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  1. I'm mid ship on deck 2. Trade ya. HA HA. I think you have a great location.
  2. Awesome. Thanks. I was hoping the entrances were on a different floor.
  3. HI guys, our room is on deck 2 of the FOS. I see on the deck plans that the theatre is also there and I think the ice skating rink. I'm wondering if you enter the theatre on deck 2 as well. Just thinking it could make for noisy and crowded halls near our room.
  4. Neither of them like khaki's. Do not even own a pair. Hmmm.
  5. So I have a question. I have two boys 15 and 11. Not too happy about dressing up for formal nights but oh well. My question is for the other nights. They usually wear jeans at home to go to dinner but I'm guessing jeans are not ok for the other nights....or is it. I figured they would wear polo style shirts with nice shorts (meaning no basketball shorts). They have some plaid shorts and cargo shorts. My husband will wear slacks and I'll probably wear dresses for the most part. is that appropriate enough or will we get eyeballed for the boys wearing shorts.
  6. Wow that is pretty expensive. I'm hoping the weather is so perfect that he wont want to hang inside at all. LOL Thanks!!!
  7. That does help. I figure I will just give him a certain amount for the week and if it runs out oh well. We'll see how that works. HA HA. Thanks for your response. I figured it was extra. He's 11. I"m guessing the 15 year old wont be in there much but ya never know. I'm thinking he'll spend his onboard $$ on starbucks latte's. HA HA
  8. We will be on the FOS in July. Anticipating my boys will spend time in the arcade. I'm guessing that it costs additional $$ for this. Anyone have any idea what the games run cost wise? Trying to figure out how much to allow for them to spend each day.
  9. Try zazzle.com and type in cruising. Then you design how you want the shirts to look.
  10. I believe that there are two parties at fault. The bartenders for serving anyone under 18 (I believe 18 is the international age for drinking) and being aware that they are sharing the drinks with others underage. Bartenders know what they are doing and there really needs to be a way to moniter that on the ship. AND the parents. It's our job to teach our kids right from wrong and how to behave in public in any scenario. If that was my 13 year old daughter, she would be sitting in the room for the rest of the cruise. I know its vacation but as a parent you still teach how to behave and how not to behave. That is also taught by example. My 15 year old has seen me throw back a few. But he'll never see me drive a vehicle afterwards or be beligerant and stupid. It's our job as parents to parent them, on vacation or off. THAT being said.....the bartenders are also responsible to say no and ask for a parent.
  11. Oh come on Sombrero6. No nude beach for the kids? LOLOL Yep another Buckeye. Bernards Tours is what we decided on. I'll post back after our cruise and let ya know how it went. They were very quick to respond to my email and we are booked.
  12. Thanks Beerman (O-H)and everyone else. Maho is a definite. In fact I went ahead and made the reservation with Bernard. Received the confirmation today. So far the best deal for what we want for St. THomas is the snorkeling trip through RCI to Trunk Bay. Thanks for all of the suggestions. 81 days!!!!!
  13. We tried to the do the balcony with the kids across the hall but it cost more for the interior room for the kids. Was too expensive for us. Ended up with connecting promenade rooms. I would be fine if they were next to or across the hall.....depending on the kids. HA HA. I figure they would be in our room most of the time and just sleep in their room anyway.
  14. Thanks everyone. We are definitely going to Trunk bay in St. Thomas. i saw that and thought it would be awesome and you all confirmed it. Also confirmed Bernards Tour. My only concern is making sure we make it to Maho Beach. Do NOT want to miss that. Are the other stops on Bernards tour worth it or should I just taxi it to maho for the day? I have been a member on here since my first cruise in 02. However, this will only be my third cruise ever. Kids getting older so hoping to increase that number. Hey Buckeye Cruiser....O-H.
  15. Thanks for your cruise updates. Looking forward to seeing more pics. we are booked in July and I simply cannot wait.
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