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  1. Thank you! That was fun to watch. I have loved sitting in our balcony watching that very scene every time we are at Cozumel.
  2. We did this 😀 We were on Magic one year apart- Christmas 2016 and 2017. We wrote ourselves a note and taped it inside the nightstand. Underside, on top. We wondered about that note all year long. One year later, it was so exciting getting back in the room, with video on, wondering if it would still be there. It was still there!!!! I was even more excited than my kids. Lol.
  3. If you are asking about the 12-hour French toast, it was the equivalent of 4 slices of bread that weren't sliced and drenched in syrup. I also missed the salted caramel cheesecake.
  4. We had the new menu on Horizon. I totally missed the pancake and waffles. The skillet cake was not great. It was like a thick, dry pancake. Wasn't sure what they were thinking. We also tried that 12-hour French toast. Not good either. Way overdone. Too much. On Horizon, they were really pushing the fresh juices. The server insisted I try a little of it, poured some in one of our empty glasses. I tasted it. I said it was good. Then he expected me to buy a full glass. .... well, i actually don't like juice with my breakfast. My son tried the fried chicken. Nothing special about it. I didn't like it that I had to pick between a croissant and whatever other kind of bread ahead of time. Didn't all those all just come in a bread basket before? We enjoyed the regular menu so much better than this new menu.
  5. This was similar to our experience. We didn't get assigned the usual 6 p.m. seating that we ask for on every cruise. I emailed Carnival a week prior and asked if we could have early dining. When we got our Sail and Sign cards, it said that we were assigned a 5:30 dining time and it had a table number in the Meridian Dining room. We had the same wait staff every night but it seemed like people were in out and out at different times. The 5:30 dining time was too early for us- we needed that extra 30 minutes especially on the port days. We did ask our head waiter if we could come later. He said as long as we arrived by 6 p.m. that he'll hold the table for us.
  6. We've been on Horizon and Magic. Liked Magic much more. I agree about what previous posters said about the Dream class ships. Those are my favorite. Horizon was way too busy. It was like being in mall. It was big and cramped at the same time. Not relaxing.
  7. I didn't think I liked Indian food.... until I started having it on our Carnival cruises. Now I look for it everytime. Soooo tasty!!!
  8. The food was more or less the same in both ships but in Magic, there was a long line to get your food and it was so hard find a seat. Plus, you have to get drinks at the bar which wasn't convenient. On Horizon, there was plenty of seating and they had a water dispenser conveniently located. Just makes a difference in the dining experience.
  9. I wouldn't say that the Piano Bar on Horizon was small. It's a square-shaped room with one door. It felt a bit uninviting to me. I love going to the Piano bar in any ship we are on. We aren't drinkers so I really just want to be able to peek and enjoy without feeling like I need to buy a drink to stay. I loved the Piano bar on the Magic and how it was laid out. There was this chaise lounge where my husband and I were able to just hang out while enjoying watching the people sing along. The piano man during the last time we were on the Magic was the BEST one we've ever seen. No one has come close since. I remember his name was Brandon. On the Magic, you can walk through the Piano bar since there were 2 doors. It was nice to just walk through and decide to stay if you liked the song. The schedule for the piano bar seemed to be better on the Magic too. We have 2 kids and they had a PG-rated time and an adults only time. We did not see that on the Magic. The Pig and Anchor on Horizon was really nice- way better than Magic. Lots of seats- both indoor and out. Of course there's the brewery on Horizon if that's important to you. The Pig and Anchor looked really popular at night. I'd say yes, it kinda remembered the look and feel of Red Frog. We didn't spend time at Serenity but did go to get the salad bar during lunch-- that was really, really nice. My husband just wanted some simple, raw veggies (unlike the over dressed salads at the buffet) so we trekked to Serenity to get our salads. Lots of options with toppings. It was exactly what he wanted. I have not seen that kind of set up in other ships (but we could have also just not have known- so thank you to the poster who posted pictures of the Serenity salad bar here). On the times that we looked around, the hot tubs didn't seem crowded. One thing I really missed was they didn't have the Q & A on the last sea day. That has been my favorite event. Horizon did not have it!
  10. There was another dining room called Reflections and that one specifically said the seatings were at 6:00 and 8:15. That 6:00 seating was what I thought we'd have when I made the request. But, whatever it was called, we had an assigned table and the same staff every night for the entire sailing. I was confused too on how our dining was going to work out but all in all, we were good with it. We were in the Meridian dining room, upper level. The guests around us changed every night. It was never the same people. Folks came in and out at different times as well.
  11. Came back to clarify-- We asked for dining time at 6 p.m. , which was fixed seating (early dining time) but couldn't get it for this sailing and there was no waitlist for fixed seating. I sent an email one week prior to sailing. Yes, we were assigned a table under YTD. That's actually what it said on the card. YTD- 5:30 (I put 5:45 on my earlier post but looked at the card and it said 5:30). We were confused too. We actually went to the Java Blue cafe when we got on the ship to ask about our time and table and the staff pointed out that we had been assigned a table for the week. We did not have to check in at Java Blue cafe again or check in through the app. We just walked right to our table. We were having a hard time making the 5:30 dinner time so we asked our server if it was okay if we were a few minutes late and he said as long as we arrived by 6 or 6:15 that they'd hold the table for us. Hope this helps!
  12. Which is more important to you- the ship or the ports? We've been on Horizon and Magic and been to all the ports mentioned except for Amber Cove. For ships, Magic was my favorite, Horizon was my least favorite. It was too busy, felt like a mall inside. Magic was just the right size and the atmosphere. We went on Magic twice and Dream once. I will probably not choose Horizon again (and have no interest in Vista). For the ports, I'd prefer Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel.
  13. Just wanted to post an update here. I did send an email on a Monday for our Sunday sailing and requested a 6 p.m. dining time. When we embarked, our cards already had an assigned table and it said YTD at 5:45. It was really tough for us to get to the 5:45 especially on the formal nights but our server said we can show up as late as 6:15. I did find out that there are 2 dining rooms on the Horizon: Reflections and Meridian. Reflections had the 6:00 p.m. and 8:15 p.m. seating. It was a one-level dining room, smaller than the Meridian which had 2 levels. Meridian was for the YTD. It was nice to already have a table assigned. We just walked in every night. I was very pleased with the table we got on the 2nd level- had a really good view of the lower level and the "show time."
  14. Thank you! I found where to edit my order. Go to Manage My Booking, then Booking Order and Details. I was able to select edit but only to cancel. Then I purchased the value plan.
  15. I purchased the social wifi plan but it looks like I may need the next level up. Is there a way to change this prior to boarding tomorrow so I can get the 15% off? I know I can upgrade once I get on the ship but it'll be full price by then. Thank you!
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