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  1. Thanks for that good news, Jandex. Now looking forward to a nice ‘normal’ visit with the family. Thanks to everyone for their input. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi, Jandex. How did your visit to Mystery Island go? Everything back to ‘normal’ I hope. My family and I are looking forward to our visit this Jan. 😀 Thanks for your help. MP.
  3. Thanks for your effort, chiliburn. Much appreciated. Looks ‘normal’ Thanks again for your trouble. MP.
  4. Thanks for that Chiliburn. Good news! I’m sure the school children can do with some help! MP.
  5. Thanks, Jandex. Much appreciated. Enjoy your Xmas cruise. MP.
  6. I wonder if any cruises have actually stopped at the island, since the tsunami! Although I've been to Mystery Island on a number of occasions, I always enjoy its relaxed ambience and friendly people. I'm hoping my children and grandchildren enjoy it next January. and that it's back to 'normal'! Thanks everyone for your comments, MP.
  7. Celebrity are certainly getting tight.....as you yanks say 'nickel & diming'. At least, for the mo', they're not swiping your card for the brekky booze......yet! MP.
  8. .....but on the other hand the champagne brekkies our great! unlimited bubbles and/or bloody mary's.😁 MP.
  9. Bear in mind the 'free drinks' each evening, in the Elite lounge, are limited on your card to only 3 in the 2 hours allocated....not 'unlimited'! ☹️ MP.
  10. Has anyone visited Mystery Island since the recent tsunami? If so, what effect has there been to cruising and visitors? Would appreciate latest info’ as our family are looking forward, so much, to visiting it in Jan 2019! Any update would be great. Thanks in advance, MP.
  11. Thanks for that, The Big M. Does anyone know if the benefits are available to RCCL direct booking customers or only thru’ travel agents? Has anyone had any personal experience? I’d dearly like to know, before I approach RCCL. Thanks, MP. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Sorry, my bad! EoS is Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas. MP. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. My wife and I booked 8 cabins for our family on the EoS out of Sydney, in Jan ‘19, to help celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. We booked them all while my wife and I were on the EoS earlier this year, for 10 adults and 10 children, with the Future Cruise staff on board. Since then I have read (on Cruise Critic) that, if you book a min of 8 cabins, you could be eligible for extra benefits. Has anyone actually experienced this, or is it another ‘US only’ deal? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. Depends if you’re doing a ‘coastal’ cruise, or ‘international’ one. Coastal cruises don’t sail out of Australian waters, whereas international, by the name, sail overseas. If you’re sailing overseas, you’re entitled to bring back to Australia, 2.25 lt of alcohol per adult, whether you buy it on the ship or at one of the ports of call. Either way, if you purchase alcohol, ashore or on the ship, the ship stores it for you until you disembark. BTW, if your cruise has Willis Island (off the coast of Qld) on it’s itinerary, that is considered, for some reason, an international cruise. That’s really the only reason, I can see, why they include it on the itinerary! MP. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. Just spent 2 hrs on the RCCL help phone for pre-booked passengers in regard to ‘tour conductor credits’ and ‘gap points’. Not much luck I’m afraid. Apparently, the booking has to: 1. Be booked as a Group booking, and 2. Be booked/created after 14 Nov 2017, and 3. For a cruise departing after 2 May 2019, and 4. Not be for a cruise from Australia, China or Singapore. When I enquired about converting my 8 individual cruise bookings to a group booking I was told it was only travel agents that can get group bookings! Now I did book after 14 Nov, but the booking is for departure in Jan 2019, so won’t qualify on that count! Also the booking is for Australia, so again, no go! Now this is what I was told about the tour conductor points: Even if I was eligible for them - they couldn’t tell me what these benefits were, as that was a matter between RCCL and their tour travel partner (ie the travel agent)! In regard to the gap points: Again, if I was eligible, the points are awarded when you make final payment, and the points are redeemable for various items, eg. bottles of water, cupcakes, and the like ( I’m afraid by this point I was starting to lose interest !) I finally asked where I could see all this important information written down. I was told it was not available for the general public, it was ‘for internal use only’! Anyhow, Bob, thanks for your interest, and I hope it’s of use to others! But 1 thing, it’s not going to spoil my 50th anniversary cruise! MP.
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