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  1. Mine took about 6 days and required a signature at delivery. They were delivered by UPS.
  2. Terms and conditions per Princess website: Terms & Conditions Introduction Princess® offers closed loop prepaid cards (“Gift Cards”) for purchase. This document contains the full set of terms of use governing your use of the Gift Card. As used below, the term “Standard Gift Card” means a Gift Card purchased by a customer, and the term “Promotional Gift Card” means a Gift Card that is provided without charge as a part of a marketing, sales, booking or similar promotion or loyalty program. We recommend that you read this document carefully before using the Gift Card. If you have any questions or would like more information about your Gift Card, you can call us toll free at the number below. General Description Standard Gift Cards have no expiration date. Promotional Gift Cards may carry an expiration date which will be printed on the Promotional Gift Card. Gift Cards do not incur any dormancy fees for non-use. Gift Cards are not credit, debit, or charge cards, and have no implied warranties. Princess® does not accept responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen Gift Cards, or any unauthorized use of Gift Cards. Gift Cards have no value until activated at time of purchase, and Gift Cards will not be activated until payment is verified. Gift Cards will be activated when delivered, and will be active upon receipt by the customer. Gift Cards cannot be reloaded, meaning funds may not be added to Gift Cards after activation. Once activated, Gift Cards may not be resold; resale or attempted resale is grounds for seizure and cancellation of the Gift Card without compensation. Gift Cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash, except where required by law. Princess® may refuse, cancel or hold for review Gift Cards and Gift Card orders in cases where it suspects fraud, mistake, alteration, issuance in an incorrect denomination, or violations of law, policies or these Terms and Conditions. Gift Cards are issued by Princess Cruise Lines, Ltd. Princess® and the issuer reserve the right, and holders or purchasers of a Gift Card agree that, Princess® and the issuer may at any time change these Terms and Conditions, as permitted by law. These Terms and Conditions and all matters arising out of or relating to the Gift Cards, except as governed by federal law, will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida without giving effect to any choice of law rule. Redeeming Gift Cards Gift Cards are only redeemable for purchases onboard Princess’® ships or applied as payment to a Princess® booking. Gift Cards may be redeemed for or on any cruise sold or operated by Princess®. If the Gift Card is redeemed on a Princess® ship where the onboard currency is not based in US Dollars, then the amount of the Gift Card will be converted to the shipboard currency at the foreign exchange rate posted at the Passenger Services Desk. The price of each transaction paid for by the Gift Card will be debited against the balance or value on the Gift Card. If the price for a transaction is greater than the balance or value on the Gift Card, the purchaser must pay the difference. If the price for a transaction is less than the balance or value on the Gift Card, the unused portion will remain on the Gift Card until it is redeemed and the value of the Gift Card is decreased to zero, at which time the Gift Card will be deactivated. Gift Cards will not be accepted if the Gift Card number is invalid, the value on the Gift Card is zero, the Gift Card has not been activated, or Gift Card cannot be found within the Princess® Gift Card system. Additional Information Customers may contact Princess® with questions or for help with their Gift Cards at giftcardsupport@princesscruises.com. Princess Gift Card support agents are also available by phone at 1-855-426-0168. Holders of a Gift Card may check the balance of the Gift Card by visiting www.Princess.com/giftcard or by calling 1-855-426-0168.
  3. I looked for our Regal January cruise too and there will be 17,000 pax arriving in St Thomas and I thought that was bad! That's why we locked in a shore excursion because I didn't want to be wandering around looking for a piece of beach with 17,000 other pax 🙂
  4. Random question since you mentioned stopping at a rest area on the way there but not the way back: do the buses have restrooms on board? We've already booked the day trip with the Seine River cruise lunch, so I'm just curious about the transportation provided. Thanks!
  5. Where we live in middle America the kids get out of school in late May and go back in early August. Our schools have been in session for 2+ weeks already.
  6. Really -- they will deliver a drink to your cabin/balcony?
  7. This may be true sometimes, but not always, We booked a cruise the day it opened up with the launch fare, then rebooked later during Sip and Sail for the same price, plus got the drink package, free gratuities, OBC, and photo credit, for the same price. No brainer. I check prices regularly and haven't seen our specific cabin category priced lower than we currently have it booked.
  8. Mine came in about 6 days, shipped UPS and required a signature. I wasn't home when they attempted delivery, so I logged into the UPS site using the tracking number they left on my door and arranged to pick them up at my neighborhood UPS store which was more convenient.
  9. Glad we booked under Sip and Sail -- it was a much better deal for us on two cruises vs this sale appears to be.
  10. You have complete control of your booking in the Personalizer, which includes booking excursions, airfare, dining, and a myriad of other onboard options. Makes no difference if you book direct or with a TA.
  11. According to this all Princess ships have UBD. If you look in the Personalizer under 'Onboard Reservations', and then 'Culinary Delights', it should be listed as 'Ultimate Balcony Dining for Two $100'. It's not listed under 'Specialty Dining'. dining-options.pdf
  12. There have been a couple threads on this in the past couple weeks. Both are still posted on the Princess board.
  13. I don't recall which side we entered, but we had a table for 2 beside a window and the hostess who led us there said we were being seated in CC. I didn't argue with her.
  14. We were sent to CC dining room on our last Regal cruise when the wait was long for the Anytime MDR. No extra $$ required.
  15. According to Princess' website under 'Onboard our ships' it lists the Island as 2,200 passengers and the Coral as 2,000. So my math agrees more closely with yours at around 200 more passengers 🙂
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