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    Miss Ship's Departure?

    My flight doesn't get in to san juan until about 4:30 I believe...... I cant afford to change flights...an extra $75/person (that's no big deal) BUT also, I must pay the difference of the NEW flight (which is now like $800 or something...the woman from Delta told me I am looking at a total of around $700 to fix the flights). They won't pay for anything because the connection is 40 minutes..IF the connection time drops to 35 minutes, they will do it for free. ALSO, here is another little tirade over Delta... I was like "well, I can easily just make the drive to atlanta..I have to make my flight there for my cruise". The woman said "well, if you don't make you FIRST flight from CVG, we consider the ENTIRE itinerary canceled. SO, I told her, okay, I'm telling you now then, I'm DRIVING, here is my notice. She said that was fine, but since the whole intinerary would be considered canceled, I would have to REPURCHASE THE SAME SEAT FROM ATL TO SAN JUAN..."and the current price is now $500 more/person". That is RIDICULOUS. DO NOT EVER USE DELTA. Ok, I am done ranting. sorry.
  2. Meg8411

    Miss Ship's Departure?

    Alright..delta has royally screwed me, but that is another story. I'll cut right to the point. Say I miss the Crown (jan. 12th) out of San Juan........ What are my options? Sadly, I think they are "lose your entire fare-pay ridiculous amounts of money at a crappy san juan hotel for the week". I currently don't have trip insurance through Princess. I am under the impression they will not refund my money if I miss the ship due to a flight that was NOT booked through them, correct???? (Basically I have a 40 minute connection in the atlanta airport from cincinnati..... my first concern is flight delays due to snow....my second concern is I am hauling a** in the MASSIVE ATL airport and miss the plane). Yes, I am aware I was a moron and should have arrived the night before...... I am kicking myself for not doing this, please don't mention it. Any info would be helpful!
  3. Meg8411

    Crown Balcony?

    Does anyone know exactly how large the regular balcony is? (not a mini-suite). Does anyone have a picture? I've heard you can't even put a chair out there. If that's the case...then I don't think I want a balcony.... I'm just being stubborn because money is tight and I want to figure out where my spending priority is. thanks so much for your help everyone!!!
  4. Meg8411

    Crown Balcony?

    Thanks!!! That is a DEFINITE influence on our decision..I had heard so many bad things about people spending so much MORE money to have a balcony and then not feeling like they had any privacy at all... thanks!!!
  5. Meg8411

    Crown Balcony?

    Hello all!! I need help! I am trying to decide whether or not to upgrade from an inside to a balcony....the balcony would be in the middle of aloha..or either "front of back" of riviera........ can people look down on our balcony?? is it obstructed on these decks? Any info would help!! I am currently booked into one of those bad rooms with beds coming out of the walls...there are only 2 of us going.so no need for those 4 beds.
  6. Meg8411

    Recent CB Reviews

    I just got back from a cruise on the Caribbeann Princess and it was absolutely FABULOUS. It was my 4th cruise so I suppose you could say I should be pickier as I have other ships/vacations to compare it with. Having read several negative reviews I too felt I shouldnt be getting my hopes up. However, I was pleasantly surprised as the service was amazing. The dining room waiters and our room steward were very helpful and kind. In fact, it is the best service I have experienced (i have been on princess and carnival before). Don't worry, you will have a fabulous time. I think the negative reviews are due to people being more willing to complain/are extremely difficult to please.
  7. Meg8411

    Caribbean Princess Cabin

    Hey!! I just found out I got a cabin upgrade to R204 on the Caribbean Princess. Does anyone know if this is a balcony? Or just an inside? I had paid for the gaurantee rate. Anything you know helps! Thanks!
  8. Hi! I am thinking about booking a cruise on this ship which departs from the Dominican Republic March 9, 2008. Can anyone tell me about the ship?? The port (Santo Domingo-is it far from the airport?). Any good/clean/inexpensive hotels to stay in nearby? Also, how much does Royal Caribbean charge for tipping per person/day??? Any info would be appreciated!!! Thanks for all of your help!
  9. Meg8411

    Help, Carnival vs Princess

    I have sailed on both lines before and the only things I noticed were the following: 1. Really, really small shower on Golden Princess compared to anything I've seen on Carnival (I'm not larger by any means but wasn't able to fully bend over in the shower to shave my legs and I felt like I was almost showering over the toilet). **however, this really didn't bother me too much since I am not on a cruise to shower-just dont know if the shower is an important factor to someone else. 2. Freshwater pools!! (and it was 8' deep if I remember correctly) :)
  10. Meg8411

    If Carnival Were A Car....

    Carnival would definitely be the ford focus hatchback... It's the cheapest thing out there but still manages to be functional and is always reliable (for a good time).