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    PCR test

    I pray covid-19 gets under control real soon.
  2. It's so great to read a good review even if I'm not booked for an Alaskan cruise. My biggest problem is getting out of Canada right now to go anywhere! Enjoy every minute of your cruise and thanks for sharing your experience with us back home, we can dream.
  3. katiecat

    PCR test

    We are planning on arriving in Barbados three days before our cruise Jan 2. I hope one PCR test before arrival will work to land and board the ship. Things are changing daily and not in our favor sadly.😟
  4. We did the Breakaway in New Orleans a couple years back and absolutely loved everything about our cruise. Stayed at Hilton downtown riverfront and just walked through the mall in the morning right to the ship. Our first big ship experience and loved it. The prices for cruises I've been watching have only gone up even with the 30% special that keeps extending.
  5. The beverage package is why I switched to NCL. Not big drinkers but not having that tab at the end of the cruise was a big plus for us.
  6. I've done B2B's on carnival & royal with the same cabin and never packed up a thing. A letter is left in your stateroom on details for your turnaround day. It's a great experience, Enjoy! Great tip: whatever you buy at the tax & duty free store's on or off the ship first week is yours for the second cruise delivered to your stateroom. I'm getting ready to book a second cruise on a different ship the second leg in Miami port. Two 9 day cruises Jan/Feb. 2022 to make up for our loss this winter. I have a in port question? Can I walk from one ship to the other? Getting off the Sky and getting on the Getaway if that matters to where they park in port.
  7. I'll have to fold SOON on the B2B booked for the Escape starting Jan 16. Everybody in my group cancelled already and I still am holding on hope. Grabbed a deal for next year's Jan cruise on a smaller ship the Sky for 9 days. Offering free gratuities for past guest and 2 cruise next coupons for a cabin with 2 people.
  8. I would be if I had that cruise booked awesome itinerary. I have to wait till January for 14 days on b2b on the escape.
  9. Living in Canada and getting to Florida is the challenging part.
  10. The ship will feel even bigger with less people. I can't wait to check that out! Larger smoking section😀 I will miss roaming the ports but walking around in a mask would leave terrible tan lines.
  11. Just a good guess but it's the only NCL ship going out of Boston between the three your pricing checking. Canadian thanksgiving is Oct 11/21 not sure if that changes anything.
  12. All crew are negative reported live from the ship an hour ago. The passengers where never isolated like some people are reporting.
  13. Ok Mikey I believe you😀 I just got off the phone with my group specialist. I pay in Nov for a Jan cruise and he feels very confident we will be sailing in the new year.
  14. My due date for final payment is still showing Sept 17th for our Jan 16th cruise.
  15. Has the final payment due changed when you log into your NCL account?
  16. Booking a cruise from San Juan is a great itinerary every time. Your on a Caribbean island before you start! The price seems fair with all the perks. I recommend flying in a day before the cruise and a day after, morning flights and enjoy. We walked right on the Epic this last Jan in the early afternoon and had a great 11 days.
  17. Yes back to back cruises is two cruises. $100 each one
  18. The epic cigar bar has a sign no cigarette smokers. They looked so comfy on those leather chairs with there feet up smoking cigars, I almost wanted one. I would take a lounge chair if they would let me relax and smoke.
  19. The Epic didn't have us behind a glass section anywhere's on the ship. Now the Breakaway did last year this time near the waves bar. Hoping they are removing the glass it's bad enough that the section is to small for the amount of smokers. I think smokers should be allowed to lounge on the lounge chairs and relax like others. Just my option we pay the same.
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