  10. As it stands right now, I've actually been made more than "whole" as I was generously compensated for my private air arrangements but they're still CAD$324 short on the cruise refund. Coincidentally, $324 is the amount of the taxes and port fees.
  11. I'll be on the Edge this Sunday and will bring all my docs and speak to someone on the ship. See where I get.
  12. Are you calling them or just giving them more time to sort things out?
  13. Would it really be that complicated for X to send an email detailing the amounts that have been refunded and what exactly those amounts represent? People are getting multiple credits for strange amounts that may or may not add up to the total of the cruise. I'm short $324 and it looks like they are done but I can't get my contact Gabriella to respond to any emails or phone calls. Maybe a Tweet to Ms. Lutoff-Perlo?
  14. Anyone have a good phone number for them? I have 954-517-6871 but I'm not sure it's good.
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