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    New Section of Enchantment..Rooms?

    Thanks OP for asking this question --- needed the answers myself. I hope all the poster are right and the older rooms look pretty much the same as the newer ones. I've already experienced the new one :) now I get to experience the old one -- not lov'in that shower curtin thing but hey, it'll be like camping !! (JK ing)
  2. Design Diva

    Need advice on enchatment of the seas

    Unfortunately, I'm going to be the poster that tells you we had the worst service in a dining room ever - on the EOS. (i.e. first 2 nights we were still waiting for our entrees as other table were completely done and leaving, drink orders never got served, etc...). But that happens, even in the best restaurants. We choose to eat in the Windjammer the third night and in Chops (which was very good) the last night and avoid the dining room altogether. RCL did try to make amends = sent every table member choc. covered strawberries and wine!! The ship show's very little age and is a great second choice to the voyager class. I like to think of it as "middle of the road". In the end, it must have been pretty great or I wouldn't have booked another sailing for November. DO IT, book your cruise on the Enchantment. I'd be surprised if you didn't say there was A LOT more positive then negative.
  3. Design Diva

    Can I make this flight ??

    Sorry...my bad! It's Enchantment NOT Navigator. (Looked at so many cruises I got confused!) Great suggestions and info. Thanks to ALL who took the time to respond. I'm gonna book it Danno!
  4. Design Diva

    AOS review all 7 days

    You saw that you've been on more Carnival ships then RCL. How do the two compare in your eyes?
  5. I know this has been asked many several ways and times but be gentle with me!! NOS (coco Cay/Nassau) Nov 6 Ft. laud. AA has a return flight departing at 11:35am. Will I be off the ship fast enough to make the flight? I think so but I know it's "boarderline". Would I be nuts to risk this and book this flight? What would you do???
  6. Design Diva

    7/6-13 AOS review

    So just to clarify, are you saying that you PREFER Royal to Carnival? I have never sailed Carnival but have always heard that it's considered a step down from RCL. Would you agree with that? (Are the cabin accommodations equal?)
  7. Design Diva

    AOS 4 days on May 6-2009?

    I'm booked on this sailing. There were tons of cabins in almost every category available and then OVERNIGHT...it was sold out! I was able to find out that a group (holding 15 balcony cabins) named "Jake" is on this sailing. They have until Feb 18th to deposit money, at that point the cabins might go back into "available". I have no idea who the large group of people is....wish I did know. Our group was lucky to get the cabins when they did!! If you're really interested, maybe you should call Jake! ;)
  8. How long do these CD's last on one ship? At the end of their term, do they automatically get moved to another ship or can they "re up" on the same ship? I'm set to sail on the Adventure (May 6, '09) is it too far in advance to ask who the CD will be?
  9. I always thought James Andrews was the best I'd ever seen at that job. Anyone know what ship he's on now?
  10. Design Diva

    SUDDENLY, AOS is all Sold Out??

    I'm laughing....I called the TA too!!! I can't say on this forum what "my story" was but I think the TA felt sorry for me as he thought my husband was gay and as his wife I had no idea his sexual preference. Enough said! LOL I found out the same thing, this group isn't big enough to block out the rest of the ship. But thanks for trying. I knew the cruise was sold out by going back on RCL's web site and pulling up the cruise, as if I was going to book a cabin. (My intention was to watch the cabin rates for any price reductions.) Only now, all the cabin categories read N/A. And it happened over night so someone out there has a big ol' group going on the 4 night cruise on Adventure of the Seas. Maybe Brad and Angie are taking their new twins on vacation and they reserved the rest of the boat! If I was going to travel with someone famous...I'd take George Clooney!
  11. Design Diva

    SUDDENLY, AOS is all Sold Out??

    Thanks to all that could find that Jake guy for me...who ever he is, I have a feeling I'm about to find out! Seriously doubt that RCL will spill any info. on the group but we did consider call the group TA! Ironically, I'm sailing with 10 sorority sisters who like a good party. I hope this is a match made in heaven and not HELL!! PS> I'm pretty sure its not the Omega group either. If I ever need a private investigator I'm calling you guys!!! YOU ROCK!!!
  12. Design Diva

    SUDDENLY, AOS is all Sold Out??

    Never thought of that...is that bad?!
  13. Anyone have this happen to them? Booked on the AOS sailing for May 6-10, 2009. I like to keep checking prices to see if I can get a reduced rate. One minutes there are lots of cabins available, in almost every category, and the next minute - N/A appears on the whole ship!! I realize I won't be able to get a price reduction at this point but I'm very curious - what would this be? Did a huge company/group come in and buy up the whole ship? I mean, if there's a male models convention aboard that week...who cares about a price reduction, right! Anyone know the answer to this one??
  14. Design Diva

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline, Hotwire, etc.

    I knew it was too good to be true. All three websites (Priceline, Orbtiz, and Marriott themselves) had a price of 159 per nit, not including tx & Fees. BUT...when you hit "select" the price jumped to 239 per nit. I tried to agrue with Marriott that it was a published rate and they should honor it but they wouldn't budge. So it looks like I'm back to square one! Thanks for your help anyway. Maybe I'll end up getting the 110 rate that you got Toonjie!
  15. Design Diva

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline, Hotwire, etc.

    I think you're right! Thanks for your opinions.