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  1. Not sure what your schedule requirements are, but we selected the Star for Alaska 2021 as it departs on Saturdays. The other two ships you mentioned primarily leave on Wednesdays.
  2. Re Princess Cays: not to mention Eleuthera is not a deserted island and thousands of people live there. You'd still have to get permission to stop there from local authorities and I can't imagine they would be open to that possibility in the near term. Also as mentioned above, the tender process would be virtually impossible to conduct safely or efficiently and remain socially distant. We cruise for the ports and have no interest in a cruise to nowhere, especially in this environment. It's more RV trips for us in the next year. Edit to say per above comment: we were just at Princess Cays in late January before COVID-19 blew up. The 'water taxis' were PACKED with people and ran all day long. I can't imagine cutting back on passenger load and still having an efficient process.
  3. The CEO of CCL said publicly that 'only' 38% of passengers across all their brands had requested refunds, so the number of people they need to process refunds for should be far less than your estimate.
  4. I received CC refund for cancelled excursions this morning after filing a dispute on 5/5.
  5. I was told my refund was 'processed' 3/18 but it was posted to my CC 5/6. 'Processed' to Princess means they rustled the paperwork around in their system, not actually issued a refund. Plenty of other people have reported this same thing in the lengthy threads on refunds.
  6. You read my mind and said what I was too afraid to 🙂
  7. Exactly! If 'only' 38% wanted a refund, then what is the holdup?? Plus the cheerleaders have defended Princess by citing the thousands of passengers based on total ship capacity. Now we find out it's a fraction of the passengers actually seeking a refund. This just makes the whole lack of refunds all the more reprehensible.
  8. Hey I wonder what ports will even be open to allow any ships to dock? At least in the near future......I don't expect anyone to be willing to accept a ship with thousands of potentially ill passengers.
  9. I agree with you on some points -- my husband and I rarely go to theater shows and tend to spend a lot of time on our balcony. We rarely eat in the MDR and instead eat on our balcony or do specialty dining. We also never use the elevators and take the stairs. However, just getting on the ship, attending the muster drill, going ashore on a tender, and disembarking brings us in close contact with many other passengers. Even though we already tend to 'social distance' on our cruises, until processes change, I don't see how cruising can continue as we've known it in the past.
  10. I've been in banking for 31 years and have been saying the same thing! Credit card refunds are not that difficult to process, especially straightforward refunds of original purchase amounts. It's just a bunch of stalling tactics and hype to fool people in waiting longer. I've lost so much respect for Princess in this whole ordeal.
  11. I find the 'ignore user' feature very handy -- you may as well 😀
  12. Agreed about Chase! I filed my dispute today and it was quick & easy. About a ten minute phone call & no paperwork required.
  13. They will not. I have cancelled several and never gotten any confirmation, and I have called and asked.
  14. In the past they have been very quick to refund pre-paid items like excursions or specialty dining. I wouldn't be surprised if many people cancelled those items on their own without waiting for Princess to do it, on the hope that those refunds would come quicker. If the other threads are any indication, those of us impacted by yesterday's announcement will be waiting for many months on our cruise refunds 😞
  15. Since you don't have your Travel Summary, you might be able to save the generic excursion description with corresponding prices. That way you could match it up with your credit card charge, in the (hopefully unlikely) event you need to file a credit card dispute or need further documentation. I just went to Princess' website and was able to see the same excursions with prices for my cruise from the general search feature. It's better than nothing, good luck 🙂
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