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    Handicapped Cabins question

    thanks! Ill let them know. I couldn't find online but looked at the deck plans and they looked a bit bigger.
  2. Question - our friends may need a handicapped room for the Dad who may be in a wheelchair for their cruise. Are these room bigger than the regular rooms? I cannot imagine a wheelchair in one of the regular sized rooms. Thanks! It would be on Allure if that matters.
  3. That's what worries me - it's December 10 sailing.
  4. Ugh. We have flights booked for the day before our sail, but of course that night is our sons Xmas pageant. And he is soooo upset to miss it. We can take a flight out day of sailing, direct, from albany ny to FLL. We would land at 12:10 (scheduled). We have never done day of sail flight and worried about timing etc. Thoughts? Doable? I know not ideal.
  5. Hi all! Have 7708 on hold on Independence. Know the balcony is huge. Does the cabin have a door to balcony or slider? Thanks!
  6. Looking at premium that includes frozen alcohol too ... Is there a limit on how many drink you can get a day? During a time period? I don't even know how much drinks cost on ships anymore ...
  7. Help! I'm usually so on top of things but we are sailing next week on Liberty 4 night to Cozumel and I am so unprepared. Haven't sailed Rccl in 2 years / anything new on ships? New on liberty? This will be my sons first time in the kids program (4.5) and haven't even started looking into how that works. Any help is appreciated!! And looking for a recent cruise compass for the liberty 4 night too if anyone has one. Thanks!
  8. We are taking a family cruise. We need three cabins. Right now i have 8410, 8710 and 8712 on hold. Is one cabin better than the other? Is one aft better than the other? Thanks!
  9. And im wondering if we need to really sign up for family dining or can we keep our regular early dining and just walk him out at 645 to meet the ao staff? And if you do my family dining are you assigned a table and group of people to dine with?
  10. OUr son will be 3 and 3 months for a possible Oasis sailing. We are trying to see if others out there liked the aquanauts program on Oasis. When did you use it? Also, has anyone used the family dining option where they come pick up your child to bring back to the adventure ocean club? thanks!