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  1. The quiches! - Musing About Cruising
  2. What I Learned by 25 If you don’t make reservations before you board on many Royal Caribbean trips, you may miss shows like “Blue Planet” or “Mamma Mia” on Allure of the Seas. For more on what I’ve learned after 25 cruises, visit https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  3. I have not sailed on NCL, so can't offer an opinion. However, we took Princess (Golden) a few years ago to Alaska, roundtrip from Seattle, and thought they did a fabulous job. Great speakers, commentary during the sail through Glacier Bay, salmon-themed buffet...They've been in Alaska for a long time and it's one of their specialties. I would highly recommend it. - Musing About Cruising
  4. Can $5 buy anything these days? Sure—magnets, maracas and memories. Find out how far 5 bucks will go in the Caribbean at https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  5. Love the stories! Thanks for the chuckles! Now I have one of my own: One night, walking down the hallway toward our room after dinner, suddenly, a stateroom door opens just as we were about to pass it. A fellow steps into the hallway with a bottle of champagne in his hand. "Do you drink?" he asks us. I said, "Moderately," not sure what the right answer was. He thrust the bottle at me. "Take this," he said. "My company paid for this trip and the wine, but we don't drink." Okay, you shouldn't take candy from strangers, but champagne is fair game, right? - Musing About Cruising
  6. Seeing Old San Juan with New Eyes During a return visit after Hurricane Maria, this cruiser saw Old San Juan with new eyes. And never did this fascinating section of the city look more intriguing, more majestic or more appealing. Find out more at https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  7. It was love at first bite—the Tonno Crudo (Ahi tuna) at Giovanni’s, on Allure of the Seas. We sprung for the Unlimited Dining Package, so I got adventurous. Visit https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com for whether the specialty dining package is for you.
  8. We just did it recently on the Allure and my advice is: bring your appetite. It's a lot of food. And we never did the lunches. The upsides:Having better food and better service every night. The downsides: Working the meals around the shows is a challenge, no longer have the option to just get a casual dinner at Windjammer if you feel like it (of course, you still can, but you've paid for specialty dining), it's a long meal Also, we found that it helps if you have a wide palate and are willing to eat in many of the restaurants. Otherwise, you'll find yourself going back to the same restaurant night after night. - Musing About Cruising
  9. Philipsburg, St. Maarten is alive and well two years after Irma. Resplendent tropical loveliness, a bustling beach bar scene, blue waters—and lots of rebuilding. For more on what’s changed/what’s not in St. Maarten, visit https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  10. Safe at Sea Who’s job is safety at sea? Theirs and ours. One way Royal Caribbean watches over us is at the pools and the hot tubs. For more on ship safety, visit https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com. #Cruise #Cruising #Cruiseship #RoyalCaribbean #safety #Caribbean #travel
  11. We were just on the Royal Princess--here were my top loves: * Ship décor--elegant ship with a lot of wood and marble * Buffet food--premium stuff like poached salmon, exotic cheeses, dried fruit like dates * Norman Love desserts--don't miss the Chocolate Dome in the MDR * International Café--24/7 good quality food (sandwiches, desserts, quiches) * Piazza--always something going on * Mini-suites--if you can afford them, they're very comfortable * Relaxed vibe Been on Princess, RCI, HAL and Celebrity; 25 cruises in all. Princess is far and away my favorite. - Musing About Cruising
  12. What Hasn’t Changed A lot has changed in cruising over 13 years. But a lot hasn’t. Like fresh towels twice a day. Unpacking once. A sea view 24/7. Find out what else hasn’t changed--thankfully--in cruising at https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  13. We still swoon over our videos of Celebrity’s unparalleled, off-the-charts Midnight Buffet. The years have seen a number of changes in cruising. Check out https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com for what’s good, what’s not so good about what’s changed.
  14. Plan to Cruise to a Great Vacation To ensure your upcoming cruise is everything you want it to be, it’s best to invest a bit of time in researching how you’ll eat, where you’re going and how you’re going to spend your day at sea. Check out some tips at https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
  15. Behold the Frugal Cruiser You can find him toting a bottle of wine onboard to sip in his stateroom. Find out what else the Frugal Cruiser does at https://musingaboutcruising.blogspot.com.
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