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    What's a 12 y.o. to do after 11pm?

    Nothing good happens after midnight when you're not in your own bed, no matter how old you are . . . :D
  2. This is merely a point of parliamentary procedure, but I've seen such corrections many times made by those with thousands of posts, generally with a tone of great umbrage at the apparent insult . . . The picture taker/poster/cruiser is female. I looked at every picture, and I saw only women.
  3. Do the inside cabins on the upper decks about the Grand Centrum on the NCL Spirit have actual windows that overlook the atrium, or are the windows I can see on various pictures of the Grand Centrum fake? :cool:
  4. CeeJayRocker

    Spirit out of New Orleans - rough waters?

    If the Mississippi is high due to flooding, the trip on the river to the ocean, and from the ocean to the river, will be rougher due to the high volume of water entering the ocean and the speed at which it's moving. If the Mississippi River is low, the trip in and out will be calm. Once you get to the ocean, it's like any other port. It'll rough or calm depending upon the weather, which could be good or bad. Ocean seas from New Orleans, once actually in the ocean, are no different than any other port. :cool:
  5. CeeJayRocker

    Just off the Spirit

    You might get new, but pillowtop? Nope . . . ;)
  6. CeeJayRocker

    NCL's website

    It does have its moments. I've had luck in signing out, clearing my cookies, and starting over. I've also noticed that if your internet connection is slow, NCL times out and throws its hands up quicker than most sites I've seen. :cool:
  7. CeeJayRocker

    Has ANYONE had fun on the Playa Mia excursion?

    Wrong date on above post. We were there in January 2007. :o
  8. CeeJayRocker

    Does Freestyle = Waiting for a table?

    Last time I cruised NCL, you could make reservations at the main dining rooms. Shortened the wait considerably. I hope this is still the case. :cool:
  9. CeeJayRocker

    Has ANYONE had fun on the Playa Mia excursion?

    We did it in February 2006, booked through NCL. The beach was nice (I don't remember the chairs being uncomfortable, but I don't usually notice that). The only bad part I saw was that the food and drinks were a little bit of a walk from the beach area. We're planning on doing it again in March.
  10. Although I wouldn't exactly call it a garbage barge, I have to agree that the Carnival food was much more limited and less exciting than the Norwegian food. With Carnival, if you didn't eat the buffet or want 24 hour pizza, you were pretty much stuck with your assigned dining time for free food. Norwegian food was free in more locations and with more variety than Carnival. I guess if you want your every meal available 24-7 and served by a dude in a tux with a towel over his arm, you'll be disappointed. Other than that, I always try to remember that the ship is serving 2,000 people, 1,900 of those having limited and special diets, and I thank my lucky stars for a place where I can eat breakfast four times in different locations for free (buffet, room service, blue lagoon, main dining room) before 10:00. Really - what could be better. . . . . :cool:
  11. CeeJayRocker

    What Books Are You Bringing On Your Next Cruise?

    Duma Key, by Steven King (set in Sarasota, Florida area), and Joe Torre's new book, unless I find something better between now and then. :cool:
  12. CeeJayRocker

    Spirit Service Charge

    Didn't read every word of every post, but aren't we forgetting "room and board" . . . . .? Seems like a pretty good gig to me.
  13. CeeJayRocker

    Fun for college students?

    I am aware of that, and I suspect the person who asked the question about Cozumel is aware of that also. I'm guessing they saw me reference Cozumel in my reply about Costa Maya, and just asked about it. I am also aware that this thread is about Costa Maya, but answering the question seemed friendlier than posting "Ask about that on the Cozumel board." :rolleyes:
  14. CeeJayRocker

    Fun for college students?

    We did Playa Mia. Seems like it was about $60, but it had shopping, a pool (maybe two) activities, a cooking class on the beach for a little extra,
  15. CeeJayRocker

    Fun for college students?

    Last time we were in Costa Maya (pre-hurricane) we booked the NCL excursion for the "Deluxe Beach Break" (I think that's it, might be confusing the actual name of the excursion with the one we took at Cozumel - which included food and was more "deluxe), but I know they still offer the same tour because we're going the same time you are and I've been looking at excursions). We were taken by air conditioned bus to the beach, which had an open bar (included with excursion fare) and a decent restaurant with native food for about $10 per. I can't recall how much we paid per person, but it couldn't have been more than $50, and I got my money back in beer. There's a swim with the dolphins activity at the same beach which costs extra. The ride to the beach was about 45 minutes, which was the only downside. We stayed there for about 5 hours. Also, nolalive has posted some Costa Maya pictures from a couple weeks ago which are of the same beach we were at. Looks pretty much the same. Hope this helps.