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  1. How many hours are you going to get in Bermuda? Next sailing is on the 23rd!!
  2. I thought the very least the cruise company could do is tell people that being subjected to this kind of a search was a possibility and that it happens from time to time. I don't think that would be interfering with law enforcement
  3. Happened to me about 10 years ago in San Juan coming off a Celebrity cruise. My wife and I were still asleep when they pounded viciously on the cabin door. About 5 CBP officers and a Celebrity security guard were outside the door. Ordered us to stay out of the bathroom and to open the safe. They suggested it was a "random" search. Probably lasted 5 minutes or so before they moved on to terrorize some other pax. I slammed the door behind them with all my force and called them *Nazis* at the top of my lungs. A horrible, terrifying experience.
  4. Thanks all. Cruise isn't until September so no panic, but this is the first time that I've not even received the auto reply.
  5. I sent in a request a few days ago for my "Shareholder Benefit" (not my first experience) and have yet to receive a response. Normally one gets the auto reply saying that your request will be dealt with in the order it was received. Nothing. Any idea? Anyone with a similar experience?
  6. Ship: Refelection Cabin:7141 Deck: 7 Class: 2B Area: Forward/ Port Bed Near: Balcony View: Unobstructed Balcony size: Larger than average because this is a wheelchair accessible stateroom Wind: Normal Soot: None Comments: IMPORTANT: There is no "double lock" on these doors. The only thing preventing your SA from entering, is a knock and a DND sign (assuming it didn't fall to the ground) Also, to open the door you hit a button and then wait ten seconds for it to close itself. Opening or closing manually is difficult. Not a good setup. Wheelchair accessible means larger everything. However, when showering while underway, the water goes all over the bathroom floor as there is nothing to contain the water to the shower area. WiFi signal is only 2 bars on average. Soundproofing between 7141 and 7139 is almost non existent. No tie rack in closet.
  7. Air by Celebrity has no fee according to their website. A few phone calls later and we got our $100 refunded.
  8. I just booked a fare with Choice Air for let's say $500. Got an email confirmation from the airline for about $450. Credit card was charged $500. Called both Choice Air and the airline, and neither could explain the difference. Any thoughts out there?
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