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  1. Thanks - he's 32 but has more junior tastes so it definitely wouldn't be economical. Shame as on a cruise/holiday I like to have fresh orange juice and decent coffee for breakfast, a nice coffee mid-morning (and in the evening), mineral water plus drinks with lunch and dinner. They soon add up as I know from previous (non P&O) cruises. Hopefully the non-alcoholic package would work for us both and I just buy some wine. Does anyone know whether it includes freshly squeezed orange (the list of what it includes isn't very specific)?
  2. Thanks for sharing the prices. I had been thinking of getting the drinks package for my New Year cruise but my very disabled son who is travelling with me doesn't like or drink any alcohol, hot drinks (except hot chocolate) and only likes water, soda, squash and milk shakes but I gather that both guests in a cabin have to have the same package, which would be an utter waste of money for him unless the people on board would be understanding. Any thoughts from experienced P&O cruisers?
  3. That is so sweet of you - thank you. He loves people watching, or doing one of his word search books with a mandatory coke to hand, and usually prefers not to be embarrassed by his mother twirling him around. Celebrating New Year is going to be one of the ‘firsts’ so just enjoying the party will be important for me.
  4. Thanks everyone - if there’s a regular curry station at lunch in the buffet, my son will be very happy.
  5. As a P&O newbie, I keep asking questions but you're all so helpful - thank you! My son loves Indian food (although I mean classic tikka masala etc) and that's not what is on offer in Sindhu. Do they serve anything like curry at lunchtime in the buffet or the MDR and does Sindhu open at lunch on a sea day? Loath to book it for an evening meal as I think Simon would be disappointed as he wouldn't get is usual mountain of rice and chicken!
  6. That’s good news- for my New Year trip on Ventura. On Royal Caribbean the MDR is only open on sea days.
  7. Really helpful information everyone thank you. Although the thought of dinner at 5.45pm is a bit grim (my son won’t mind though as he often eats that early!) As we will be at sea on 1st Jan that might be the day to do a speciality restaurant although you don’t seem to be able to pre-book the Glasshouse or the Beach House ( but maybe they’re first come first served?) I love CruiseCritic as everyone is always so communicative and helpful! 😊
  8. My first P&O Cruise for New Year (Ventura) with my adult (disabled) son and I’m wondering if I should book Epicurean for 31st December in advance or whether to stick to the MDR and be with my assigned table for the evening? As I have a Saver Fare, I don’t know if we’ll be dining early or late until I’m on board either. I know that speciality restaurants tend to get booked up very quickly but is a Gala Night like New Year’s Eve worth sticking to the MDR for, or branching out and trying something different? Any clues on costs for Epicurean too? My son is also a bit picky! Thanks for any suggestions from all you regular P&O cruisers. 😊
  9. Thank you! Hopefully I will make it to the dance floor! I’ll be easy to spot, I’ll be the one with a lad in a wheelchair resisting my efforts to get him dancing. 😂
  10. Thank you for your kind words. You’re so right about reviews and of course the number of passengers. My daughter always says to me she’d be worried if there weren’t any bad reviews!
  11. Thanks- that’s good to hear. Wow that is a lot of cruises. How wonderful 😊
  12. Thank you! You’re right a cruise (& indeed any holiday) is what you make it. I love getting dressed up, my son enjoys the glitz and glamour and in my experience you’re more likely to get good service if you’re charming to the crew!
  13. Thanks! I’m looking forward to it a bit more now, although I have been a bit concerned as some of the recent reviews of Ventura are less than complimentary and I’d not studied them before booking. However I have several friends who have done P&O cruises and rave about them. Previously John (my late husband) and I enjoyed cruises on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity (just once), NCL, Cunard, Silverseas and my most recent trip was on Royal Princess last year (which was fantastic). I think I fancied a more ‘English’ experience this time around!
  14. This will be my first time on a P&O cruise (Ventura) plus the first without my husband who died in the summer. I’m bringing my disabled adult son as he loves a party and we went to a great ‘do’ last new year with his late father. Is there usually a gala dinner on New Year’s Eve as well as a party? There’s nothing in the info online about the format but the adverts for Christmas and New Year suggest lots of celebration and fun. The P&O sales lady said the pool with the retractable cover would be operational & presumably heated (with cover over!) so can anyone confirm this? I hope it is as swimming /jacuzzis are favourite activities for my son.
  15. I pre-purchased coffee cards for our Royal Princess trip (arrived home yesterday) and they were paper and punched when we ordered our favourite cappuccinos. They had an expiry date of Dec 31 2018 on them and we just used them depending on who had the card with them at the time. There was no concern about ‘sharing’ at all. I do think on a couple of occasions the staff only punched for one coffee when we ordered two. The cards weren’t named and were great. However the coffee in the dining room wasn’t too bad and I believe they served brewed. We had coffee in the buffet and that wasn’t great but it wasn’t really bad ( had much worse in a hotel in Italy last year!). We used up our cards over 12 days and we could have bought more on board for $31 each.
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