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  1. Booking a cruise from San Juan is a great itinerary every time. Your on a Caribbean island before you start! The price seems fair with all the perks. I recommend flying in a day before the cruise and a day after, morning flights and enjoy. We walked right on the Epic this last Jan in the early afternoon and had a great 11 days.
  2. Yes back to back cruises is two cruises. $100 each one
  3. The epic cigar bar has a sign no cigarette smokers. They looked so comfy on those leather chairs with there feet up smoking cigars, I almost wanted one. I would take a lounge chair if they would let me relax and smoke.
  4. The Epic didn't have us behind a glass section anywhere's on the ship. Now the Breakaway did last year this time near the waves bar. Hoping they are removing the glass it's bad enough that the section is to small for the amount of smokers. I think smokers should be allowed to lounge on the lounge chairs and relax like others. Just my option we pay the same.
  5. Disney Wonder is boarding Jan 26th & returning Feb 2 Pan Am Pier.
  6. When I log in NCL only sometimes it looks like I owe money on my final payment due last Sept.😮 I've called NCL multiply times over this they don't see what I see and emailed me a receipt of my payments in full. It still worries me
  7. Our 11 day Epic sailing o Jan 26th is not showing up and hasn't for awhile on NCL site. Does this mean it's sold out?
  8. Thanks for the updated list! I made copy's for my smoking friends that I cruise with from all over and don't use CC. Encore will not be on my wish list. Thanks Again!
  9. Our edocs for 01-26 Epic cruise are asking us to board 3-3:30. I usually don't pay much attention to boarding times but this time we might follow the rules and enjoy San Juan's beach. Do you no how hard that is going to be NCL? lol This will be our 6th time sailing out of San Juan and the Pan Am port looks like it only has one way in & out. Old San Juan port is nicer.
  10. Thanks for sharing something positive about the Epic.
  11. I've got no letter or luggage tags but my e-docs tell me to board at 3-3:30. 1-26 sailing This will be my first time not starting out for the ship early on departure day.😟 Pan Am pier is not as nice as old San Juan! You can't drop your bags and go because there is no place to go within walking distance.
  12. Freestyle dining is much like carnival's anytime dining. We switched from carnival about 6 yrs ago now the beverage package won us over. We also like that NCL offers more longer sailing than a week and has great entertainment.
  13. Carnival had the best sail away parties & grilled sandwiches. NCL has the cheapest beverage package, better entertainment and longer itineraries. Royal has the prettiest ships all in my option. No cruise is bad
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