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  1. I'll shortly be cruising on the Allure in a Loft Suite. As a result of previous FCC, and taking advantage of special promotions (not casino), I've got ~$1,400 of RCL On Board Credit. In addition, my TA is giving me ~$300 OBC. That's a lot of OBC for our simple needs. We are in a Suite and plan on using some of that for specialty dining a few nights. We will probably also buy some liquor on board. We might do a spa service as a splurge. I'm guessing that even after that we will still have a substantial credit left. The question is how to monetize it. 1. Who's OBC gets used first - RCL or the TA? Does it matter? 2. If I don't use all my RCL OBC, can I get a credit against a future cruise? 3. If I go to the casino and get cash on my room key a few nights will the OBC cover that? Appreciate your suggestions.
  2. Since the OP doesn't care about ports, I'd just flip a coin. Or go with the less expensive with plans to spend the difference for a special splurge.
  3. I see several mentions of Tommy Bahama shirts in this thread. To me they are overpriced. I love Kahala authentic Aloha Shirts. Really good quality and very nice (not loud) designs. I've probably go 10 of them, and just picked up 2 more last week.
  4. I'm curious. Please don't take this the wrong way, but does the captain make a real difference for the cruise? I mean, as long as they stay away from the thin spots?
  5. Why limit your Hawaiian shirts to one night?
  6. The OP noted that Barbados was recently moved to Cat 4. However, in the news story I read, other caribbean islands have actually improved.
  7. Nobody knows since the cruise lines haven't published actual capacity limits.
  8. Does the reason you have moved really matter? The fact is that you can't sail in that stateroom. Knowing why wouldn't change anything.
  9. Are they still pushing tanzanite on board? Or is it all sold out now?
  10. Guessing the folks that run the art auctions pay a lot of money to be on the ship. No doubt the cruise lines appreciate the extra revenue now with reduced passenger loads.
  11. I suggest the OP stop using THAT TA. The TA I use is very accessible. I just shoot an email to them and they handle whatever needs to be done with the cruise line. I spend no time on hold.
  12. In general there will be venues showing the NFL games. However, it may depend on the ship and where you are sailing.
  13. They are the standard suite perks. Same as any other suite. But they have the extra advantage of location when it comes to the suite lounge/coastal kitchen being right around the corner.
  14. I'd agreee that 1.5 hours is about right. Perhaps a bit longer. Don't forget to add time to go to the buffet for something real to eat afterwards.
  15. Sorry, I don't see that in the OP's post. Perhaps its been edited?
  16. Little doubt that the ship will still sail. In today's environment, the cruise lines aren't going to cancel a sailing because of limited bookings.
  17. That's terrible. Did the tech people do anything for you when you brought it to their attention?
  18. Rules are changing almost daily. You need to check what the Bahama government is saying will apply during your cruise.
  19. once you walk away from the bar nobody is going to know who actually drinks the drink
  20. i understand that it really, really different than the country we (yes, I was there) saw back then.
  21. Go directly to the source. The celebrity web page has a banner right at the top. Click on it for the latest info. Much more accurate than second hand, out of date reports here.
  22. No. You're basically going for the show. And really strange food in small portions. Worth doing once just to experience it.
  23. We did this a few cruises ago. No problem at all.
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