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  1. We received all our expenses back months ago. We had no expenses at the hotel since HAL covered everything the one night we were there. United and Delta gave us everything back but Emirates did not so HAL did. HAL paid for our flight home. I sent a copy of the ticket we could not use and the note from the credit card saying that they could not refund the expense since the ticket was nonrefundable. We had quite an adventure. I don't twitter.
  2. Y I don't think you will allowed to board. You need a visa for Tianjin and Dalian. The 144 hr visa has restrictions as to where you can travel in Shanghai but would not cover the other ports. We received a HAL notice for our Feb 15-29 saying that we can not board without a valid China visa. That cruise starts in Shanghai. You need a China visa with multiple entries. It is the same cost as a single entry.
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