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  1. I would defiantly and have taken my grandchildren on Royal Caribbean. now we like Princess but for teens I would go with Royal Caribbean.
  2. a) In many cases a useless exercise. My passport has entry/exit information scattered over 30+ pages in no particular order with many of them very difficult to read due to lack of sufficient ink when stamping or one stamp being placed over another. Someone could easily spend over 20 minutes trying to examine each stamp in my passport to figure out where I have been when and still not have figured out every stamp. b) The entry and exit stamps do not tell the entire story. For example, I could have entered the EU in France and exited it in Germany and that is what the passport stamps would show. But while in the EU I could have traveled in northern Italy and nothing in the passport would when they scan your passport it shows exactly where you have been although you are right about being in Europe it will only show your entry and exit. I would hope that people would be honest when the customs ask you if you travelled to the infected areas you would answer honestly
  3. The ship continues on to Copenhagen. You can of course book and get off at St Petersburg. You will have to get your own visa. I would imagine most passengers will continue on to Copenhagen. we are doing this in August. We have a tour from Moscow to St Petersburg where we board the Sky to do the transatlantic to NYC. Some information for you. You can not use Ezair through the cruise line as they have no contract in Russia for air. They only will release a certain amount of cabins for each debarkation port this has caused problems for our group to take advantage of any price drops or sales that come up. Our part of the t/a has continued to increase in price where the passengers boarding in Copenhagen princes have gone down considerably. Now we are a group of 32. make sure you have a good travel agent.
  4. We booked originally with no perks. Got the sip and sail put on with a increase of approx $250.00 pp. if I am reading this right to put the gratuity and wifi on it will be $25.00 pp per day. Or in our case $32.50 Canadian =$617.50 for 19 days probably does work out for us.
  5. I have just read your thread. Thank you very much it is very detailed about the ship and your pictures are awsome. Glad you enjoyed your voyage and sory your weather was not better. we will be on the t/a next August and hopefully we will enjoy it as much as you have.
  6. It is the policy of the Cruise line not to allow you to bring it onboard. While you are on their ship you have to abide by their rules. You can go on and on about this but the answer is no. If you do not like the answer then take a land tour to the East Coast instead of a cruise. Enough already and I live in Canada.
  7. As I said I have not travelled with Princess cruise line for 10 years but I have cruised 14 cruises with Princess some of them 10 day and 15 days cruises. I have also been Mainly travelling on Cunard the last one being 56 days and Holland American that last one being 29days. They are under the Carmival unbrella so my Loyalty should not be be questioned. my question was is the benefits from platinum to elite really worth me booking another cruise before our upcoming 19 day transatlantic?
  8. Thank you for all the replies. I was just wondering if it was worth booking another cruise to get to the Elite level for the transatlantic cruise we have booked. We live in Canada so it not easy for us to jump on a three day cruise even going on a seven day cruise doe not make make sense. we are excited about the cruise we have booked on the Sky Princess. Whether we are Elite or not I am sure we will have the best of times.
  9. we have not sailed with Princess for 10 years. No reason but we are planning a trip in August 2020 beacause of the intinery. My question we need one more credit to become Elite and are the benefits really much different. Sorry if this has been covered before.
  10. Thank you Coral as I said you live and learn. The message I am trying to get out is people have to be careful when they join a group cruise whether it is your best friend or a neighbour. 😘😘😘😘
  11. We are also booked on one of these group cruises. We are like the other person paying top $$$$ for the cruise with the promise of being able to take advantage of promotions and price reductions. When I check other web sites the price is comparable to what we are paying so to me the t/a did not give us any deal to book with them. Like the op so far we havebeen unable to take advantage of any promotions. if you cancel and book with Princess you loose the ability to join the group for functions. But you can take advantage of their promotions. I am sure the leader of our group was as us not informed of all the rules of the booking from the t/a so no blame there. so you live and learn people. We have cruised 100+ and still learning.
  12. Why. I have held two bookings both with different T/A.
  13. Yes you can have two duplicate cabins booked.
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